Prague Castle tickets

Do you want to know the best way to book your Prague Castle tickets? Find out all about how much tickets cost, who is eligible for discounts, how to skip the line (and not waste your time at the entrance gate), special combos including other attractions in Prague and more!

On this post, you will find a complete guide to getting tickets for the Prague Castle, including:

The Castle was likely built around 880, and the Guinness Book of World Records states that Prague Castle is the largest Medieval, coherent castle complex in the world. Prague Castle is one of the must-see castles of Europe.

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How much do Prague Castle tickets cost?

Prague Castle tickets price

As noted above, the Prague Castle is quite large. Therefore, the tickets are broken down into smaller “circuits.” Tickets to enter the Prague Castle vary slightly depending on the circuit chosen and whether you wish to enjoy a guided tour as part of your visit. Fortunately, a visit to Prague Castle is a fun day out that does not break the bank.

Prague Castle – Circuit A includes St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, the exhibition “The Story of Prague Castle”, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane, with Daliborka Tower, Rosenberg Palace.

  • Full Admission: CZK 350 (€14)
  • Discounted: CZK 175 (€7)
  • Family Admission: CZK 700 (€28)

Prague Castle – Circuit B includes St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane, with Daliborka Tower.

  • Full Admission: CZK 250 (€10)
  • Discounted: CZK 125 (€5)
  • Family Admission: CZK 500 (€20)

Prague Castle – Circuit C includes Exhibition “The Treasure of St. Vitus Cathedral”, Prague Castle Picture Gallery.

  • Full Admission: CZK 350 (€14)
  • Discounted: CZK 175 (€7)
  • Family Admission: CZK 700 (€28)

Exhibition “The Story of Prague Castle”

  • Full Admission: CZK 140 (€5,5)
  • Discounted: CZK 70 (€2,75)
  • Family Admission: CZK 280 (€11)

Exhibition “The Treasure of St. Vitus Cathedral”

  • Full Admission: CZK 250 (€10)
  • Discounted: CZK 125 (€5)
  • Family Admission: CZK 500 (€20)

Prague Castle Picture Gallery

  • Full Admission: CZK 100 (€4)
  • Discounted: CZK 50 (€2)
  • Family Admission: CZK 200 (€8)

Great South Tower with a View Gallery

  • Full Admission: CZK 200 (€8)

Please note that Prague Castle tickets are only valid for 2 days — they day of purchase and the following day.

Tickets cannot be refunded.

Who are eligible for discounts?

Prague Castle has a variety of discount options.

Discounted prices quoted above apply to:

  • Children 6 to 16 years of age
  • All secondary school and university students under the age of 26 who are still full-time students.
  • Seniors – 65 years of age and above

All of the above must be verifiable with ID cards or study papers.

Family Admission:

  • Families with no more than 5 children aged 16 and under accompanied with no more than 2 adults are eligible for the family admission prices quoted above.

Free Admission:

  • Children 6 years of age and under

How do you book Prague Castle tickets in advance? How do you skip the line?

how to book Prague Castle tickets

Book tickets on-site:

Tickets can only be purchased at the Information Centres of Prague Castle located in the second and in the third courtyards, in the Prague Castle Picture Gallery, in the Old Royal Palace, and at two ticket offices in the Golden Lane.

Book tickets online:

There are many online travel agencies selling Prague Castle tickets online such as Viator, Getyourguide or Tiqets. They do offer skip the line tickets so it can be a good option if you do not wish to queue at the entrance gate.

Depending on the season, it is also possible to obtain special discounted tickets, so it is worth shopping around and comparing prices before booking.

Buy the Prague Card

The Prague card includes the Prague Castle and lets you skip the line. You also get discounts of up to 50% on tours and cruises. This is a great option if you wish to visit several sights during your stay in Prague.

Are Prague Castle guided tours worth it?

Prague Castle guided tours

The Prague Castle is without a doubt one of the largest Castle in the world and hiring a guide for your visit offers a number of benefits.

Skip the line – Your tickets will be bought in advance so all you need to do is show up on-site, no need to queue up at the entrance.

