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Cairns theme parks tickets

The gateway city of Cairns is best known to the world as being the perfect hub for a spot we all know and love - the Great Barrier Reef.

However, what many don’t realize is just how many great spots there are around the Cairns area - and, specifically, how many parks there are.

We’re here to let travelers around the globe know why these seven locations should be essential to your Queensland visit, and why Cairns theme parks tickets are so valuable.

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure

The beautiful crocs that reside down under are so often pinpointed as being dangerous animals, and while that may be true to an extent, they’re also incredibly pure and fascinating. Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure invites us in to say hello with leisure walks, wildlife presentations, cruises so that we can get up close and personal with the gang and also Breakfast with the Koalas.

It’s never going to be the personification of enjoyable fun for everyone because it can be viewed as quite extreme, but we really love how diverse and welcoming it is.

Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park

The entire landscape of Kuranda is absolutely breathtaking and when visitors really take the time to look beneath the surface, they’ll find a whole load of exciting destinations. The Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park is perfect if you’re all about being one with nature, mainly because somewhere that literally has ‘Nature Park’ in the name isn’t going to let you leave without getting some serious education.

The Army Duck Tour, Koala & Wildlife Park and Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience are all super unique, and that’s what we should all be striving to find when off on our holidays.

Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome

Adrenaline junkies far and wide, never fear, because we’ve found the ultimate experience for anyone who wants to heat up their days in Cairns. We are, of course, referring to the Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome, which offers up a few hours of fun and chaos that we’d argue can’t be found anywhere else in the entire city.

The Hi-ZOOM and Mid-ZOOM ziplines test just how extreme you want to be, the Pirate Climb makes us feel like we’re in an episode of Gladiators, there’s a great Wildlife Experience and the Dome Climb provides some stunning views of Cairns.

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

A sanctuary should be home to animals that deserve to be respected, treated and cared for in the way that nature intended - and that’s precisely what is available at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary. It’s an absolute haven of intense heat and heartwarming tales as travelers get up close and personal with these little gems.

The Butterfly Myths & Legends talk looks into the history of these guys and girls whereas the Main Aviary is all about exploration. If that isn’t hardcore or colourful enough for you, there’s always the Laboratory, which is quite the journey through time and science.

Cairns Aquarium

They say holidays are all about going big or going home, and with more than 16,000 animals to see, we’d say Cairns Aquarium falls into the former of those two categories. They’ve got just about everything from big talks to exhibits and, most importantly, habitats that are insanely cool to walk around.

Everything is so varied and widespread that there’s the chance to see River Systems (catfish, stonefish etc.), Creeks & Streams (prawns, crayfish), Tropical Rainforest (snakes, lizards, frogs), Forest Floor (spiders, insects), and so much more.

Birdworld Kuranda

Birdworld Kuranda serves an important purpose: teaching us all about the many amazing birds that reside in Australia and beyond. We take these mystical beings who roam around the skies for granted when in reality, we should be embracing them and appreciating their beauty.

From photo opportunities to watching the birds fly around there’s a lot to take in, with parrots, cockatoos, the almighty Cassowary, Galah, heron and more being present.

Kuranda Koala Gardens

If there’s one animal above all the others that comes to mind when thinking of Australia, it’s the one and only koala bear.

They’re warm, loving and really know how to put someone in a great mood, even if we don’t feel like smiling. These are the sorts of days out that live with you for the rest of your life, and that alone is enough of a reason to book some tickets.

It’s not just the koalas who come out to play, either, because the Kuranda Koala Gardens is an open book of animal joy.

Quokkas, snakes, kangaroos, water dragons, crocodiles, turtles, the list goes on and on.