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Soller: Day Trips and Tours from Palma, Majorca

When on vacation in Mallorca, a day trip to Soller is a great way to experience an authentic island town. With its quaint streets and picturesque views, Soller is a popular day trip destination for tourists and locals alike.

Nestled in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, an imposing mountain range, Soller is accessible by a historic train ride from Palma. It is affectionately called the "Golden Valley" because of its sunny microclimate and abundance of orange trees.

The town is home to a beautiful main square lined with outdoor cafes and restaurants. Visitors can stroll the streets and admire the well-preserved architecture, or relax and swim at the pretty beach.

If you want to see more than just the southern coast of Mallorca, a Soller day tour is one of the most famous excursions in Mallorca. Whether you want to swim, hike or simply soak up the atmosphere of this historic town, this is the perfect place to spend a day.

How to get to Soller from Mallorca?

Most tourists vacationing in Mallorca stay in the south of the island, while Soller is located in the northwest. You can embark on your Soller jaunt by car, private transfer or public bus. For a more unique and picturesque experience, take the historic train from Palma.

From Mallorca to Soller by car

Depending on which town you are staying in, the journey to Soller takes between 30 minutes and an hour by car. It's a mostly straight drive along the MA-11 highway. Take Exit 12 to get onto the MA-2203 and follow it until you reach Soller.

From Mallorca to Soller by bus

The 204 bus line runs directly between Palma and Soller, and costs around €3 each way. Buses leave several times per hour, and the journey takes 30 minutes.

From Mallorca to Soller by train

The historic Ferrocarril de Sóller train from Palma is one of the most popular ways to reach the town. The scenic journey takes just under an hour and passes through picturesque mountainside villages. Tickets cost €25 for a one-way Soller journey.

Guided tour to Soller from Mallorca

On a guided Soller excursion, transportation will be arranged for you. You will either travel by private minivan, coach or your Soller excursion may include Ferrocarril de Sóller tickets. Tours usually last between four and nine hours, depending on the number of activities included and other stops along the way.

What is the typical itinerary of a day tour to Soller from Mallorca?

A Soller day tour usually starts with a ride on the Ferrocarril de Sóller train. This historic steam train departs from Palma and winds its way through the Serra de Tramuntana before arriving in Soller. During the journey, you will pass through pretty mountain villages and enjoy views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alternatively, it's possible to go on a Soller jaunt by boat. Boat tours that combine a Soller excursion with trips to other towns and places of interest often involve a private minivan or coach instead of the train ride.

Once you arrive in Soller, you'll have free time to explore the town at your own pace. Stroll the streets, visit the main square and sample some local specialties at one of the many restaurants. Soller is known for its red prawns and oranges, so be sure to try them while you're in town.

In the afternoon, you'll typically have the option to visit one or two other places before returning home. Popular stops on a Soller day tour include the towns of Deià and Valldemossa, as well as the village of Sa Calobra.

At the end of your Soller journey, you’ll travel back to the southern side of Mallorca. Some tours include hotel drop-off, while others take you back to the initial meeting point.

What kinds of tours are available to go to Soller?

Guided tours to Soller from Mallorca

A four-hour Soller journey is a great option for those who want to see the town without spending a whole day there. You'll take the historic Ferrocarril de Sóller train from Palma and enjoy a ride on the vintage tram through Soller to reach the port.

Day trip to Soller plus Sa Calobra from Mallorca

This Soller day tour begins with a train ride through the Serra de Tramuntana. Once you arrive in Soller, you'll have free time to explore the town before taking a catamaran ride to the port village of Sa Calobra.

This unique town boasts the unique Torrent de Pareis Beach. The long beach is nestled between towering rocky cliffs. It's only accessible by boat or hairpin mountain roads.

Day tour to Soller plus Valldemossa from Mallorca

This Soller and Valldemossa day trip includes a guided tour of the village's highlights, where you'll enjoy the Picasso and Miro exhibitions. You'll also enjoy free time in the village of Valldemossa, where you can explore the 14th-century monastery or grab a bite to eat. The tour also takes you on a scenic drive through the Soller Valley.

Private tour to Soller plus Valldemossa and Serra de Tramuntana from Mallorca

On this Soller day trip, you'll cruise along from the port of Palma de Mallorca to the town of Valldemossa. This quaint town is best known as the place where Polish composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin spent a winter with novelist George Sand.

You'll also enjoy a scenic drive through the Soller Valley and stop in both Soller and Deia, where you'll have free time to explore. This tour is a great option for those who want to see more than just Soller in one day.

How much does a tour to Soller from Mallorca cost?

A Soller day tour costs between €30 and €300, depending on the duration and the number of stops. Half-day tours are typically cheaper, while tours which also include a catamaran ride to Sa Calobra or a visit to Valldemossa, cost more. Private boat tours are the most expensive and include multiple stops.

What will you see and do in Soller?

One of the best ways to get to Soller is by taking the historic Ferrocarril de Sóller train. This 100-year-old train still operates today and takes passengers on a scenic journey through the Serra de Tramuntana.

The town's botanical garden is a must-see for plant and nature lovers. With more than 4,000 species of plants, it's one of the most important gardens in Mallorca.

Relax and watch the boats come and go at the port of Soller, surrounded by a number of restaurants and cafes, as well as a sandy beach where you can take a dip.

Many day trips to Soller include a catamaran ride to the village of Sa Calobra, where you'll find the unique Torrent de Pareis Beach.

Discover works by some of the biggest names in Catalan art, including Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí, at the Can Prunera museum housed in an Art Nouveau building.

Parroquia de Sant Bartomeu de Sóller

This baroque-style church is one of the most iconic buildings in Soller. It was built in the 18th century and is known for its beautiful frescoes and stained glass windows.

Plaça de la Constitució

This pretty square is the heart of Soller and a great place to people-watch. It's surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops, and is a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists alike.

The Soller Valley

On a Soller day tour, you'll also have the opportunity to drive through the stunning Soller Valley. This picturesque valley is home to olive groves, lemon trees and almond trees, as well as several castles.

When is the best time to visit Soller?

It's best to visit Soller during the summer when you can really make the most of the town's outdoor spaces and stunning beaches. June is an ideal month to visit since you will experience warm weather but avoid the crowds. July and August can be busy, but things calm down again in September.

Spring is also a great time for a Soller day trip, as the flowers are in bloom and the weather is mild.

Travel tips

  • If you're visiting Soller in the summer, be sure to pack your sunscreen and swimwear. You might go for a dip somewhere during your trip.
  • Remember to bring your camera to capture the beautiful scenery. The pictures will be unforgettable.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as there may be a lot of walking involved on your Soller day tour.
  • Book your Soller day trip in advance, as tours sell out quickly during peak tourist season.
  • Be sure to sample some of the local cuisine in Soller, which includes fresh seafood, sobrasada (a type of sausage) and ensaimadas (pastries).
  • It's a good idea to wear sunglasses and a hat, as the sun can be quite strong in Soller.
  • If you're visiting in the winter, be sure to pack a jacket or sweater as it can get chilly in the evening.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you're doing a lot of walking or visiting during the summer.