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The 10 Best Maui Tours


Molokini Crater Day Trip from Maui

Among the most iconic Maui tours is a day trip to the dramatic Molokini Crater. It’s extinct, so there’s no need to worry about eruptions!

This partially submerged volcano forms a crescent shape, creating a calm haven for snorkeling and diving excursions.

You’ll head out by speedboat or catamaran, before plunging into the ocean in search of adventure. Molokini Crater is one of the best places to snorkel in Maui, thanks to its diverse marine life and clear waters. 

Expect close encounters with tropical fish and rays, as well as a hearty breakfast on board the boat.


Maui Turtle Town Tour

Have you ever wanted to snorkel with a sea turtle? Then join a snorkeling excursion to Turtle Town from Makena and see these graceful sea creatures up close and personal. 

Located off the south coast of Maui, Turtle Town boasts top-notch reefs which are teeming with wildlife. 

Snorkeling tours aren’t the only way to see the turtles. There are kayaking trips too – clear-bottom boats are on hand for greater visibility. Sometimes the turtles swim right up to the kayaks to say hello!

After your visit, spend some time exploring Makena Beach, where paddleboarding sessions and whale watching cruises are both available.  


Road to Hana Adventure Tour

These Maui tours are perfect for thrill-seekers who love a good road trip. Hugging the island’s northeastern coastline, the 100-kilometer Road to Hana is one of the world’s most beautiful journeys. 

It’s a challenging drive, so going on a guided jeep tour is the best way to travel. Along the way, you’ll stop for swimming, hiking and a picnic lunch with a view, to make the most of this dreamy tropical landscape. 

Highlights include exploring Pua’a Ka’a State Park and visiting the black sand beach on the Keanae Peninsula. Keep an eye out for the famous rainbow-colored eucalyptus trees along the highway!


Molokai Sea Cliffs Helicopter Tour

The rugged island of Molokai lies off the coast of Maui and is a popular destination for helicopter tours

This is a land where jungle-cloaked cliffs plunge into the turquoise ocean, while waterfalls cascade down ravines that lead to hidden worlds. Molokai is just as dramatic as Hawaii, just without the tourists.

You can admire the Molokai Sea Cliffs during a scenic helicopter tour or airplane flight, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the island. 

From your lofty perch, you’ll see the lush forest carpeting the interior, punctuated by waterfalls and pools. For added thrills, flying lessons and doors-off helicopter rides to Molokai are also possible.  


Whale Watching Cruise in Maui

Boat tours in Maui are a must if you want to experience the island from a unique perspective. They are a great way to get close to wildlife and nature, as well as some spectacular landscapes. 

If you’re visiting between December and April, whale watching trips are on the cards. This is when the marine giants arrive to breed and give birth in the warm Hawaiian waters. You might even see some youngsters at play. 

Head out on a sunrise whale cruise for the ultimate start to your day, or chose the eco-raft tour for a truly intimate encounter. 


Haleakala Summit Sunrise Tour

Haleakala is the highest peak in Maui, reaching over 3,000 meters at the summit. So, where better to watch the sunrise than from the top of this dormant volcano?

Several Maui tours take you up to the crater before dawn – some even come with breakfast. The Haleakala National Park extends across the whole of eastern Maui, creating one of nature’s most epic adventure playgrounds. 

This is the place to come if you want to go hiking, with a network of trails meandering through the lunar landscape. Bike excursions are popular too, with off-road tracks revealing sweeping vistas across the park. 


Luau Shows in Maui

You can’t go to the Hawaiian Islands and not experience a Luau. It’s a chance to let your hair down and learn about the region’s Polynesian heritage. 

This traditional party brings together many elements of national culture, with feasting and live entertainment being the key components. 

During luau shows in Maui, you’ll tuck into a delicious Hawaiian buffet while watching cultural performances. Polynesian hula dances and fire knife demonstrations top the repertoire, along with local storytelling. 

Some shows come with an ocean backdrop, while others take place on board a catamaran during an evening dinner cruise. 


Lanai Island Tours

Pristine and photogenic, the island of Lanai sits off the coast of Maui. It’s largely untouched and was once home to a vast pineapple plantation. 

Several Maui tours take in Lanai Island by boat, with scuba diving and dolphin watching cruises being popular pursuits. 

The thriving reef is home to sea turtles and exotic fish, and you might even spot a manta ray during a snorkeling excursion. Whales sometimes put in an appearance too.

You’ll enjoy a barbecue lunch on board the boat while anchored in a secluded bay. Land-based explorations are also possible, with scenic walks and shopping both on the agenda.


Maui Sunset Cruises

Maui is beautiful by day, but as dusk falls, this alluring Hawaiian island comes into its own. Sailing around the coast on a luxurious catamaran and seeing the sunset flood the horizon is one of life’s moments. 

You can relax on deck and watch the world go by – Molokai and Lanai Islands are often seen from onboard. Dolphins sometimes leap through the waves alongside the boat, adding a little extra magic to your ride. 

Cocktails and Champagne are all part of the experience, and dinner cruises are another option if you want to make an evening of it. 


Surf Lessons in Maui

Maui is a great place to learn to surf, with gentle waves and idyllic beaches setting the scene. Both small group and private lessons are on offer at multiple locations around the island. 

Your instructor will start the session with a short briefing, and you’ll get to practice the techniques on the soft sand.

Then it’s time to take to the ocean and put your new-found skills to the test. You’ll be riding those waves in no time, racing your friends back to shore. This is a fun family activity that’s usually open to anyone over 5 years old. 

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Planning your visit to Maui

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About Maui

Famed for its scenic drives, stunning beaches and world-class water sports, Maui is the darling of the Hawaiian Islands. 

Good to know before arriving

You’ll find upscale resorts on the west coast, with Kapalua leading the way when it comes to beaches and romance. If you’re looking for raw wilderness and adventure, then the undeveloped north coast makes a good base.

Places and experiences that cannot be missed

Molokini Crater and Turtle Town should be at the top of your Maui vacation hit list. Then, if you’re after something a bit different, take a sea scooter tour at Wailea Beach, and speed beneath the waves in style.