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Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park tickets & tours

Looking up and seeing the bright, shining sun reflecting back at you is always a great feeling to have - especially in a country as stunning and warm as Australia. The conditions are always great, the people are lovely and there are so many different sections of this mysterious country to explore.

Yet in the midst of all that, it feels as if there’s a distinct lack of appreciation for another sector of intrigue within this nation: the wilderness.

The water is fine and the beaches are luxurious but lying deep in the foundation of the scenery is the rainforest. More specifically, in this instance, is the Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park.

Kuranda as a whole is a revolutionary piece of land, but to really get to grips with it all, check out some of these Kuranda Rainforest Nature Park tours from Cairns.

How long does it take to reach Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park from Cairns?

By the time you arrive in a place like the Rainforestation Nature Park you will well and truly be reaching the far north of Queensland. This exquisite spot can be reached by hitting the open road and venturing up some pretty windy trails, and while that may seem a little bit daunting, the picturesque views make it more than worth the wait.

In total it should take around 30 minutes or so to reach the Park on a good day with no traffic as the overall distance comes in at 24km.

What is the typical itinerary of a day tour to Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park?

Between being picked up and dropped off at most major hotels in Cairns and going on a self-drive tour, there are a whole bunch of options with regards to how you can plan out your day. Because of its close proximity to Cairns there are usually plenty of different time slots available for when you want to get going, and if you plan it out yourself, time isn’t really a major issue.

There are some lunch options available depending on which tour is selected but because of how much there is to see, the average tour here will probably last between 4-7 hours. It can be shorter than that but with the wide range of activities on offer, we tend to find that everyone comes up with their own way of putting a tour together.

Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park tours from Cairns can include all sorts of unique experiences, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular location. In this section, we’re going to run through three adventures that seem to be particularly special in their own right, mainly because they take us across three different ‘zones’ of travel: the skies, the water and the good old land.

Riverboat Cruise

Freshwater crocodiles, turtles, snakes, water dragons, fish, what’s not to love? Over the course of 45 minutes, tourists and travelers will be able to move through the waters as if they’re right at home. You can take pictures, enjoy some commentary, or just sit back and take it all in.

Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience

Getting a feel for the way in which the Aboriginals live is so crucial if the end goal is to fully grasp the history of Australia and, more specifically, Queensland. You can witness a spear presentation, a traditional dance sequence and even test out your boomerang skills.

Koala & Wildlife Park

Looking for a fun activity with animals? Visit the Wildlife Park, hand-feed lovely roaming kangaroos & wallabies, admire a 5 meter saltwater crocodile, and meet other Australian animals and reptiles - a must-do for every animal lovers.

Are there any combo tours including other places to visit?

Because of how centrally located the Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park actually is, it won’t come as much of a surprise to learn there are plenty of other places to explore throughout this vast region.

Kuranda Village

The core principles of the locals are what makes Kuranda so remarkable in the first place, and while we don’t recommend going up to them and asking them a million questions, we do think taking the time to check out the environment is really vital to understanding this area.

Barron Gorge

Barron Gorge National Park is pretty special but the actual Gorge and subsequent waterfalls are just out of this world. Seriously, if you want to be left with the kind of feeling that has your jaw on the floor and heart in your mouth, this is the right way to go.

Great Barrier Reef

Located not too far away from the water, the outer region of the Great Barrier Reef is virtually visible through the trees upon arrival in Kuranda. Cairns is known as the gateway city for a reason and if you want to see the sea turtles, coral and crystal blue sea, make sure to venture out to the various reefs.

Travel tips

  • Preparing for delays on a route like this is a pretty safe option because while it may seem as if you’re heading to the heart of nowhere, this is quite a popular destination, especially if the visit takes place during peak months. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to take a snack or two or maybe even a book if you aren’t driving.
  • The conditions can shift quite dramatically when situated in the rainforest and because of that, it’s always important to bring back up items of clothing just in case things get a bit too hot or a bit too chilly - although the latter is a rarity, so maybe just plan to get a bit wet instead.
  • Do some research on the area beforehand, if only because it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed with just how much information and content there is to absorb on these tours. From the intimidating animals to how fast-paced it can be, this is one for the adrenaline junkies out there.