Mount Fuji Tours

Are you looking for Mount Fuji tours? Planning a trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji? Japan’s highest mountain is a must-do hike for Japan first time visitors. Mount Fuji is one of most famous symbol of Japan – a beautifully snow-capped cone rising from the earth that has been inspiring poets and artists.

Find out more about how to book Mount Fuji tours, how to get there, how much it costs, when is the best time to go, what to do nearby and more.

How to climb Mount Fuji?

Mount Fuji Climbing

There are four main trails which lead you to the top of Mount Fuji: the Yoshida trail, Fujinomiya trail, Gotemba trail and Subashiri trail. No matter which trail you take, first you need to reach the 5th station to since it’s the starting point to ascend the mountain.

  • Yoshida trail. It takes 6 hours to ascend and 4 hours to descend. The path is relatively flat up to the 7th station. There are many shops in this trail, information office and public toilets at the 5th & 6th stations. This trail is quite crowded as it joins with the Subashiri station beyond the 8th station.
  • Subashiri hotel. The trail for the ascent is 6 hours and 3 hours to descend. The trail is relatively gentle and covered by trees up to the 7th station. There are two shops and public toilets. It is partially crowded after the 8th station as it joins with the Yoshida trail.
  • Gotemba trail. 7 hours to ascend, 3 hours to descend. There is a gentle slope of volcanic gravel up to the 8th station. There are a few shops and public toilets and it’s not crowded. Note there are no first-aid centres.
  • Fujinomiya trail. 5 hours to ascend, 3 hours to descend. This trail is generally very rocky and steep but it is crowded as well. There is one shop in this trail and public toilets available. You can find the first aid centre at the 8th station.

How to get to Mount Fuji from Tokyo?

Mount Fuji how to get there

By bullet train

The fastest way to get to Mount Fuji is to take the bullet train to Mount Fuji. You can take the Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station (included by the Japan Rail Pass, if you have it). Get off at Odawara station and then take the Hakone Tozan train for Hakone-Yumoto (not covered by Japan Rail Pass). Then get off at Hakone-Itabashi.

Here is a day trip from Tokyo that takes you to Mount Fuji on a bullet train. It might be interesting for you!

By train

By train you can take the Japan Rail Chuo Line from Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station which will probably take around 70 minutes (2500 yen). If you are in Otsuki, take the Fujikyu Railway Line to Kawaguchiko Station, it will take 55 minutes, 1140 yen).

By bus

The easiest way to get to Mount Fuji by bus is to take the Keio express bus from Shinjuku in Tokyo. The bus takes you directly to the 5th station Mount Fuji and you will be there in 2 hours and a half (2600 yen).

What can you do nearby Mount Fuji?

Besides from climbing Mount Fuji, there’s more to do and see in this region. You will find numerous lakes such as the Fuji Five Lakes situated at the foot of the mountain. The Hakone National Park with views of Mount Fuji; cruise in the Lake Ashi; visit Lake Kawaguchi and go seasonal fruit picking at a farm.

1 – Visit the Fuji Five Lakes.

Fuji Five Lakes

You can enjoy your time at Fuji Five Lakes at your leisure, rent a paddleboat, rawboat or even go on a cruise along the lakes. The Fuji Five lakes comprises Yamanaka, Kawaguchi, Saiko, Shōji and Motosu lakes.

2 – Discover the Hakone National Park. 

Hakone National Park

Famous for hot springs, natural beauty and the view across Lake Ashinoko of nearby Mount Fuji, explore this area surrounded by pure nature.

3 – Explore the Aokigahara forest.

Aokigahara Forest

Said to be one of the creepiest forests due to its wild nature and depth, take a walk in the forest but don’t go alone, please make sure you go with a group of people or at least someone who knows which areas to go through.

4 – Cruise the Lake Ashi.

Cruise Lake Ashi

It’s typical to go on a cruise along the Lake Ashi where you can relax and enjoy the nature surrounding you. This is a very famous destination for Japanese people.

5 – Experience seasonal fruit picking.

Fuji Fruit Picking

Just as the season starts, you can go on a seasonal fruit picking tour to get to know the local produce of the Yamanashi prefecture nearby Mount Fuji.

6 – Go shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlets.

