things to do in Zakynthos

Known as the “Flower of the Levant” and the 3rd largest Ionian island in Greece, Zakynthos is an island with a coastline consisting of limestone cliffs, golden sandy beaches, and natural blue caves with tons of experiences to enjoy it all!

Blessed with crystal blue waters, and outstanding beaches for every type of traveler, explore the more than 30 incredible beaches, starting with the most famous of all Shipwreck Beach (Navagio Beach) surrounded by dramatic cliffs, powder white sand beaches, and turquoise waters.

Step inside Agios Dionysios church, named after the patron saint of the island, take a stroll through the quaint Solomos Square, and end the day soaking up the last sunrays at the scenic Skinari Lighthouse.

Visit the Keri Caves to do a bit of turtle spotting, or take a scenic tour of the Blue Caves on a glass-bottom boat to truly take in the beauty from all angles!

Ready for The Greek adventure? Let’s check out more fun things to do in Zakynthos!

1 – Learn about the island’s patron saint at the Church of Agios Dionysios

Church of Agios Dionysios, Zakynthos

Step inside the largest church on the island, the Church of Agios Dionysios, known to be the patron saint of the island and main protector of the island.

It is thought to be a miraculous church after surviving the devastating earthquake in 1953, and today it’s open for visitors to see the intricate details. Learn about the story behind the saint, his upbringing, and why he’s considered to be the Saint of Forgiveness.

If you’re on the island in December, on the 17th the island celebrates the patron saint at the church and throughout the island!

2 – Spend the afternoon at Port of Zakynthos

Port of Zakynthos

The Port of Zakynthos is where all the ferries and ships disembark visitors to the island, meaning that this area is typically buzzing with people, restaurants, and cafes to check out.

Flooding the area with scenes of white homes and buildings, the port is a great place to admire the sunset at one of the many cafes. As you look to the horizon, spot a few other ferries and little fishing boats docked at the port by the local fishermen.

After the sunset, make a round through the town and its gardens or the port’s promenade.

3 – Visit the secluded Blue Caves

Blue Caves, Zakynthos

The Blue Caves are by far one of the most beautiful sights to see in Zakynthos, only accessible via boat, near the village of Volimes, on the northern side of the island.

Hop aboard a tour to uncover the beauty of the secluded caves, only available via boat. Many boat tours from Zakynthos offer a speed boat with a glass bottom, getting to swim in the scenic Xigia beach, and of course, getting a photo taken at the Makris Gialos beach!

Admire the almost fluorescent blue waters, and enjoy this secret side of the island!

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4 – Plan a day trip to Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beach is a stunning beach located on the northwestern side of the island and is famously referred to as Smugglers Beach for its interesting back story and Navagio Beach formally.

The story goes that the ship “Panagiotis” was being chased by authorities for possibly smuggling alcohol into the island, and the ship was later found on the shores of the island, which is visible.

Enjoy the famous beach with a walk in between the towering stone cliffs, the golden sand beach, and admire the stunning color of the water. Day trips start at $55 USD.

5 – Get the best viewpoint of Shipwreck Beach

Viewpoint of Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos

On a mission for the perfect shot of Shipwreck Beach? Iconically one of the most photographed sites on the island, it’s relatively easy and free to get close to this impressive viewpoint!

You can drive 48 minutes to the town of Elatia, and park and enter the viewpoint for free! Once you park, you can follow the signs and take a little walk through the stairs to make it to the prized spot.

Pro tip: try to visit during sunset, as that is when the glow of the sun truly makes the scene look heavenly!

6 – Do some beautiful turtle watching

turtle watching tour in Zakynthos

Embark on a glass-bottom boat as you venture to the sea to do some turtle watching! Visit a few of the Keri caves, Mizithres rocks, and even sail through the arches.

On your turtle-watching tour from Zakynthos, you’ll sail around the National Marine Park, getting close to the natural habitats of the Loggerhead turtles and their nests. From there you’ll also be able to see up close the beautiful Cameo Islet, and more!

Make sure to pack your swimsuit, as there will be plenty of swimming opportunities to cool off at the most stunning beaches!

7 – Hang with the locals at Solomos Square

Solomos Square, Zakynthos

Check out what’s happening at Solomos Square, a meeting place for locals to spend time with friends and family.

The Solomos Square is a beautiful place for a stroll and to take a close look at the statues on the side of some of the most important figures from the island, as well as the island’s most important cultural centers around.

