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The 10 Best Lanzarote Tours

Timanfaya National Park Day Trip

Timanfaya is Lanzarote's most famous national park, with a whole host of hiking trails and volcanic landscapes to discover. This is a popular destination for Lanzarote shore excursions, as well as for those staying on the island itself. 

Hiking tours in Timanfaya are the best way to explore – you'll get much more out of your experience with a local guide on hand. You'll learn about the mindboggling geology of the area, and how fire has shaped the island's past and present. 

Did you know there are 25 volcanoes in Timanfaya to see on these Lanzarote tours? Don't worry, the last eruption was in the 19th century and the area is closely monitored to keep visitors safe.

You'll be able to watch steaming geysers shooting up into the air while admiring lava fields as you walk through the barren landscape. If you ever wondered what Mars looks like, this can't be far off! Sturdy footwear is a must as you navigate the rugged terrain in this UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Island Cruise around Lanzarote Island

Lanzarote tours by boat are the ultimate way to discover some of the island's best scenery. As you cruise around the coast you'll stop at golden beaches, snorkel in hidden bays and soak up the views from the deck. It's a relaxing day out in the sun for all types of adventurers. 

Choose from a tranquil catamaran ride or jump in a jet boat and power along the coast in style. Ramp up the romance with a sunset cruise and book a private sailing trip if you want a more exclusive experience. 

Popular stops on boat trips in Lanzarote include Papagayo Beach and the outlying island of La Graciosa. This protected volcanic islet is your chance to escape the crowds and sample traditional Canarian life with whitewashed houses and charming villages in abundance. 

Wildlife lovers will enjoy the Lanzarote dolphin-watching tours around Lobos Island. They give you the chance to meet these friendly marine mammals up close while observing them in their natural habitat. If you're lucky the dolphins might even show off a few moves. 

Jameos del Agua Grotto Day Tour

Jameos del Agua is unlike anything you're likely to see elsewhere in the world. This unique underground grotto was created by local artist César Manrique, fusing geology with art. It's hidden away inside a lava tunnel belonging to La Corona Volcano.

Inside this surreal subterranean world, you'll discover enchanting pools, tropical gardens and even a concert hall in one of the caverns. The acoustics are incredible, so try and catch one of the live performances if you can. 

Take a stroll through the lush gardens, listening to birdsong and admiring the palm trees. See if you can spot the blind crabs that live in the lagoon. The blue of the water is a striking contrast against the black volcanic rock and over 70 endemic species have made their home here. 

Before leaving, pop into the Casa de los Volcanoes Museum and go on a journey through geological time. You'll learn how the island was formed by volcanic activity and how the landscapes and societies of today remain harnessed to Lanzarote's fiery peaks. 

Scuba Diving Adventure in Lanzarote

Lanzarote isn't just spectacular by land. If you venture beneath the ocean waves on a scuba diving tour, there's a whole new world waiting to be discovered. The volcanic terrain provides the perfect habitat for an astonishing array of marine life, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Introductory scuba lessons are available for beginners, while advanced courses are on hand for those who want to take things to the next level. Don't fancy diving? Then try a Lanzarote snorkeling tour instead.

Certified divers can enjoy a wide range of more extreme experiences, including night dives. You'll have access to all the island's premier dive sites which are home to thriving reefs and spectacular underwater topography. If you're feeling fearless, you can try a shark dive and come face to face with these toothsome terrors. 

One of the main underwater attractions on these Lanzarote tours is the famous Museo Atlantico. It's an unusual collection of over 300 life-sized sculptures, and diving around these eerie creations is a surreal experience. 

Walking Tour Through Lanzarote's Landscape

One of the best ways to explore Lanzarote is on foot. You'll feel connected to the landscape and notice things that often get missed when you're riding around in a vehicle. There are plenty of trips to choose from – they cover both the coast and the interior.

Los Volcanes Natural Park is a top destination on Lanzarote tours. Here, you'll be hiking through moon-like landscapes filled with lava fields and ancient craters. Learn how the terrain was formed by volcanic eruptions and visit lava tunnels to round off the day.

