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Cartagena, Colombia Private Tours

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The 10 Best Cartagena, Colombia Private Tours

Private City Tour with Local Guide & Driver

Immerse yourself in the historic allure of Cartagena on a private tour that unveils the city's architectural treasures and historical monuments. The journey begins in the Manga neighborhood, a region known for its elegant early 20th-century mansions, providing a window into Cartagena's rich architectural heritage. 

From there, you'll explore iconic city landmarks including the San Felipe Castle and the La Popa Monastery, each standing as a testament to the city's storied past. Your expedition continues to the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed walled city, where you can soak up the atmosphere of the public squares.

The tour continues to offer a contrasting view of Cartagena, introducing you to its more modern districts such as Bocagrande. You'll also stop by Barrio Getsemani, a vibrant neighborhood known for its narrow streets and bright Caribbean colors. A stroll through the Handrycafts Market at Las Bovedas and a walking tour of the Plaza de Bolivar and Plaza Santo Domingo offer a fitting way to wrap up this private tour.

Gabriel García Marquéz Private Walking Tour

Embark on a private tour of Cartagena through the lens of celebrated author Gabriel García Márquez, affectionately known as Gabo. Stroll along vibrant streets that served as both home and inspiration for Gabo as local guides lead you from museums to theaters and even to the mausoleum housing his ashes. 

Beginning at Plaza Cervantes, you'll unravel the life story of one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Stop at Palito de Caucho for a local delicacy. Then, visit the Camellon de los Martires, a site linked to Gabo's decision to become a writer and Plaza Fernandez Madrid, the inspirational ground for the novel "Love in the Time of Cholera.”

Venture onward to Plaza de San Diego to learn about Gabo’s relationship with Hotel Santa Clara. The final stretches of the journey include Calle del Arzobispado and Calle de Don Sancho, sites evoking key events in Gabo's works, before concluding at Casa de Alejandro Obregón, highlighting Gabo's relationship with the artist.

Private Boat Tour to Rosario Islands, Cholon & Baru Beaches

Set off on a full-day private boat tour to explore the breathtaking coastline beyond Cartagena. This excursion promises a serene journey to the Rosario Islands, a natural marvel renowned for its crystal-clear waters and coral formations. The adventure continues to the islands of Cholon and Baru, two paradisiacal locations perfect for a day of sunbathing and swimming.

Cholon, known for being a popular hotspot among young people and foreigners, has emerged as a vibrant beach destination. It's a place where individuals from all walks of life come together to enjoy good times. 

From there, your journey takes you to the secluded Playa Agua Azul. This private island offers an idyllic setting with crystalline waters and white sandy beaches, providing an escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Another scenic spot, Playa Puntilla, awaits your exploration before heading back to Cartagena. The tour concludes at Muelle de los Pegasos, bringing your day of coastal exploration and relaxation to a memorable close.

San Basilio de Palenque Private Tour with Local Guide

Experience a vibrant fusion of culture, history and tradition in this half-day private tour around San Basilio de Palenque. With a local guide leading the way, you'll immerse yourself in the ancestral customs and rich culture of the region. Your journey starts at the Benkos Bioho Monument in the Principal Plaza, where you'll hear compelling historical narratives. 

As you delve deeper into Palenque, you'll engage in a hands-on cooking experience, working alongside a native cook to prepare a traditional lunch. Discover the local passion for traditional medicine and boxing. Your adventure includes a drum show, a sampling of local sweets and even a boxing class.

Your local guide will accompany you to the square housing the Monumento a Benkos Bioho. Here, you'll also get a taste of the traditional sweets made from coconut and tropical fruits like papaya, pineapple and guava. Rounding off the experience, you'll visit the local boxing coliseum, put on gloves, and learn about this important sport in the Palenquero community.

Walled City of Cartagena & Getsemani Private Tour

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the historic heart of Cartagena and the vibrant neighborhood of Getsemani on a private tour. Your exploration starts at Plaza de Bolívar, known as Peace Square, situated by the iconic clock tower. Delve into the rich history of Colombia as you traverse through the Walled City of Cartagena. 

A visit to San Pedro Claver Square allows you to marvel at the historic walls and bastions that line the sea, constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries to ward off invasions. Here, you will also have the opportunity to appreciate the San Pedro Claver Church, an exemplar of Spanish Colonial architecture.

Continuing your tour, you will meander through charming narrow streets and past old colonial heritage houses. Amid this rich cultural setting, relish in sampling Caribbean Colombian food, including traditional snacks such as arepa with egg and raspao, a refreshing cup of shaved ice topped with fruity syrup.

