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Fitzroy Island tours from Cairns

There are many different ways to try and define paradise in this life, but heading out on holiday to a place you love tends to be one of the first that comes to mind.

Of course, the destination in question doesn’t need to look like the typical idea of heaven in order to be special in your own view - but it definitely helps if the aim is to improve its image in the wider travel community.

As such, Fitzroy Island probably isn’t going to struggle with bringing in new visitors anytime soon.

This absolutely stunning offshore island is what many of us picture in our minds when the word “paradise” is actually presented to us. Because of that, it’s understandable to think why Fitzroy Island tours from Cairns are so popular.

How long does it take to reach Fitzroy Island from Cairns?

With a population of just 44 people, Fitzroy Island is the definition of an exclusive place to reside - but that doesn’t exactly mean you can’t visit. It’s located 2km away from the mainland of Cairns towards the south-east of the gateway city, and as you can probably tell by the word “Island” and the large body of water, the best route to use to get to Fitzroy is via boat.

While you can organize your own boat transportation, The Fitzroy Flyer is the most popular option to this day. It takes around 45 minutes to get there and 45 minutes to get back whenever you decide you’re ready to leave.

On a good day, with the majority of services, there are three outbound and three inbound journeys for travelers to utilize.

What is the typical itinerary of a day tour to Fitzroy Island?

With there being a Resort on the Island it’s easy to make the decision to stay over, but if you’re only heading out for a full-day experience before returning to the city, it’s vital to cram in as much entertainment as you possibly can.

After leaving early in the morning, or perhaps towards midday, most folks will opt to spend between 5-7 hours exploring everything that Fitzroy Island has to offer. You can snorkel, enjoy a packed picnic lunch, or perhaps just make full use of the beach facilities that are there for leisure purposes.

It tends to be quite an exhausting day given how much there is to see with regular boats taking you back to the city life between the afternoon and early evening.

What are the best things to do and see at Fitzroy Island?

Fitzroy Island tours from Cairns are always going to be jam-packed with the sort of content designed for both new travelers and experienced veterans - because that’s the kind of diversity and spread we see in a country like Australia.

But for the purposes of being informative, here are a few particularly popular tours out there which are ready to be booked up.

Nudey Beach

Paddle-boarding, kayaking, relaxing on the beach with a really good book - whatever you want to do, Nudey Beach can accommodate it. The white sand and blue waters are actually quite remarkable, and it’s crazy to think the mainland is so close by given considering the wonders that reside here.

Hiking Tour

Within the soul of Fitzroy Island is a National Park treasure that is just waiting to be explored. There are five different hiking trails to make your way through, all of which can vary in intensity - so don’t worry if heading into the depths of the jungle wasn’t on the initial bucket list.

Snorkeling Tour

The water conditions are pretty spot on if you fancy a good snorkel, with some even opting to do so after getting a read on what’s down there courtesy of a glass-bottom boat. After all, you are in Great Barrier Reef territory, and snorkeling is a fond pastime around these parts.

Are there any combo tours including other places to visit?

It’s hard to beat the splendor of Fitzroy Island but if somewhere else nearby has caught your eye, never fear, because combo tours are pretty common with a lot of people making the most of them.

Moore Reef

The horseshoe-shaped Moore Reef is seen almost as a piece of art with so much wildlife to uncover including a whole parade of sea turtles. It’s not far from Fitzroy and is one of the most frequently used combo tours in association with the Island.

Green Island

This gorgeous haven is a bit smaller than Fitzroy Island, but if you fancy heading out to one of the other notable islands in the region, trying out the shallow waters and sailing fun of Green Island should be on the table.

Reef Hopping

While the Moore Reef may the headline maker, it’s not unusual to keep on riding through to other reefs around the area depending on how much of a connoisseur you are. If done with a package deal, it can also be really affordable.

Travel tips

  • While solo trips are always welcomed and openly encouraged in just about every walk of life, Fitzroy Island is so often pinpointed as a place to enjoy with others. So, if possible, try and make a few days out of it with a loved one, collection of friends or even your family, because pictures just aren’t going to do it justice.
  • North Queensland’s weather landscape is always pretty hard to predict. May to October is known as the ‘dry’ season with low humidity and fresh breezes to enjoy, but on the flip side, November to April is often very humid and quite wet - even with it being the summer. Therefore, we’d advise you to plan accordingly for which time of year you visit.
  • The wildlife and everything that comes with it is what makes the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding areas so spectacular. As a result of that, it’s always worth knowing that locals will always recommend against standing on living coral when diving or generally going into the deep waters.