The square is fairly new, as it was created during an extension plan of the island after the 1953 earthquake. The square that you see was once all water, making it especially amazing!

8 – Get into the creative flow in a ceramic-making class

ceramic making in Zakynthos

Get your hands dirty to create something special to take home! Book a ceramic-making class in Zakynthos, and specifically learn the basics of pottery and Greek pottery techniques.

Learn from your pottery instructor the basics, and get inspired to create a turtle or a bowl based on your experiences on the island!

The studio is surrounded by beautiful Greek olive groves and vineyards, which add a dose of inspiration when you think up the design for your piece. After the class, you’ll be able to say you have a one-of-a-kind gift made especially in Greece!

9 – Get epic views of the sea at Skinari Lighthouse

Skinari Lighthouse, Zakynthos

Get uninterrupted views of the Ionian Sea when you visit the Skinari Lighthouse, located at the northern point of the island, 50 minutes from Zakynthos town.

Approach the active lighthouse at sunset, and from your vantage point, glance at the silhouette of windmills, and boats in the distance as well as beaches and the sparkling sea.

Later walk toward Akra Skinari, another beautiful viewpoint with a few ruins and stairs down to the water, just 7 minutes from Skinari Lighthouse to truly end the day with a bang.

There is free parking at the lighthouse.

10 – Escape to Marathonisi on a day trip

Marathonisi Island, Zakynthos

Brace for a day trip for the books when you visit the islet of Marathonisi, and a few other breathtaking sights on your way there.

Before arriving at Marathonisi, on a day tour from Zakynthos, you’ll also stop by Kalamaki Beach and catch glimpses of local turtles. Then you’ll hop on a glass-bottom boat, where you’ll admire the stone arches and limestone cliffs, and even go into one of the caves!

On your way back you’ll stop by Cameo Island and cross the bridge to completely secluded beaches and a few local olive oil producers.

11 – Be a guest at the National Marine Park

National Marine Park, Zakynthos

Discover the beautiful marine life and learn about the conservation efforts to sustain the local ecology and the health of the local wildlife.

Book a special trip to the marine park and take advantage of the different types of tours available. Explore the underwater routes in a snorkeling tour, go for some diving, or even simply enjoy walking through the scenic walking trails around the park.

From exotic bird watching, to Loggerhead turtle spotting, and local flora and vegetation, the National Marine Park deserves a spot on your list of things to do Zakynthos!

12 – View original Orthodox paintings inside the Monastery Panagia Skopiotissa

Monastery Panagia Skopiotissa, Zakynthos

Visit the oldest church on the island, Monastery Panagia Skopiotissa, a church that predates the 15th century, with remnants of royalty that no longer exist today.

Known as “Skopos” the church offers incredible views of the sea, the local vegetation, and the hills dotted with villages in the distance. Though the road to get to the monastery is a bit bumpy, the walk is surely worth it!

Inside, you’ll be enchanted by the views of all the beautiful paintings depicting Greek Orthodox imagery of saints.

The monastery is 26 minutes away from Zakynthos town.

13 – See all sorts of sea animals on a snorkeling venture

snorkeling tour in Zakynthos

How about diving into the true blue waters of the Ionian Sea, close to the Keri caves?

Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, a snorkeling experience is sure to offer incredible memories of the world beneath the water with sights of starfish, anemones, and many different types of fish.

The half-day experience will include diving in two different diving sites and all the necessary equipment for the experience. Expertise level doesn’t matter, as you’ll have the guidance of your instructor nearby.

Pro tip: Opt for a sea scooter snorkeling adventure and try something new!

14 – Take a history lesson inside the Zakynthos Museum

Zakynthos’ Museum

Wander the 3 levels of the Zakynthos Museum, touring the historical past of the island, from the Classical and Byzantine eras, archaeological findings, beautiful paintings from the 15th-16th centuries, and more.

Located in the center of Zakynthos town, the museum is very easy to get to. Some exhibits to see inside are the ones dedicated to sharing a capture of what life was like on the island before the earthquake to truly get a sense of the growth of the island.

Furthermore, explore the contemporary art and cultural exhibits, also shedding light on local life.

15 – See the animals up close at Askos Stone Park

Askos Stone Park, Zakynthos

Visit a center that has a little bit of everything – an animal sanctuary, agricultural research, archaeological site, and a zoo. Askos Stone Park is a wonderful plan to add to your list of activities to do in Zakynthos with small children.

