Multi-day Tours and Trips from Los Angeles

Multi-day Tours and Trips from Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a visitor’s paradise and is a destination in its own right. It is also perfectly located as a springboard for touring other sights in Southern California, and the neighboring states of Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Traveling distances between attractions and places of interest can be vast, and multi-day trips from Los Angeles offer the perfect solution for people looking to explore beyond the city limits.

Well planned itineraries, knowledgeable guides and the convenience of having all the arrangements made for you, make these types of tour appealing.

Las Vegas

You can travel to the heady playground of Las Vegas, Nevada on a multi-day trip from Los Angeles. As you head inland from the west-coast of the US, your tour may either take a direct route, to ensure you get plenty of time to experience the thrills and excitement of your primary destination.

Or you may follow a meandering route that takes in some of the area’s most well-known natural and man-made landmarks such as the Hoover Dam and Death Valley.

While in Las Vegas, you will have ample time to visit the hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas strip or take in other sights and entertainment on offer. Overnight tours are an option if your time is limited, or sign up for a multi-destination tour experience that can last anywhere between 3 and 8 days.

2-Day Trips

A 2-day trip from Los Angeles provides participants the chance to overnight while exploring the area within driving distance of the city. Las Vegas is a popular overnight destination, with a stop along the way to see the Hoover Dam and take in the expansive Death Valley.

Other 2-day tours focus on National Parks such as Yosemite and Kings Canyon, or follow routes along the coast to locations like Solvang, Carmel and Santa Barbara, with San Francisco being the primary destination.

3-day Trips

California is also known as the Golden State, and on a 3-day trip from Los Angeles you will discover some of the most instantly recognizable scenic locations and other attractions and landmarks that epitomize the state’s charm.

Highlights of 3-day tours include the wine country around Santa Barbara, San Francisco and its iconic Golden Gate bridge, and the prehistoric natural wonders of Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks.

Hoover Dam

The concrete-arch construction of the Hoover Dam wall occurred during the Depression, and still stands as a testimony to the resilience of the men who constructed what was, the largest dam of its time.

It is considered one of America’s Seven modern Engineering Wonders, and a tour to Hoover Dam from Los Angeles gives you the chance to marvel at this feat of engineering for yourself.

Guided tours of the dam and the powerplant, as well as access to a visitor’s center and observation deck are all offered at the attraction. The water from the Colorado River that is contained behind the wall is used for irrigation, municipal and industrial consumption and provides hydro-electric power.

The Dam itself also provides recreational activities and serves as a habitat for various fish and other wildlife.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon lies around 5 hours east of Los Angeles in the neighboring state of Arizona. The 1.6 kilometer deep canyon is a testament to the erosive force of water, and offers a fascinating glimpse into the diverse life zones, geographic features, ecology and cultural history that exists.

The average distance across the canyon is 16 kilometers, but driving time from the South Rim to the North Rim is around 5 hours and covers 346 kilometers. The Grand Canyon can be seen when touring independently, but visiting on a guided tour will definitely add value to the experience.

4-day Trips

On a 4-day trip from Los Angeles, several itineraries center on a  visit to Las Vegas, most tours include natural attractions like the Grand Canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

There is also a 4-day tour that covers the Californian coast along the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco, before heading inland to visit Sequoia National Park. The trip journeys through the Mojave Desert and wraps up with a night in Las Vegas before returning to Los Angeles.

Zion Park

It’s not a short drive to reach Zion Park from Los Angeles, and trips to Utah’s first national park typically form part of a longer itinerary. The park’s allure lies in the white and red sandstone peaks that rise above the Virgin River that meanders through the narrow canyons.

The region has historical significance to the original indigenous inhabitants and to the European settlers who arrived in the 1800’s. The park’s natural history and evidence of the human history of the Zion Park make it an memorable and insightful stop on any tour.

Death Valley

Death Valley is a place of extremes and is considered to be the hottest place on earth during the summer months. The Valley lies below sea level and is a place of extremes, with record summer temperatures, regular drought, but snowy peaks during the winter months. When it does rain, the basin explodes in displays of wildflowers.

Although the name suggests an absence of life, Death Valley is actually a place where a diverse and unique number of plant and animal species thrive. You can see what attracts visitors to Death Valley when you visit it as part of a multi-day excursion from Los Angeles.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is located in Nevada and is named for the pronghorn antelope who used to roam in the area. Its features and formations differ from many of the other parks nearby in the way that both wind and water have contributed to its current state. Its slot canyon creates a magical naturally-formed sculptural masterpiece.

If you are a photographer, or someone who is looking for a singularly breath-taking site, the Antelope Canyon should be added to your itinerary when touring from Los Angeles.

Bryce Canyon

The most notable feature of Bryce Canyon is the amphitheater filled with hoodoos — irregularly eroded rock spires. The canyon itself is actually a series of natural amphitheaters and four main viewpoints offer spectacular panoramas of the area.

Multi-day tours including a visit to Bryce Canyon from Los Angeles typically also include other well-known attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell, located along the Colorado River in northern Arizona is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and has a shoreline of around 3,220 kilometers. The is a popular destination for holidaymakers who enjoy houseboat stays, camping, lodging and other outdoor activities.

On a day tour from Los Angeles, Lake Powell stands in contrast to the otherwise stark beauty of the arid and rugged Californian landscape.