Private Beach Access & Lunch on Tierra Bomba Island

Discover a serene, private beach locale where you can mingle with other travelers and friendly locals. This destination offers a stunning panoramic view of Cartagena, providing an idyllic backdrop as you unwind with a refreshing mojito or a chilled Aguila or Club Colombia. 

The ambiance is further enhanced by reasonable prices on beer and hard liquor, promising a relaxing beachside experience. The package for this exclusive beach retreat includes all fees and taxes, the provision of beach beds and pool access, a delectable lunch, and soda or pop to quench your thirst. 

However, please note that there are a few exclusions. The package does not include private transportation to the beach, alcoholic beverages, the use of snorkeling equipment, bottled water or breakfast, so these services would need to be booked separately.

Private Cooking Class & Food Tour of Bazurto Market

Embark on a culinary journey on a private food tour and cooking class in Cartagena. You can opt to start the adventure with an excursion to the bustling city market, immersing yourself in a world of exotic fruits, seafood, and local fare. Witness firsthand the authentic culture of Cartagena and its varied culinary offerings. 

If you choose this option, you'll assist your host in bargaining for ingredients to be used in your cooking lesson, all while taking in the vibrant atmosphere and live music typically performed at the heart of the market. Afterward, you will head to the quaint fishing village of La Boquilla, ready for a private cooking session in the home of a local family.

With your hospitable chef as a guide, you'll learn to prepare delectable dishes like fried fish, coconut rice, fried green plantains and more. The menu can vary depending on the day and the ingredients sourced from the market. You might even have the opportunity to whip up specialties like ceviche, lobster, shrimp and green salad.

Mud Volcano & Salt Mines Private Tour

Discover the mud volcano and salt mines outside Cartagena on a private tour. You can float in this mud volcano, which due to its special chemical properties, doesn't allow you to touch the bottom. This magical mud also boasts healing properties that rejuvenate your skin and help slow down the aging process.

The Volcan de Lodo El Totumo (Mud Volcano) in Cartagena promises not just a unique experience but also potential health benefits. Its healing properties are derived from mud, which contains water, silica, aluminum, magnesium, sodium chloride, calcium, sulfur and iron — a true treat for your skin. 

The Salinas de Galerazamba, a salt mine in Galerazamba, turns a breathtaking pink due to a natural phenomenon of high saline concentration. The halophilic microalgae in the sea produce beta-carotene in high-salinity environments, contributing to the pink hue. While it's not a swimming spot, it's a perfect place for capturing stunning photographs and learning about this natural phenomenon.

Private Tour to the National Aviary of Colombia

From windswept beaches to rugged mountain tops, Colombia’s topography is highly diverse. This has resulted in one of the highest rates of biodiversity in the world, something you'll witness firsthand on this half-day private tour in Cartagena, centered around the National Aviary of Colombia. 

Here, you'll marvel at the sheer variety of species housed in their recreated habitats. You'll also gain insights into their ongoing research and conservation efforts aimed at protecting these beautiful creatures. Travel through four different ecosystem replicas that reflect Colombia's varied landscapes, and have the opportunity to see unique species such as the Harpy Eagle, Andean Condor and the Blue-billed curassow.

The National Aviary of Colombia is a haven for bird lovers, birdwatchers, and those simply enthralled by nature. This aviary doesn't feel like your typical zoo — numerous birds are free, and large-scale walk-in cages offer close contact with the avian inhabitants. As a conservation organization, the National Aviary of Colombia is deeply committed to species preservation.

Private Ranch Tour & Horse Riding on Manzanillo del Mar Beach

Manzanillo del Mar is one of the region's less frequented beach locales. On this private tour, you'll become familiar with the Colombian Paso horse, a breed known for its calm nature that allows for a pleasant and relaxing ride. Later, you'll stop at a traditional ranch to watch an equestrian show, witnessing firsthand how Colombian Paso horses walk, trot, and gallop.

Your next stop will be the beach of Manzanillo del Mar. Here, you'll be given instructions on how to ride a horse safely before embarking on an unforgettable journey along the shoreline. No doubt, all this activity will stir up your appetite. That's when you'll wrap up your adventure with a delicious lunch at a coastal hotel in Manzanillo del Mar. 

The menu includes choices such as chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese, Peruvian fried rice, hake fillet with fresh coriander pesto, sea bass fillet wrapped in yuca, entrecote steak with blue cheese sauce, or rice with prawns and chorizo. All dishes come with a non-alcoholic drink.

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