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Zagora Desert: Multi-day Trips and Tours from Marrakesh

Thrill to the majesty of desert landscapes, visit ancient towns and buildings used in Hollywood movies and learn about the nomadic lifestyle when you go on day trips from Marrakesh to Zagora. Read on to discover more about the exciting excursions on offer, what you will see and do and how much they cost.

Your desert experience is just a few mouse clicks away.

What will you see during trips from Marrakesh to Zagora?

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains is a vast series of mountains in northwestern Africa that extend for some 2,500 kilometres through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Their valleys, canyons and peaks separate the Sahara Desert from the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines and are home to remote Berber villages.


Nicknamed "the Hollywood of Africa" the capital of Ouarzazate Province and its surroundings have played starring roles in many blockbuster movies such as Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator. Visit some of the ancient sights such as Ait Ben Haddou a fortified village that fans of the global TV hit Game of Thrones are bound to recognise. This UNESCO World Heritage Site featured in series three as the backdrop for the cities of Yunkai and Pentos.

Dades Gorge

A series of rugged gorges that were carved out by Dades River stripping away the rocks to reveal multi-coloured walls and creating stunning formations. Highlights include walks of breathtaking beauty through the landscape and drives along roads that zigzag for miles.

Draa Valley

The Draa Valley is a green oasis formed by the Draa River as it flows south to the Sahara Desert. This fertile and verdant landscape is home to many orchards, irrigated fields and date palms.

Taourirt Kasbah

This beautiful citadel from the 19th century sits on the edge of Ouarzazate against a backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. It was owned by the powerful el Glaoui clan and is a labyrinthine building of passageways and hundreds of rooms.


A small desert town in the Draa River valley flanked by the mountain that gives the settlement its name.

What will you do during tours from Marrakesh to Zagora?

Following are highlights of some of the incredible experiences that you await when you embark on a trip through the desert from Marrakesh to Zagora.

Sleep Under the Stars

Go to sleep under a blanket of stars in the peaceful environment of a desert camp miles away from towns and cities. Drift off in the comfort of a Berber tent as the evening breezes whistle through the sand dunes and wake up to the sounds of birds breaking the desert silence.

Go on a Camel Trek

Ride across golden sand dunes on the back of a camel. Sitting on top of one of these 'ships of the desert' gives you a chance to appreciate the nomadic lifestyle. It is also a fantastic way to experience nature's gorgeous scenery. Some tours from Marrakesh to Zagora include camel treks of one hour or more.

Witness Desert Sunrises and Sunsets

Morocco's landscapes are incredible at any time of day but even more so when the sun is rising and setting. Take perfect pictures of magical colours in the sky above dunes, mountains, valleys and ancient desert towns. Among the most incredible sights are when the sun sets over the Atlas Mountains.

How much does it cost to get from Marrakesh to Zagora?

Budget, of course, is an important factor when selecting your tour from Marrakesh to Zagora, and fortunately, there are prices to suit most pockets. Two-day desert tours are at the lower end of the price scale, starting at just €59 per person. Many of the one-day and two-day tour packages are priced between €60 and €160, affordable trips that take travellers through beautiful desert landscapes to enjoy the majesty of nature and learn about local culture. The most expensive tour options are private trips for small groups of people. Operators of these tours will have a minimum and a maximum number of people they can carry.

How do I get from Marrakesh to Zagora?

When you make your trip from Marrakesh to Zagora, you will be spending several hours inside a vehicle: your comfort is of the utmost importance. Tour operators transport their travellers in 4 x 4s, air-conditioned luxury minibuses or air-conditioned minivans.

Typically, you will be picked up and dropped off at your accommodation, a convenient service that can save you a lot of time and hassle. However, if the place where you are staying is not served by your tour's pick-up service, you will be sent details of the meeting point.

How long does it take to get from Marrakesh to Zagora?

Your fascinating desert adventure from Marrakesh to Zagora can take anything from one day to four days, depending on the type of excursion you book. The average length of a jaunt from Marrakesh to Zagora is two days and includes overnight accommodation. Each trip allows you to see beautiful desert landscapes.

When is the best time to visit Zagora?

Zagora is a year-round destination with sweltering temperatures in July and August that can be very uncomfortable if you're not accustomed to them. Therefore, the best time to visit is from February to June and again from September until December. During these months the climate is hot but pleasant and there is very little rainfall.

Travel Tips

To help ensure fun-filled day trips from Marrakesh to Zagora here are a few travel tips for you:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • You will be venturing into the hot and sunny desert and so it's advisable to wear a hat and sunglasses and to bring plenty of sunscreen.
  • Although the dress code in Morocco is not strict, the country is conservative. Men and women should dress accordingly, which means respecting local cultures by ensuring that the upper body and knees are covered.
  • Desert temperatures dip at night so bring appropriate clothing to keep you warm.
  • Note that some tours are not suitable for pregnant travellers or people with heart problems or other serious medical conditions.