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Douro Valley

Maximize your Porto holiday with a day trip to Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Portugal. Douro Valley day tours from Porto will see you enjoy majestic sights, such as stunning vistas and sweeping landscapes over the river and vineyards. There's a charming selection of towns and villages too!

Douro Valley is also a famous wine region. Areas like Vila Nova de Gaia feature lodges where Port wine is aged, while Peso da Regua is the home of the Douro Museum. Here, you will learn all about wine growing in the region and gain a different perspective on the wine-making methods of the Douro Valley.

How to get to Douro Valley from Porto?

Some of your Douro valley day tours from Porto may include a private transfer. There are several methods for getting there, including a train service, with the direct IR train going from Porto to the Douro Valley. There are also regular bus services from Porto to Douro Valley. River cruises are another method to reach the valley.

How much do Douro Valley day tours from Porto cost?

Douro Valley Day tours from Porto vary in cost depending on the tour you decide to take. Full tours, on average, cost between €70 and €250, with more expensive options lasting for two days. They often include hotel pick-up and drop-off.

Where are the best places to visit in Douro Valley?


Amar means “love” in Portuguese, so it’s no surprise to find that it’s the first half of Amarante - a scenic town in Douro Valley. Situated in the Minho region, Amarante’s focal point is Ponte Sao Goncalo, a striking arched bridge where the river Tamega runs.


Wine is the name of the game at Pinhão, and it’s where some of the world’s best port is produced. A trip to Pinhão will see you enthralled by its terraced hillsides and many wineries that compete with each other for your attention. Make sure to visit the must-see railway station for its ancient tiles which are dedicated to the cultivation of vines.

Peso da Regua

Part of the UNESCO-listed Douro Valley, Peso da Regua is a town on the river. It encompasses beautiful architecture in the form of high shale slopes with wine terraces cut from the rock. A trip to Peso da Regua offers wine tours to experience, river trips to explore and walks through the unique landscapes where you can take in the surrounding views.


Day trips to Douro Valley should include a visit to Lamego, a town known for its art and beautiful landscape. Get your walking boots on and ascend 700 steps to the Shrine of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios - one of the most iconic and visited sites in Lamego.


The former Roman village of Bitetos is now well known for its Alpendurada Monastery, which is a beautifully restored inn. Over 1,000 years ago it served as the centre of religious life in the region of the Douro Valley. Today, you can enjoy historical walks and admire the Roman influences in the village.


The northern Portuguese village of Pocinho is nearby the Douro River and the Pocinho Dam. Visit the Museu do Coa museum on your tour before heading to the south bank to see the castle of Numao and its sweeping skyline views.

Vale do Coa Archaeological Park

The Vale do Coa Archaeological Park features a world-famous gallery of rock art. It’s status as a working archaeological site means you need to visit with a guided tour to see the stunning etchings. There are three sites open to the public: Inferno, Ribeira de Piscos and Penascosa.

Vila Nova de Gaia

Make the most of your Douro valley day tours from Porto by visiting Vila Nova de Gaia. Renowned for its port cellars, the city is the de-facto place for wine tasting. And if you're looking for some sun to soak up, enjoy one of the 15 Blue Flag beaches that are within proximity to the area.

Barca de Alva

Barca de Alva is the last village along the Douro and less than two kilometres from the Spanish border. It’s surrounded by mountains and features elderly cottages, along with a sparkling quayside with huge pontoons. There is a smattering of cafes, shops and restaurants to enjoy on your day trip from Porto.

International Douro Natural Park

Once you get to Barca de Alva, you will arrive at the International Douro Natural Park. This is where the river marks the border between Portugal and Spain and is filled with dominating canyons. Make the most of your trip to the International Douro Natural Park with some bird watching and taking in the natural landscape.

When is the best time to visit Douro Valley?

Douro Valley is ideal for trips all year round, with some areas better suited to particular seasons. Upper Douro and the areas around Foz Coa are best visited in late February and March, as they get boiling during the summer months. Cycle enthusiasts and hikers will enjoy the springtime or autumn, while sun-seekers should go in the summer when temperatures reach the high 30 degrees.

Travel tips

  • Get the best experiences out of Douro Valley day tours from Porto by making the most of its wine region. You will find some of the best wine-making areas in the world, and there are plenty of tours where you can taste and learn all about the local wines.
  • River cruises are also popular, as they allow you to see the astonishing natural landscapes of Douro Valley. From terraced vineyards to mountainous peaks, a river cruise allows soaking up fabulous sights in a snapshot while cruising down the river.
  • It’s a good idea to make the most out of local tour guides, who can tell you all about the history of the area and make your trip to Douro Valley more knowledgeable. Of course, you can also explore on your own if you prefer to go at your own pace.