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ATV Tours & Quad Biking in Cancún

Cancún is not just sea, sun and relaxation: it is also synonymous with adrenaline! Cancún offers a myriad of possibilities for adventure lovers. Try a quad bike tour to experience the thrill of driving off the track and exploring the Yucatan forests.

Quad and ATV (all-terrain vehicle) tours in Cancún offer the chance to wade through jungle dirt paths and reach the Mayan cenotes for a refreshing dip. Go on an adventure on an ATV tour in Cancún!

What are the best ATV tours in Cancún?

ATV tour, five zip lines, and cenote swim with lunch and transportation included

Experience moments of adrenaline driving an ATV, whizzing on the muddy trails in the middle of the Mexican forest. You can drive your ATV alone or as a couple.

The tour also includes the zipline activity, with 5 zip lines built among the forest trees. Imagine being able to fly over the forest and see the view from the height of the trees.

The tour also includes a visit to a cenote, where you can dive in and cool off. Mexican lunch will be served at a local restaurant before returning to Cancún.

Cancún Ultimate Adventure: ATV Tour, Jet Ski, Catamaran Tour and Snorkeling

If you are an adventure lover, this is the tour for you! Enjoy a mix of sporting activities in one day with this adventure package.

Your day will begin with a catamaran tour, a two-hulled boat that is very stable and practical to sail. You will enjoy the spectacular view of the Cancún Bay and the ocean panorama. While sailing, you can try parasailing, an activity between sailing and parachuting: you will remain suspended in the air pulled by the boat and a parachute.

Once on the coral reef, the snorkeling activity will begin. You will be able to dive and see the incredible life of the underwater world: thousands of tropical fish live in this unique ecosystem.

The tour continues with the return by boat to the mainland, where you will have a break for a buffet lunch served in a beach club.

In the afternoon, the excursion continues with the quad biking tour in the jungle. You will go on several dirt paths in the middle of the tropical forest.

The last adventure of the day will be the jet ski tour in Cancún Bay, which will conclude this adrenaline-filled day.

ATV Tour and Snorkeling Adventure

This tour includes the two most sought after activities in Cancún: an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) tour and a snorkeling tour! But that's not all: you can zipline from the trees, swim in a cenote and participate in a traditional Mayan ceremony!

Start the day with an ATV excursion into the jungle: you will ride several off-road trails inside the tropical forest. Then you can try to jump with the ziplines mounted among the trees of the forest.

You will arrive at a cenote (one of the sacred lakes of the Mayan tradition) and you can dive in and cool off. There will also be time for some snacks here.

Afterward, it will be time to prepare for snorkeling. You will go to the coral reef and you can dive to see one of the most fascinating marine ecosystems in the world.

Horse ride, ATV tour, 6 zip lines and cenote swim with lunch and transport

This tour also includes multiple outdoor activities, including a relaxing horseback ride.

The tour begins with hotel pickup and transport to a forest park near Puerto Morelos. Here you start the activities, starting from the cable car. There are 6 ziplines of different heights that you can try.

Afterward, the ATV tour begins, which covers different paths in the forest. Then it's time for the horseback ride, until you arrive at a Mayan cenote, where you can dive, swim and cool off. There is even a zipline that ends directly inside the cenote!

At the cenote, there is time to relax and enjoy a good Mexican lunch, before returning to Cancún.

ATV tour in Native's Park from Cancún with a swim in the Cenote

This tour departs Cancún towards the Emotions Native Park in Playa del Carmen. You can try a quad tour in the park until you reach the Media Luna cenote, where you will participate in a Mayan ceremony. This cenote is superb because it is possible to swim underwater in a cave of stalactites and stalagmites.

The tour also includes a zipline activity in Native Park and a lunch of empanadas, Mayan lasagna, salads and Mayan burritos. Round-trip transportation from Cancún is included in the price.

Combo: Zip-Line and ATV Tour

Combine these two adrenaline-pumping activities into one tour. You will be able to try 6 different zip-lines: four in the forest and two above a cenote.

Inside the park, you can try all the zip lines, as well as take part in the ATV tour. Quad bike tours go through the jungle on various dirt paths until you get to the Mayan cenote, where you can try to dive into the cenote directly from the zipline!