Gotemba Premium Outlets

Take advantage of the direct bus from Shinagawa station to Gotemba’s Premium Outlets at the base of Mt Fuji for a day of shopping.

7 – Have fun at Fuji-q Highland amusement park. 

Fuji Q Highland Amusement Park

Brave the amusement park in Fuji’s base where there are many attractions which will keep you entertained. Suitable for all ages.

8 – Encounter wildlife at Fuji Safari Park.

Fuji Safari Park

On the southern slopes of Mount Fuji where you can take a safari through the simulated habitats of animals. It is one of the largest and most popular safari parks in Japan.

There are many things to do and see in the region of Mount Fuji and there are plenty of tours which combine all these things. If you’re interested in finding out more, read below for more information.

When is the best time to go to Mt Fuji?

Weather permitting, it’s possible to visit Mount Fuji’s 5th Station year-round. During summer, when the hiking trail is open (July to mid-September), the station can get extremely busy, and the access road is closed to private vehicles—shuttle buses run between car parks at the bottom of the mountain. In winter, heavy snow can be dangerous and therefore, restrict access.

Where to sleep at Mount Fuji?

Seeing as the climb up to the peak of the mountain can take a long time, you will need to rest at some point. It’s possible to stay overnight at Mount Fuji, luckily! There are mountain huts on the Yoshida trail: check out Fujisan Hotel, Taishikan and Kamaiwakan. On the Subashiri trail you can find: Miharashikan and Fujisan Hotel.

Please note that all mountain huts are very basic accommodation and some may not have showers nor toilets, which means you would have to take your own water or sanitary wipes. Public toilets can be found around the area but not in the actual mountain hut. It is very important to make a reservation as they are usually crowded, you can either book online or call the number provided on the website.

If you prefer staying overnight at the base of the mountain, you will have more options to choose from. Check out the recommendated hotels near Mount Fuji.

Which are the best Mount Fuji Tours?

Most visitors explore Mount Fuji 5th Station on a day trip from Tokyo, combined with other attractions in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. A typical day tour itinerary includes a Lake Ashi boat cruise; a visit to Oishi Park and Mount Kachi Ropeway; or activities, such as fruit picking, wine tasting.

Here are a few of the most popular tours for you to consider:

Travel to Mount Fuji and this combined ticket includes a visit to the Lake Ashi for a short boat cruise, followed by a ride on the Mount Komagatake. After you can climb by aerial tram to the top of the Mount Komagatake and get amazing views of the Owakudani volcanic valley, Lake Ashi and Mt Fuji. To end the day, return to Tokyo on a bullet train.

This day trip is the perfect combination of the most popular places for the summer season. This tour takes you to Mount Fuji Panoramic and to visit a fruit farm to try fresh fruits, to end the tour you go to Katsunuma winery (well known for good wine) and try some of their best wines.

For nature lovers, this day trip is perfect to discover the natural environment of this region. They will take you to the 5th Station in Mount Fuji where you will be amazed at the breathtaking views. The second half of the day trip will be dedicated to visit the Aokigahara Forest, where you will be mesmerized by the sea of trees.

How much does it cost? How to book Mount Fuji tours?

Mount Fuji tours can vary in price depending on whether you want to combine your ticket with other sites which is the usual thing to do. The cheapest Mount Fuji tour is 30€ and the price can go higher depending on what you may want included. In this case, you may want to combine your ticket with other attractions apart from Moun Fuji, to get to know more about this region.

There many providers selling Mount Fuji tours at competitive prices. If you don’t know where exactly to book a tour, we suggest you look on TourScanner where you’ll be able to compare prices and tours. They select the most reliable providers so go ahead and choose the best tour suitable for you!

Travel tips

  • For those who want to climb up the Mount Fuji, a good set of clothing is vital: hiking boots or comfortable shoes to walk in, rain-proof clothing, suncream and your camera for the spectacular views!
  • It is cold at the top of Mountain Fuji and climbing up can be a struggle sometimes so be careful and take it easy. Keep safe and wear warm clothes if you’re travelling there when the temperatures are low.
  • The peak point can get very crowded during the sunrise/sunset so consider planning ahead to make sure you avoid this.
  • Take water because you will get thirsty!

We hope this comprehensive guide helped you know a little more about Mount Fuji tours and if you have any question please do not hesitate in asking!