Lido de Paris tickets
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Planning a trip to Paris? Do you want to book Lido Show tickets? The majestic cabaret shows performed by Lido de Paris’ artists are an eternal and irreplaceable highlight of every Parisian experience. On this post, you will learn about ticket prices and dinner formulas, how to book Lido show tickets online, how to get there and plenty of other useful tips.

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How much do Lido de Paris show tickets cost?

Lido de Paris tickets price
credit to Lido de Paris

You can choose between two types of Lido show tickets, standard tickets or dinnerand lunch formulas. Attend the show with a glass of fine champagne or choose the “Dinner & Show” option to enjoy a gourmet three-course dinner before watching the live performance.

See all the formulas and ticket prices below:

Standard Lido show tickets:

These tickets include attendance to the Lido 9 pm or 11 pm show.

  • Balcony (includes balcony seating): € 75 (US$ 84)
  • Sparkling (includes main room or balcony seating and a glass of 1er cru champagne): € 85 ($US 95)
  • Champagne & Show (includes main room or balcony seating and half a bottle of 1er cru champagne): € 115 (US$ 129)
  • Service Premier: (includes priority table, personal services and half a bottle of Ruinart champagne – only for 11 pm shows): € 165 (US$ 185)

Dinner & Lido show tickets:

These tickets include attendance to the Lido 9 pm or 11 pm show and a fine dinner.

  • Soirée Plume (includes theatre seating and a refined dinner ): € 130 (US$ 145)
  • Soirée Etoile (includes theatre seating, a refined dinner, a glass of 1er cru champagne): € 170 (US$ 190)
  • Soirée Champs-Elysées (includes privileged seating, a Prestige dinner, a glass of 1er cru champagne): € 195 (US$ 218)
  • Soirée Triomphe (includes VIP seating, a Gastronomy dinner, a glass of Ruinart or Taittinger champagne): € 300 ($US 336)

Afternoon show tickets:

These tickets include attendance to 3 pm shows (on Sundays only, during specific months).

  • Afternoon show (includes main room or balcony seating and half a bottle of 1er cru champagne – only for 3 pm shows): € 115  ( US$ 129)
  • Lunch & show (includes theatre seating, a refined dinner and half a bottle of wine): € 170 (US$ 190)

How do you book Lido de Paris show tickets online?

how to book Lido de Paris tickets online
credit to Lido de Paris

You can book Lido show tickets on the official website. Select the number of people attending the show, the date, the performance you want to see and the formula. Reservations can also be made on site starting at 10 am, every day.

Looking for last-minute tickets? Any discounts?

Tickets for your preferred dates and performances may be sold out on the official website. To enjoy guaranteed availability on offers that fit your needs and schedule, you may purchase last-minute tickets via online travel agencies such as Viator or Getyourguide. Use our search tool to compare all the offers and find the one that suits you best. Some websites also offer discounted tickets on a regular basis.


Are there any Lido show combined tickets including other attractions in Paris?

If you are looking for an extra activity to do before or after your Lido experience, combined tickets are an excellent way to pair two attractions while saving money and time.

Book a combined ticket including a Lido show and another attraction in Paris.

Lido show + Seine river cruise: Hop aboard a traditional boat for a tour of major landmark monuments featured along the Seine, including Notre-Dame de Paris, the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower.

Lido show + Eiffel Tower: Climb Paris’s number one landmark – the Eiffel Tower and enjoy stunning views of Paris.


What will I see?

Lido de Paris show
credit to Lido de Paris

A temple to Parisian elegance and charm, the Lido raised its curtains for the first time on the Champs-Elysées in 1946. From the start, the Bluebell Girls troupe largely contributed to the fame of the Parisian cabaret and is still performing on the Lido’s iconic stage today.

Lido de Paris is often credited over pushing further the experience of dinner & show. One of the oldest and most famous Parisian cabarets, this institution of Parisian nightlife welcomes some of the best shows around. Masterworks such as Paris Merveilles require a long and costly elaboration time. One of the reasons for Lido de Paris’s success always have been the amount of work and preparation put into original creations.

Paris Merveilles is the most recent Lido show, played today. It stages exceptional dancers and artists in an unique and illustrious setting located on Paris’ most illustrious avenue. Created and directed by Franco Dragone, this performance celebrates Paris in an infinity of feathery costumes and dazzling lights. Gathering all the aspects of an old-school cabaret show, Paris Merveilles is an unforgettable experience.


How do you get there?

Lido de Paris’s address is 116, avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris. You can either go to Lido using public transportation or with your own personal vehicle. Here are some indications and tips depending on your choice of transportation.

  • Travel to Lido by train & Metro : Take RER A to Charles de Gaulle-Etoile station, then get on Metro Line 1 to George V station.
  • Travel to lido by bus : Take bus 73 and hop off at Champs-Elysées Clémenceau.
  • Travel to Lido by car : George V’s car park is located across the boulevard from Lido de Paris and remains open 24/7

What are the Lido de Paris starting times?

Lido de Paris is open every day from 7 pm to 2 am.

Lido dinner shows start at 9 pm and 11 pm, every night. Lido afternoon shows are occasionally scheduled at 1 pm and 3 pm.

To enjoy the dinner & show experience, you should arrive by 7 pm or 7:30 pm at the latest. To attend the 9 pm show, plan on arriving at 8:30 pm. If you come to watch the last show of the night, be there by 10:45 pm.


Travel Tips

Lido de Paris travel tips
credit to Lido de Paris
  • Special events happen frequently at Lido de Paris. For more information about dates and ticket availability, visit the official website.
  • Wearing an elegant outfit is strongly advised. Lido recommends jackets and ties which are the usual dress code. Shorts, sportswear and trainers are not allowed.
  • Lido de Paris provides free cloakroom to all clients. Large bags and coats are better let in the cloakroom for better security and comfort during the show.
  • No film or photos are permitted after the show starts.
  • You can enjoy the show with your family. Children age 4 and up are welcome.
  • Security measures are implemented on the Champs-Elysée and inside the Lido. You will have to pass security checks of bags, jackets and coats at the entrance.