Prefer vino to volcanoes? Then swap dramatic landscapes for the vineyards of La Geria and discover how graves thrive in this unforgiving environment. Wine tasting is, of course, the highlight of this themed walking tour. 

Free walking tours in Lanzarote are becoming increasingly popular too. On these engaging excursions, you'll take in the sights of Arrecife or Villa de San Miguel de Teguise. Your guide will reveal the history of the settlements and lead you off the beaten tourist trail where hidden gems await. 

Volcanic Lanzarote Buggy Experience

Want to see Lanzarote a little differently? Bouncing around the volcanic landscapes on a buggy tour is just what you're looking for. You'll be exploring dusty trails and dramatic calderas on your quest for adventure.

On these buggy excursions, you're in charge! Take the wheel and power along the tracks, plunging ever deeper into the wilderness. Remember to keep half an eye on the glittering coast and the whitewashed villages that rush past.

You'll make stops during the journey to soak up your surroundings. Many southern trips visit the town of Femés, the Salinas de Janubio salt flats and Red Mountain, which is known for its UFO sightings. Some Lanzarote tours by buggy even take you over to the neighboring island of Fuerteventura

Northern Lanzarote is also a popular destination when it comes to buggy rides. The terrain here is different from the beaches and lava fields of the south. Up in the north, it's all about hidden coves and traditional settlements, with a bit of César Manrique art thrown in for good measure. 

La Geria Vineyard Visit with Wine Tasting

The wine region of La Geria is a must for foodies, curious explorers and dedicated connoisseurs of the grape. The fertile volcanic soils are perfect for cultivation – some of the best wines in the Canary Islands are produced here. 

La Geria's landscape is peculiar, with individual green vines in cone-shaped hollows punctuating the black sandy terrain. The grape-growing process here has been perfected over the centuries, using local Malvasia grapes. You can give your verdict after enjoying wine tastings on these Lanzarote tours.

Discover the secrets behind the grape-to-glass process and sample Lanzarote wine at its source on your winery tour. This area is known for some unusual flavors – see if you can identify the overtones of pear and honeysuckle. 

You can explore La Geria on foot, with a hiking tour that takes you into the heart of this otherworldly region. Learn about local farmers and how volcanic activity continues to impact their business to this day. Lanzarote ATV tours are another way to visit La Geria vineyards.  

Southern Lanzarote Wilderness Day Tour

The landscapes of southern Lanzarote have to be seen to be believed. Dreamy coves, volcanic geysers and unusual vineyards are just some of the highlights. A day trip to southern Lanzarote is all about wilderness immersion and endless adventures. 

Starring on many excursion itineraries are Timanfaya National Park and the green lagoon at El Golfo. This region is so beautiful that it's even been used as a Hollywood film set. Wine tasting in La Geria often features too and comes with some of the island's best views. 

These Lanzarote tours are an easy way to see parts of the island that seem inaccessible to the outsider. You'll enjoy free time at each location to explore at leisure. Whether you want to visit beaches or stroll through rural hamlets, southern Lanzarote has it all. 

Popular additions to excursions in the south of the island are camel rides, tapas tastings and the salt flats. If you want to see as much as possible in just a few hours, this is the tour for you. 

Northern Lanzarote Day Trip

In contrast to the beach resorts and lava fields of the south, Northern Lanzarote is a region of tranquil bays and charming villages. Here, you can explore everything from lava tunnels to manicured gardens on a fun-packed day trip. Going with a guide means you'll venture to places often missed by independent travelers. 

You can't visit Lanzarote without taking in some of César Manrique's famous artworks. He was an internationally famous local artist whose legacy of sculpture and architecture still draws the crowds today. 

His name is kept alive through the César Manrique Foundation here in northern Lanzarote. You can visit the artist's home and workshop and learn about the mastermind behind some of the island's most unusual attractions. Don't miss the cactus garden for some enviable vacation snaps.