Bring your kids to play and observe the animals like the peacocks, deer (specifically the Platonia deer), ponies, cows, and many more animals, as you learn about the 600-year-old stones used to build the walls, stables, and much more.

Visit during feeding time, and you’ll even get to feed the animals yourself!

16 – Book a fun day trip to the Keri Caves

Keri Caves, Zakynthos

Explore one of the most popular natural sights on the island – the Keri Caves!

Book a day trip from Zakynthos to the Keri Caves, stop by to seek out some tortoises at Turtle Island or Marathonisi Island, and then head to the Keri Caves.

The caves carved into the cliffs are known for their beautiful white rocky facade and the sparkling emerald-green waters within. You’ll get to enter the caves and see them from the inside! Afterward, you’ll be able to hop off the boat for a swim!

Tours start at 61 USD.

17 – Practice your aim by playing some mini golf

mini golf in Zakynthos

Have some putt-putt time on the green when you check out the mini golf courses available on the island!

Fantasy Mini Golf is a 4-acre mini golf course with beautifully manicured greens with rivers, gardens, tropical trees, waterfalls, and even a mini erupting volcano! The courses are available for all skill levels, and all ages.

World Tour Mini Golf is another great mini golf option, this time offering statue replicas of some of the most important landmarks all across the world! Go from golfing on the Golden Gate Bridge to Christ the Redeemer and the Colosseum.

18 – Dip into the Anafonitria Monastery

Anafonitria Monastery, Zakynthos

Enter the 15th-century Anafonitria Monastery, most famous for being the space where the patron saint of the island became a monk, and spend the rest of his days there.

Named after what is known as the “Virgin Holder of the Newborn” the monastery today has a tall belfry and is surrounded by a defensive wall that was built later on.

When you step inside the church you’ll find impressive frescoes and other religious relics that are at least 5 centuries old!

The monastery is 42 minus away from Zakynthos town and has free parking.

19 – Get a glimpse of the magnificent Argássi Bridge

Argássi Bridge, Zakynthos

Sitting on the shores of the town of Argassi is the ruin of the Argássi Bridge dating to 1885.

The bridge used to be part of the main road but today most of it sits in the middle of the water, yet close enough to see from the harbor. Over time the bridge began to deteriorate due to the saltwater erosion and strong winds.

The remnants of the bridge stand proudly as a symbol of the town, and what it provided at the beginning of the 19th century.

The bridge is 11 minutes from Zakynthos town.

20 – See the gold details inside the Church Agios Nikolaos of Molos

Church Agios Nikolaos of Molos, Zakynthos

Check out the oldest Venetian building located on Solomos Square, and one of the few that survived the devastating 1953 earthquake, the Church of Agios Nikolaos of Molos.

Wander inside and check out the simple yet beautiful and historic church from its original Venetian charm to its stone, single-aisled basilica.  Admire the gold iconography and imagery of Greek Orthodox saints, and watch as people go in to leave a lit candle.

If you visit the island during Holy Week, you’ll see that the procession of Holy Friday starts at this church.

21 – Go off-roading on a Jeep tour

jeep tour in Zakynthos

See the most secluded sights throughout the island, from the naturally rugged trails to the least-touched areas of the island.

When you book a jeep tour in Zakynthos, you’ll be able to cruise through the quiet villages, stop by to take in the ocean, and on your way, even stop by a local family farm!

Some tours may include a boat trip to the Blue Caves plus a swim session if you’re up for it, and a stop at a local restaurant to refuel in the middle of the adventure!

Jeep tours start at $54 USD.

22 – Try your speed and luck at an escape room

escape room in Zakynthos

Make it out of an exciting escape room under record time when you book a session at Trap Escape Rooms.

Only 14 minutes away from Zakynthos town, Trap Escape Room offers numerous themed escape rooms, all of which are located in the basement. Test your skills as you make it under 60 minutes, figuring out puzzles and finding solutions with your friends.

Suitable for families as well, children as young as 5 can participate with their parents! So bring your A-game, and be prepared to think in ways you haven’t yet before!

23 – Check out the Monastery of Agios Georgios Krimnon

Monastery of Agios Georgios Krimnon, Zakynthos

Near Navagio Bay is the Monastery of Agio Georgios Krimnon, dating back to 1553 that was the home of many Greek Orthodox figures including the monk Pahomios Roussanos.

