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The 10 Best Doha Tours

Desert Safari

If you're looking for quintessential Doha tours, then a desert safari ticks all the boxes. You'll head into the dunes in search of adventure, like a modern-day pioneer. Doha is the ideal spot for desert exploration as it's sunny and dry all year round.

With an expert guide at the wheel of your air-conditioned 4X4, you'll bounce along the sandy trails, absorbing the unique landscapes. You'll be going well off the beaten track on these intrepid excursions. 

Highlights include visiting the Inland Sea of Khor Al-Adaid which is a UNESCO-designated reserve on the border with Saudi Arabia. Imagine the Bedouin tribes that used to live in these dunes back in the day. It's like traveling through a land that time forgot!

Most desert safaris from Doha are combined with other activities like sandboarding, camel riding and dune bashing. Feel the wind in your hair as you slide down those sandy peaks!  Sunrise and sunset trips are the most popular – this is when the desert is flooded with color. 

Doha City Tours

The sparkling desert city of Doha is so much more than just a backdrop for wilderness adventures. Several Doha tours focus on the urban center, which is packed with mesmerizing architecture and culture. Most trips last around 4 hours. 

This city by the beach offers endless opportunities for museum visits, shopping sprees and tours of religious sites. Bustling markets and of course a walk along the sand are highlights of any trip to Doha. 

The jewel in the already shiny crown is Souq Waqif. This traditional spice market has been here for over 100 years, providing the locals with fragrant ingredients for cooking and healing purposes. Breathe in the scents as you wander around the stalls, and shop for handicrafts and clothing too.

Other popular stops include the MIA Park with its iconic Richard Serra sculpture and the Katara Cultural Village. At the latter, you'll learn about the heritage and arts scene here in Doha. Finish up with a walk along the Corniche for superb views across the Persian Gulf.

Quad Tours

Get your heart pumping with a thrilling quad biking tour in the dunes near Doha. This one's for the adrenaline junkies and those who want a different sort of desert experience. You'll be collected from your hotel and driven out into the dunes ready for the adventure of a lifetime. 

If it's your first time, don't worry, all instruction will be provided. There will be a safety briefing at base camp before you head off with your expert guide. You'll soon be zooming through the sand and tackling high dunes, plunging ever deeper into the wild.

Keep an eye out for desert wildlife as you ride along in convoy, you never know what you might spot. There will be opportunities to stop for a breather and take in the far-reaching views. Don't forget your camera!

These Doha tours are often combined with other adventure activities like dune bashing and camel riding. Doing a combination trip like this is a great way to save money if you want to experience several different adventures.

Camel Riding Tours

If there's one thing that's synonymous with the desert, it's camels. This is your chance to ride one of these iconic beasts into the sunset, just like Lawrence of Arabia. No experience is required, and you'll be accompanied by knowledgeable local guides who will keep the camel train in order. 

After a 4X4 transfer from your hotel in Doha out to the desert camp, you'll meet your new four-legged friend. Once onboard, you'll enjoy a leisurely plod through the silent dunes, just like the tribes of old. 

Opt for a sunset excursion for a bit of added romance. Seeing the blazing orange sun setting behind the dunes is one of life's moments, and the afterglow is pure magic. Look up to the dark skies for some spectacular star gazing. 

If you'd like to see camels but aren't keen on riding them, book a tour to the Al Shahaniya. This is the most famous racetrack in Qatar where you can meet the camels and watch them running at full pelt. 

Inland Sea Excursion

For something a bit different, head into the desert for a visit to Khor Al Adaid. Known as the Inland Sea, this vast body of water is an unusual sight among the dunes. It seems made for photos, so remember to charge up those camera batteries. 

Khor Al Adaid sits on the border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, so you'll be able to see into another country! There is a surprising amount of marine wildlife here, so keep your eyes peeled. Turtles, dolphins and even sharks are sometimes spotted.

To reach the sea, you'll enjoy a spectacular dune safari, with optional activities like sandboarding and camel rides also on the cards. On arrival at Khor Al Adaid, you'll jump down from your 4X4 to soak up the unique scenery. 

Sunset excursions show off the Inland Sea at its most spectacular, under a blanket of twinkling stars. The illuminated dunes are enchanting at this time of day, with long shadows casting their spell across the wilderness. 

Dhow Boat Cruise

Set sail along the Persian Gulf and see the city of Doha in style. Dhow cruises are among the most iconic experiences you can enjoy here in Qatar. The enchanting wooden vessels have been used for centuries, for fishing and trading around Middle Eastern waters.

On these Doha tours, you'll discover an intoxicating blend of both modern and traditional culture, which is what makes the city so special. Admire the towering skyscrapers sitting beside heritage architecture as you journey along the coast. 

You'll have the chance to stop at various attractions around the city, including the Katara Cultural Village, Souq Waqif and Pearl Island. Shorter tours are also available if you just want to do the cruise part. 