How much do ATV tours cost in Cancún?

ATV tours in Cancún depend on what other activities are included and the number of passengers: if there are two people on the quad bike, the price per person is lower.

  • ATV tours with zipline and cenote start at approximately US$ 55 per person for two passengers per quad. The price can go up to US$ 150 per person, depending on the operator.
  • ATV tours with snorkeling cost between US$ 90 and US$ 200.
  • ATV tours with horseback riding cost from US$ 90 to US$ 120.

What other activities can you do together with an ATV tour in Cancún?

Quad biking tours in Cancún are always accompanied by other activities. This way, you can experience a much more exciting day than just doing an activity.

The most common activity that is combined with ATV tours is the cableway (zipline). The forest around Cancún lends itself well to building parks with cableways, and therefore, this is a very popular activity, definitely worth trying.

Other common activities with ATV tours in Cancún are:

Are there any theme parks in Cancún that include ATV tours?

ATV tours are carried out inside forest parks used for the practice of sports activities. In fact, it is not possible to rent a quad bike and drive randomly into the forest.

All ATV tours from Cancún go to parks set up for quad riding and zip-lines. The most famous are:

Another exciting park is the Xplor Adventure Park, which is a very extensive theme park where you can try out many activities:

  • Jump off a zip-line.
  • Ride an amphibious ATV along dirt paths and puddles.
  • Explore underground lakes and tunnels covered with stalactites and stalagmites.

Is it dangerous to take an ATV tour in Cancún?

No, it is not dangerous to join an ATV tour from Cancún. If you are familiar with driving motor vehicles, such as motorcycles and cars, you won't have any problems. If this is your first time driving a motor vehicle, you can decide to participate as a passenger or go slow and follow all the guide's instructions.

ATVs are stable vehicles and can only be dangerous if used at high speeds without experience.

Do you need a driving license to drive a quad bike in Cancún?

A driving license is not required to drive an ATV.

What is the minimum age to drive an ATV in Cancún?

The minimum age to ride an ATV in Cancún is usually 16 years old.

Is it possible to take children on an ATV in Cancún?

Yes, children under the age of 16 can be taken as passengers on the quad, provided they are old enough to hold onto the vehicle.

Where do ATV tours leave from in Cancún?

ATV tours take place outside Cancún, on forest trails. All tour operators offer hotel pickup and transport to the activity area. Therefore, you only have to communicate the name and address of your hotel or accommodation to the operator of the activity who will pick you up at the scheduled time.

How long do ATV tours in Cancún last?

The duration of ATV tours from Cancún varies depending on how many activities are included. The most basic tours last around 4 hours, including transportation from Cancún, zip line, cenote, and quad bike tour. Therefore the actual duration of the ATV tour is shorter, usually 30 to 50 minutes.

Some excursions include many more activities with horseback riding, snorkeling, catamaran rides or jet skis. These tours last between 6 hours and 10 hours.

What is the best time to take an ATV tour in Cancún?

It is possible to take an ATV tour in Cancún practically all year round. Cancún's climate is always warm and there are no problems with low temperatures. In the summer months and early autumn (from June to October), the hottest heat and most of the rainfall are concentrated. From November to May, winter and spring are the best months because it is not very hot and the season is drier.

Is it possible to rent a quad bike in Cancún and use it without a tour?

No, it is not possible to use an ATV within Cancún. You will need to go to one of the theme parks in the forest dedicated to this activity.

You can join a tour from Cancún or go to one of the parks and purchase a single ticket for Native Park or the Xplor Adventure Park.

How should I dress on a quad bike tour in Cancún?

There are no special needs for clothes. We recommend that you dress in comfortable clothes that can get dirty and bring a bathing suit to dive into the cenote.

What other places do ATV tours depart from besides Cancún?

Quad biking tours are trendy throughout the Riviera Maya. If you are staying in another city, you can take a look at the offers available in the other cities of the Riviera Maya.

Travel tips

Here are some travel tips to get the best experience on an ATV tour in Cancún.

  • Compare the offers to choose the ideal one for you.
  • Book well in advance to make sure your chosen tour is available.
  • Remember to bring a bathing suit and clothes that can get dirty.