Though most of the monastery has been destroyed throughout time, it was restored including the watch tower in the middle to keep away looters who kept destroying the space.

Today, you can visit the monastery and take in the mix of a few original pieces left along with the restored items mostly on the outside, as there are two monks that currently reside there.

24 – Be part of the cause at Zakynthos Sea Turtle Rescue

Zakynthos Sea Turtle Rescue

Want to help conserve the home and survival rate of the local Loggerhead turtles?

The tourism population has been growing rapidly, and with that, so have the local pollution and beach crowds. As a result, the increase in accommodations for tourism has been growing and the well-being of the local ecology has started to diminish.

Volunteer some of your time at the Zakynthos Sea Turtle Rescue, and participate in everyday tasks from assisting with beach cleanup to getting hands-on time with the turtles, as well as offer up any skills you may have.

25 – Check out the fossils at Helmi’s Natural History Museum

Helmi’s Natural History Museum, Zakynthos
Credit to Helmi’s Natural History Museum

Check out the only natural museum on the island when you visit Helmi’s Natural History Museum, located in the town of Agia Marina, 20 minutes away from Zakynthos town.

Surrounded by mountainous beauty, the museum features multiple exhibits detailing the local flora and fauna, from land to sea specific to the island. Learn more about the Loggerhead turtles, as well as the numerous birds that call the nature of the island home.

In addition, you’ll also see a selection of fossils and mineral rocks found on the island, allowing a deeper look into the island’s geology.

26 – Run the ancient tracks at Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia, Zakynthos

Enjoy a day trip to the historical site of Ancient Olympia, only a 2-hour ferry ride from Zakynthos! Walk the same grounds that many of the first Olympians walked, as you learn about the origins of the famous Olympics.

Your archaeology guide will give you a tour of the ruin, and view specific areas within the site, from the running track to the gym, and the dressing rooms.

In the end, get a chance to run through the original track and see how you would have done if you ran it in the 8th century BC.

27 – Pet baby animals at The Little Farm

The Little Farm, Zakynthos

See little animals living their best farm life at The Little Farm, from baby goats to pigs, sheep, and chicks, and watch as they get fed throughout the day while getting a chance to feed them yourself!

This is a great place to bring your kids, and even enjoy some arts and crafts right there on the farm, and a celebratory ice cream treat at the end. Admire the beautiful surroundings from dozens of flowers to olive groves and mountains off in the distance.

The Little Farm is 15 minutes away from Zakynthos town.

28 – Enjoy the sights under the sea with some scuba diving

scuba diving in Zakynthos

Uncover the sea world beneath on a riveting scuba diving experience whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner!

Take up a scuba diving lesson with the guidance of a professional, and learn how to get comfortable in the water and go deeper into the sea. After your first few practices, you’ll be ready to dive deeper and catch sights of colorful fish, starfish, and maybe even a turtle or two.

Scuba diving sessions start at $63 USD and depart from either Laganas Beach or Tsilivi. The whole experience is 3 hours including a training session.

29 – Soak up the sea views from Bóchali Venetian Castle

Bóchali Venetian Castle, Zakynthos

Set foot on the towering Bóchali Venetian Castle, dating back to 1646 AD, and built by the Venetians with sprawling views of Zakynthos town and the sea from above.

Perched on the hill of Bohali, it’s said that the castle was built upon the ruins of the island’s ancient acropolis. Despite its destructions and reconstructions throughout time, the castle is mostly in ruins today.

Nonetheless, it’s a great place to bring a blanket and maybe a snack to enjoy the serenity and views. Visit in the early morning or late evening. Entry is free.

30 – Taste 15 different wine varieties at Callinico Winery Museum

Callinico Winery Museum, Zakynthos
Credit to Callinico Winery Museum

Wine enthusiasts, check out Callinico Winery Musem, a winery hosted by a local family where you’ll get the chance to see the wine-making process on the island, as well as sample a few wines crafted right in-house.

Enjoy a tour through the vineyard, and the cellar, learning about the aging process of wine, as well as the family winery story. You’ll even get to see a few pieces of equipment used before modern-day machines to make wine!

Sample up to 15 different wines, so you know which one to purchase and bring home with you!

31 – Have some fun kart racing

kart in Zakynthos

Hit the tracks and let loose while you go karting in Zakynthos!

Formula Zante Go Karting offers a fun track that measures 610 meters long, with curves turns, and more! With tracks and speeds for all skill levels, everyone is welcome no matter their age. Once you’re done, hit the ice cream and crepe stand on site for a post-karting treat!

Lagana GO KARTS is another great place to hit the tracks! Get ready to hit the circuits and practice your speed as you zip through, beating out your previous karting times!

32 – Book your tour to Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia Island, Greece

Plan a day trip to the beautiful Kefalonia Island located north of Zakynthos, and only a 1-hour ferry ride.

Unlock all the natural beauty and adventure to be had on Kefalonia Island, from its pure beaches, deep caves, towering mountains, and exotic wildlife!

On your Kefalonia Island tour from Zakynthos, you’ll also explore the monastery of the patron saint Kefalonia, as well as have free time in the island’s capital city.

Included in your tour is the expert tour guide, the roundtrip ferry ride, and even pick up and drop off from your hotel.

33 – Bring the kids to Caretta Fun Park Center

Caretta Fun Park Center, Zakynthos

Looking for fun things to do in Zakynthos for children? Add this one to your list! Caretta Fun Park Center is a child’s dream with tons of fun from go-karts, trampolines, slides, water games, bouncy castles, and more!

Typically open starting at 6:00 PM all the way to midnight, this fun park is the perfect evening plan to enjoy with the kids, located only 13 minutes away from Zakynthos town.

After all the play, the kids can enjoy all sorts of snacks and food, from popcorn to pizza, drinks, and more!

34 – Off-road on a buggy tour

buggy tour in Zakynthos

Hit the dirt roads with a dose of thrill when you book an exciting buggy tour! Explore the rugged terrain and sides of the island, while passing charming little towns, and getting epic views of the sea and the island’s local wildlife.

While on your journey, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take breaks to admire nature, as well as snap a few photos! In the middle of the experience, you’ll also stop by for lunch in one of the villages for an authentic meal!

Be sure to pack SPF, your favorite sunglasses, and a camera!

35 – Catch your next meal with a round of fishing

fishing tours in Zakynthos

This is definitely a two-for-one excursion: great views and the potential for an impressive catch!

Join expert locals on an epic journey into the open Mediterranean, where you’ll learn all about the different species that call the sea home.

Then see if you can catch a few of them to get the ultimate souvenir!

36 – Get on the scenic train at Trainaki

Trainaki, Zakynthos

Hop aboard the tourist train at Trainaki, and venture off into some of the island’s most beautiful small villages, as you make pit stops at the museum and the local restaurant.

With each stop offering something local, from folk music and dance to lovely and fresh food scents in the air, your tour guide will continuously keep you entertained with unique facts, legends, and history surrounding all that you’re seeing.

While stopping at some of the restaurants, you’ll get to sample some sips of house-made wine, with a few food helpings!

37 – Soak up the sun rays at the best beaches

best beaches in Zakynthos

Zakynthos has over 20 incredible beaches, but to get your dreams of relaxing at the beach started, check out one of the most famous ones, Laganas Beach.

Only 16 minutes away from Zakynthos town, Laganas Beach offers family-friendly vibes and tons of water sports rentals. Some boat tours depart from here too!

Porto Roma Beach is the perfect little beach for those looking for a little nature view from the crystal blue waters. Argassi Beach is only 10 minutes away from Zakynthos town and offers beach amenities like beachside restaurants, sun beds, umbrellas, and tons of water sports fun.

38 – Cook and taste authentic Greek food in a cooking class

cooking class in Zakynthos

Sharpen your cooking skills with a fun cooking class! Spend half a day with a local, as they take you under their wing for a memorable lunch where you’ll get to make your own dish and share with the rest of the group!

In your class, you’ll get to choose between making Greek classics like spinach and feta pie, souvlaki, spanakopita, or moussaka, while being in the home and kitchen of the locals, surrounded by the island’s scenery.

In the end, you’ll all enjoy each other’s company in the garden for lunch, taste-testing all the goodness.

39 – Learn about and taste the island’s wine on a wine tour

wine tour in Zakynthos

With a growing wine region specializing in the production of Verdea wine aged in oak, a wine tour is a perfect activity to add to your list of fun experiences to have in Zakynthos!

Visit some of the best wineries on the island, with a few pit stops to catch the stunning sunset on the Ionian Sea. Enjoy samples of wine produced by the family winery, and taste a few food samples that go best with this specific type of wine.

