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Day trips & Excursions

Tropical Coast

The tropical coast, located in the province of Granada, is the coastline of the mediterranean sea. Thanks to its proximity to the sea and protected by the Sierra Nevada National Park the tropical coast is an area enjoying a wonderful microclimate. The weather here is beautiful and relaxing, never too hot for the summer session. In there you can also find a lot of Roman ruins like bridge, roads, and fish salting factory. Either for beach or sightseeing, the tropical coast is a great place to see.


Seville is the capital city of Andalusia. It is also the largest city of this southern region. The Old Town of Sevilla is particularly famous for it's three building classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Alcazar Palace, the General Archives of the Indies, and the Cathedral of Sevilla. From 712 to the fall of Granada, the city was under Muslim rule and depended on the Caliphate of Córdoba. It finally became a Spanish city from the beginning of the 16th century.


Malaga is a port city on the famous Costa Del Sol. This coastal town is mostly known for its high standing hotels and its yellow sand beaches. It is also a city with a lot of Moorish ruins and building, like the Alcazaba and the former Roman theater. During the "Feria de Agosto" Malaga is one of the most animated city in Andalusia and a lot of events are held in the famous Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta.