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Horseback Riding Tours in Cancún

Looking for unusual things to do in Cancún? Then take to the saddle, practice your yee-haws, and explore the jungle trails on an epic horseback adventure. You’ll discover the secrets of the rainforest and discover places that few other visitors get to see.

Some horseback riding tours in Cancún also include other adventurous activities, so you can make the most of your day in the forest. Can you handle the fun?

There are several horseback riding tours in Cancún to choose from. Shorter excursions focus solely on the riding while longer trips incorporate other outdoor activities.

Horseback riding jungle tours

These Cancún horseback riding trips take you deep into the jungle of the Yucatán Peninsula. You’ll be introduced to your mount and shown how to sit like a real-life cowboy. Riders are matched with horses based on ability, so don’t worry if it’s your first time.

Your group will follow rainforest trails and learn about the flora and fauna along the way. Some of these tours allow time for a cenote swim to cool off after your ride. Hotel transfers are included.

Horseback riding tours with zip lines, ATV rides, and cenote swims

This adrenaline-packed combination tour begins with a horseback jungle trek. Then it’s time to ride on a different kind of saddle as you power along remote trails on an ATV adventure.

Next up is zip-lining in the rainforest canopy, and a refreshing dip in a mysterious Mayan cenote. No experience is required for any of the activities. Round-trip hotel transfers are included on most Cancún horseback riding excursions, and on the longer tours, so is lunch.

Horseback riding trip with jungle adventures and pirate ship dinner show

For something different, you can enjoy a dinner show onboard a pirate ship after a day having fun in the jungle. This is the longest horseback riding tour in Cancún and includes an ATV ride, zip lining, and cenote swimming too.

You will be returned to your hotel to freshen up after the activities, before being driven to the pirate ship. Settle in for a swashbuckling show and a delicious dinner on the galleon. Transfers back to your accommodation are included.

2-day Cancún horseback riding tour with adventure activities plus Tulum and Cobá

This multi-day tour takes in the magical Mayan ruins at Tulum and Cobá. You’ll enjoy all the outdoor activities mentioned above too, as well as round-trip transfers.

How much do horseback riding tours in Cancún cost?

The cost of tours that focus solely on horseback riding ranges from $91 for 1 hour to $89 for 4 hours. This includes transfers and riding equipment.

Longer Cancún horseback riding trips offer adventurous activities like zip lining, ATV excursions, and cenote swimming. These start at $89 for 4 hours, rising to $171 for a full day. Prices vary depending on group size and which activities you would like to experience.

The tour that combines jungle activities with a pirate ship dinner show costs $196 per person. It includes your evening meal and transfers.

The 2-day tour that also visits Tulum and Cobá is priced at $149. Meals and accommodation are not included.

Which places are seen on a horseback riding tour in Cancún?

Ruta de los Cenotes

La Ruta de los Cenotes in Puerto Morelos is one of the most famous areas of the Mayan jungle. It’s a popular spot on the Riviera Maya and the perfect location for these horseback riding tours in Cancún.

The tropical forest is lush, and home to some rather curious local wildlife. You’ll be riding your trusty stead through the jungle and mangroves, in search of butterfly glades and hidden cenote swimming holes.

How long does a horseback riding tour last?

Cancún horseback riding excursions last between one hour and a full day, depending on what other activities you want to include in your experience. Most tours are around the 6-hour mark.

Trips that include a ride followed by some cenote swimming tend to last up to half a day. If you fancy adding zip lining, an ATV adventure, and even a pirate ship show, allow up to 13 hours.

Where do horseback riding tours leave from?

Hotel transfers are included as standard on all horseback riding tours in Cancún. Check your joining instructions after booking for the pick-up details and times.

When is the best time for a horseback riding tour in Cancún?

You can enjoy horseback riding tours in Cancún at any time of year. December to April offers the best weather, although this is peak season so do book well in advance.

The rains come in June and last until October, with September being the wettest month. Yet storms generally don’t hang around for long so this can be a refreshing time to visit. It’s much quieter too and there are often good deals to be had.

Which other outdoor activities can be done in Cancún?

Travel tips

  • Book your Cancún horseback riding trip online so you can compare prices and get the best deal. Places fill up fast on these tours so buying tickets in advance means you won’t miss out.
  • Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing and shoes that have a bit of a heel to make your ride easier. Take a swimming costume for the cenotes.
  • Each horseback tour in Cancún has a participant weight limit to ensure rider safety – check details with your provider before booking.
  • Get those camera batteries charged the night before – you’ll be taking lots of photos!