Afterward, you’ll end up having a meal at a local Greek taverna, with live music!

40 – Enjoy the flavors of the island at the best restaurants

best restaurants in Zakynthos

Explore the wide range of fresh and flavorful dishes from the island at Lentika restaurant! Along with your meal and island-produced wine, you’ll also enjoy the stunning sea and garden views from your table.

Enjoy a light and healthy meal inspired by the Mediterranean at Avli restaurant. A quaint little restaurant located in Zakynthos town, with a beautiful garden terrace to enjoy your meal in.

Also in Zakynthos town is Prosilio restaurant! Offering lush garden seating or modern interiors, take a look at the grand seafood variety, featuring the catch of the day from the local fishmongers.

41 – Drink up at the best bars

best bars in Zakynthos

Feel the fresh sea breeze and sweeping views of Zakynthos town when you visit Rosto Roof Garden rooftop bar, enjoy the house cocktail, and mingle with travelers and locals alike.

Movida is an excellent bar choice offering bohemian elegance. With views of the hills and sea in the distance, relax on the comfortable chairs as the sun starts to set romantically upon the water.

Base Cafe & Rooftop Bar sits on top of the picturesque Zakynthos town and offers the perfect cup of coffee during the day, and the perfect cocktail and beats at night.

42 – Party it up at the best clubs

best clubs in Zakynthos

Keep the good spirits up at Zero’s Club, with over 30 years of non-stop parties all summer long. The club hosts multiple international DJs, so rest assured the vibes will be immaculate.

Party in the open and under the string lights when you check out Barrage Club! Playing mostly dance and house music, Barrage Club claims to be the best club on the island – dare to see for yourself?

Looking for a beach club to party at? Check out Pure Zante, which hosts 2 of the biggest spectacles on the island from Full Moon parties to Champagne Sprays and much more!

How to get to Zakynthos?

When flying into Zakynthos Island, you’ll be landing at Zakynthos International Airport Dionysios Solomos (ZTH).

From the airport to your hotel, we recommend pre-booking an airport transfer, as the island has a bus shuttle but depending on where your hotel is, it may be tricky to rely on it. Simply pre-arrange your shuttle, and your driver will await you on arrival!

Where to stay in Zakynthos?

Relish the amazing sea views from the rooms at Cavo Orient Beach Hotel & Suites, offering modern amenities and sleek decor, as well as an incredible seafood buffet on site. Enjoy a lay on a comfortable chair with views of the ocean, especially at sundown.

Zante Calinica Hotel is another bright and beautiful hotel, known for its incredible hospitality, outdoor pools, and terrace or balcony in some of the rooms. The hotel offers fresh Mediterranean breakfast daily, perfect to enjoy before your day’s adventures!

Belussi Beach Hotel & Suites is another spectacular hotel option, 20 minutes away from Zakynthos Town. Equipped with air conditioning, and some rooms with kitchenettes and balcony views of the Ionian Sea, the hotel also has a restaurant featuring the island’s fresh cuisine.

Stay at the Balcony Hotel, a property located on a cliff that overlooks the never-ending sea for those looking for a bit of quiet.

Where to go next?

After exploring all of Zakynthos, explore what you can get up to at the other Ionian Islands, specifically the island of Corfu.

Corfu is one of the northernmost Ionian islands with plenty of incredible sights and activities to enjoy. Get lost in the cute and charming Old Town, viewing the grand Palace of St. Michael, or for extra opulence, check out the Achilleion Palace, named after the Greek God Achilles.

You can’t leave Corfu without some outdoor fun, and in this case, snorkeling the Blue Lagoon is the activity for you, or heading down for some beach time at Porto Timoni Beach.

If Island hopping is what you’re looking to do while in Greece, make sure to check out our list of the best Greek Islands to visit!

Athens also has tons of activities and sights to see, from the grand Parthenon overlooking the city to exploring the picture-perfect streets of Plaka. Enjoy a heavenly food tour to spot the best gyros, and of course, visit all the nearby temples and ancient Agoras.

If you are looking for more destinations, check out our list of the best places to visit in Greece.

Final thoughts

From turtle sanctuaries to fluorescent blue waters, incredible nightlife, and quiet beaches, Zakynthos Island is one of those islands in Greece you’ll wish you would have known about sooner. An island with both excitement and leisure.

What surprised you the most from our list of the most fun things to do in Zakynthos? Let us know!

Happy travels!

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