Adrenaline seekers can opt for a thrilling buggy tour across the bumpy wilderness of north Lanzarote. You'll take in the Guatiza Quarry which was turned into a sculptured garden by Manrique, and the artisan village of El Mojón.

Kayaking Experience at Papagayo Beach

Discover Lanzarote’s magnificent coastline with a kayaking tour to Papagayo Beach. This is one of Lanzarote’s most famed locales, and it’s easy to see why. With its rugged cliffs, emerald waters and secluded location, Papagayo is a must-see on any visit to Lanzarote.

One of the best ways to explore it is by kayak. Depart the shores and traverse the ocean, traveling along the scenic coast. Disembark at Papagayo and relax on the soft sands with a delectable picnic spread. 

Take your time to enjoy the views, go for a swim or put on a snorkel mask and uncover what lies beneath the waves. This is a thrilling excursion that the whole family can enjoy, and can be done in a morning or afternoon. 

You’ll be accompanied by a guide the entire tour, who will show you the route and also ensure the group’s safety. Pack a camera in a waterproof bag, as you’ll want to capture the exceptional sights you’ll see!

Planning your visit to Lanzarote

About Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the most popular destinations in the Canary Islands. Sitting off the coast of West Africa, this archipelago is known for its year-round sun. Travelers love visiting in winter to escape the cold weather at home. 

Famous for its volcanic landscapes, Lanzarote is a geologist's paradise. The vast lava fields, ancient craters and black sands all set the scene for some thrilling outdoor activities. You can explore these extraordinary landscapes on foot or by buggy tour on a visual journey through time. 

Lanzarote has always been a tough place to live, with islanders having to contend with volcanic eruptions and pirate raids through the centuries. Today, tourism is the main economy, with around 2.5 million people visiting each year.

On Lanzarote, you'll find everything from buzzing resorts to sleepy rural villages, with a range of accommodations to suit all types of traveler. The coastline boasts beautiful beaches and sheltered coves for swimming, which is why most people stay by the sea. 

It's easy to reach Lanzarote, with direct flights from several countries across Europe. If you want to do some island hopping, you can also fly around the Canaries, visiting hotspots like Tenerife and La Palma too. 

Good to know before arriving

The easiest way to travel around Lanzarote is by renting a car. You will be totally independent, plus you'll be able to visit some of the more remote regions. It doesn't take long to drive around the island, and with lots of free parking and well-maintained roads, driving is a pleasure. 

If you prefer not to rent a car, there is a great bus network which serves the major island destinations. Taxis are available for short distances, and many people like to rent bikes as the island is flat and easy to pedal around. 

When it comes to accommodation, you have a lot of choices. For nightlife and beach facilities, head to the south of the island. Or, for historical attractions, you can choose to stay in the capital, Arrecife. If you want to escape the crowds and be surrounded by the coast, then northern Tenerife is the place to go.

Lanzarote is a very hot and arid destination, so remember to keep topping up that sunscreen and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Pack sturdy hiking shoes for exploring the volcanic interiors – it's very rugged underfoot. Take a light jacket too, as it can be windy on the coast. 

Places and experiences that cannot be missed

Once you've visited Timanfaya, enjoyed a boat cruise and sampled the wine, there's still plenty more to see and do. Paragliding in Lanzarote is perfect for those who want a bird's-eye view of the island. Or take to the sea and experience some of the best waves in the Canaries with a surf lesson

Feeling the need for speed? Then a Lanzarote jet ski tour will get that heart thumping. For something family friendly, the Rancho Texas Park and Aquapark Costa Teguise tick all the boxes. 

If you'd like a change of scenery, take a day trip from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura. After a short ferry ride, you'll be exploring the sand dunes, white beaches and quaint coastal villages of this nearby island.

Looking for free things to do in Lanzarote? For otherworldly landscapes, head to Charco Verde near El Golfo. This unusual green lagoon is found inside a volcano crater and makes for great photos against the black sands. The famous Mirador del Rio is free too – from these dramatic cliffs, you'll be treated to some of Lanzarote's best views. 

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