Learn more – Unless you’re an art and history buff, you will learn more with a tour guide on your side. You have an expert with you answering all the questions you may have.

Head to the most important areas – With a guide, you are sure that you are hitting all the most important spots.

Prague Castle guided tours – which one is right for you?

Guided tours can be planned for groups or individuals (private tours), and customized tours can be arranged as well.

Another option is to use one of the Prague Castle audioguides. These guides are about 3 hours long and contain information on each of the 96 spots at the Castle. Visitors can choose the areas they want to visit and learn more about.

Guided tours have become quite popular, especially in peak tourist season, so it is recommended that reservations be made well in advance.

Whether you choose to go with a human tour guide or the audioguide, both are well worth the cost.

Please note that prices may change depending on seasonality (and demand), and on occasions, there may also be special deals on offer. As such, we strongly suggest comparing prices before booking.

What is included in the Prague Castle ticket? What will you see?

What to see in the Prague Castle

With a complex that’s more than 750,000 square feet, there is a whole lot to see in Prague Castle.

Here are the main highlights:

Golden Lane.  This is a cobblestone street with small, brightly coloured cottages where guards and tradespeople lived.

Two cottages of note are where Madame de Thebes, the famous WWII fortune teller once lived and the home of the goldsmith the lane was eventually named for.

Lastly, Daliborka Tower, the castle’s gun tower which also served as a prison.

St Vitus Cathedral. The cathedral is located at the centre of the castle complex and is the largest cathedral in the entire Czech Republic, not to mention the most important.

Historically, this is where Czech kings and queens were coronated, but today it is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague, and the final resting place of Holy Roman Emperors, kings, and saints.

Is it possible to visit the Prague Castle for free?

Yes and no.

If you would just like to wander and explore the castle surroundings, a ticket is not necessary.

With a ticket, you’ll have access to the Cathedral, Residence, and all of the exhibitions and museums.

Without a ticket, you can stroll the castle gardens and courtyards. And if you are there after closing time, access to Golden Lane is free but you won’t be able to get into the houses.

You can also access the main entrance of St Vitus Cathedral without a ticket, but everything past that is cordoned-off and only available to ticket holders.

What are the Prague Castle opening hours?

During the Summer Tourist Season (from April 1 till October 31), the Prague Castle complex is open from 6 am to 10 pm and the historical buildings from 9 am to 5 pm.

During the Winter Tourist Season (from November 1 till March 31), the Prague Castle complex is open from 6 am to 10 pm and the historical buildings from 9 am to 4 pm.

Avoid the crowd – What is the best time to visit Prague Castle?

best time to visit Prague Castle

Early in the morning before the crowds start is the best time to visit. If you are there without a ticket and only interested in wandering outside, waiting until after closing is probably a good idea.

Throughout the year the castle opens at 7 am, so if you’re able to get going that early, it might be worth it because within a few hours the grounds are thick with tourists and street vendors.

Are there any combos tickets including Prague Castle and other attractions?

If you are visiting Prague for the first time, it is more than likely that you also wish to visit the Old Town, enjoy a Vltava River cruise, or marvel at the Lobkowicz Palace.

Please find below the most popular combined tickets:

Prague Castle + Old Town: enjoy a guided walking tour through Prague’s old town before visiting the Prague Castle.

Prague Castle + River Cruise: discover the Prague Castle and then relax with a sightseeing cruise on the Vltava River.

Prague Castle + Lobkowicz Palace: admire the two most historical landmarks of Prague in one full day.

Prague Castle + Hop on Hop off Bus Tour: Start your day with a hop on hop off bus tour and then head to Prague Castle.

Travel tips

Prague Castle travel tips

  • As mentioned above, crowds begin to thicken fairly quickly, so get there as early as you can.
  • Try to get there on a weekday as the weekends are even busier.
  • Photographing is allowed only without flash.
  • Tickets are valid for two consecutive days (the day of the purchase and the following day) – don’t hesitate to come back the next day if you haven’t seen all the places to visit.
  • Book online to skip the line at the entrance gate.
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