Many excursions take in the Doha Corniche, which is home to one of the most famous vistas of the city. You'll cruise along the promenade, checking out the palm trees and the photogenic city skyline. The most popular boat trips are during the evenings, to catch the sunset over the Persian Gulf. 

North Qatar Day Trip

Once you've ticked off the glittering sights and natural wilderness of Doha, it's time to explore further afield. Day trips to northern Qatar are particular favorites, thanks to the variety of scenery and attractions included on the itinerary. 

Up here in the north is where you'll find ancient history and a culture that's unique to this part of the country. You'll be checking out charming ruins, discovering Neolithic carvings and visiting a remote mangrove reserve by the coast. 

In the seaside town of Al Khor, you'll tour the old harbor and enjoy a history input from your guide. Then it's onto the shimmering sands at Al Thakhira Beach and bird watching in the biodiverse mangrove forest. The Al Jassasiya rock art will be a special highlight. 

Zubarah Fort also features on some trips. This formidable military fortress is typical of strongholds in the region and makes for great pictures. If you're short on time but want to see as much of Qatar as possible, these trips are the answer. 

Doha Local Food Tours

Tasting the food of Qatar should be at the top of any travel itinerary to this welcoming Middle Eastern country. Culinary Doha tours are heaps of fun, and you'll get to try delicacies that you'd probably have missed if you'd ventured out alone.

To get to the heart of the Doha food scene, choose an excursion that takes in Souq Waqif. This local market is the place to go for traditional dishes, and there's a huge array of treats to sample. 

You'll stroll around the stalls, absorbing the sights and smells while mingling with locals who are out shopping for ingredients. This is also a great spot for buying souvenirs – there's everything from perfume to gold for sale here. Don't miss seeing the horses and the falcons for a traditional Qatari experience. 

The highlight of the trip is tucking into a hearty Arabic lunch, with produce sourced from the market. Meat and rice are the staple cuisines here, with local bread, coffee and sweets being welcome additions to your feast. 

Planning your visit to Doha

About Doha

Doha is the sparkling capital and financial center of Qatar. Situated on the Persian Gulf, the city is home to most of the country's residents. Doha is often used as a stopover for travelers with long flights to far-flung destinations, but those who do linger here will be richly rewarded.

Known for its architecture and culture, Doha is a place that appeals to a wide range of visitors. Once an emerging Middle Eastern destination, the city is now firmly on the tourist map. It's a popular place to explore if you're seeking some winter sun and has hotels to suit all budgets. 

Doha is a high-tech place with world-class infrastructure and a skyline worthy of any world metropolis. Yet traditional roots hold firm, with plenty to see and do for those who want to dip their toes into Qatari culture. It's an intoxicating blend of new and old – similar to what you'll experience in Abu Dhabi and Muscat.  

It's easy to reach Doha by air, and the city is well connected to the United States, Europe and Asia. Qatar Airways is based out of Doha, and the city is also a major hub for other popular carriers. 

Good to know before arriving

For upscale accommodation and gorgeous views of the coast, the glamorous West Bay area is a good choice. This relatively new development is home to luxury hotels and some of the city's highest skyscrapers. There are shopping tours here too if you're looking for a bit of retail therapy. 

If you're only in town for a short time or have an early flight to catch, there are several hotels near the Hamad International Airport. Meanwhile, families will love the Al Baaya district with its multitude of attractions and green spaces. 

Public transport in Doha is well thought out and accessible. The metro and bus networks are extensive and serve many of the main tourist areas. They are inexpensive too, which is always a bonus. You'll need to buy a Metro Card, which can then be topped up as and when you need it.

Three days is enough time to explore the city and its surroundings. This will give you the chance to venture out into the desert and enjoy some of the adventures on offer. Winter is the best season to visit, when temperatures are pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and activities.  

Places and experiences that cannot be missed

Quintessential Doha tours include desert safaris, dhow boat rides and city sightseeing excursions. If you're up for an adventure, then camel rides and quad tours should be at the top of your list. Don't miss strolling along the Corniche for the best views of the city or haggling for souvenirs in the souks.

History and art fans will enjoy visiting the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum. Here, you'll learn about local heritage and set eyes on ancient artifacts that date back to the Jurassic period. This is the Sheikh's personal collection, and it's dazzling to see.

To explore more of the country, take a day trip to the Qatar West Coast from Doha. It makes for a great city escape, with pristine beaches and clear waters. You'll encounter abandoned villages too, which make the place seem even more wild and remote. 

Doha may be a glittering Middle Eastern city, but there's still lots to do that won't break the bank. Visiting Souq Waqif is free, although you may be tempted to buy some of the goods. You can also see street art at Al Sadd Metro Station and visit the Al Thuraya Planetarium without spending a thing.

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