Halong Bay luxury cruises

Planning a cruise to Halong Bay? In this post, you will discover the best Halong Bay luxury cruises to make your Vietnam vacation truly unforgettable.

Whether it be for 1 day or 2, look no further! We’ve done the leg work for you by investigating the most luxury Halong Bay cruises available.

Read on and pick the cruise that fits best your needs.

1 – Stellar of the Seas Cruise

Stellar of the Seas Cruise #1 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Stellar of the Seas Cruise

This truly opulent cruise offers stunning accommodation with glorious views.

The Stellar of the Seas ship is equipped with an outdoor, climatized pool surrounded by a fabulous sun deck. All rooms provide a flat-screen TV and WiFi access.

The on-board bar offers a popular happy hour and travelers can access the spa and fitness center at any time, or make an appointment for a stress-reducing massage.

With mini golf on-board and many organized activities, this is the ideal cruise for families.

Famous for:

  • Super friendly and helpful staff
  • Beautiful deck space and pool to relax
  • Clean and spacious rooms

2 – Azalea Cruise

Azalea Cruise #2 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Azalea Cruise

On board the Azalea Cruise, the decor has a rich, classic style and each room offers WiFi access, flat-screen TV, and fully-equipped mini bar.

Some rooms have the use of a private balcony to witness the incredible views in an intimate manner, and all rooms have access to a private bathroom, with complimentary bathrobes and slippers to make you feel at home.

The on-site bar and restaurant offer delicious food and drink throughout the voyage.

Famous for:

  • Excellent cuisine
  • Well-planned activities and excursions
  • Exceptionally comfortable beds

3 – Mon Chéri Cruises

Mon Chéri Cruises #3 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Mon Chéri Cruises

One of the highlights of this Halong Bay luxury cruise is the amazing activities arranged by the staff on board.

There is a water sports facility on-site as well as themed dinners, fishing, varied evening entertainment, and organized walking tours; truly something for everyone!

A breakfast buffet is served with options for all types of tastes and dietary requirements.

The rooms are all equipped with a flat-screen TV, air-con, and a private bathroom.

Famous for:

  • Great on-board organization
  • Attentive crew
  • Spectacular rooms

4 – Signature Halong Cruise

Signature Halong Cruise #4 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Signature Halong Cruise

Traditional on the outside and lavishly decorated on the inside, the Signature Halong cruise provides a unique experience as one of the best Halong Bay luxury cruises available.

The accommodation is comprised of deluxe suites, offering air-con, private bathrooms, cable TV, and complimentary items to make your stay more pleasant.

Massages and outdoor activities can be arranged at the 24-hour reception. The restaurant and bar both serve delicious meals and snacks throughout the day.

Famous for:

  • Very popular happy hour
  • Diligent and amicable staff
  • Fun-filled activities

5 – Orchid Ha Long Cruise

Orchid Ha Long Cruise #5 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Orchid Ha Long Cruise

The Orchid Ha Long Cruise is a dream-come-true for many vacationers in Vietnam.

The ship is decked out with all modern conveniences to make your stay as stress-free as possible.

Air-conditioned rooms have their own private balcony and en-suite bathroom including complimentary items for your convenience.

There is a fitness center, spa facilities, and a hot tub with stunning views on the front of the boat.

Famous for:

  • Stunning decoration
  • First-class facilities
  • Delicious on-board cooking

6 – Era Cruises Halong

Era Cruises Halong #6 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Era Cruises Halong

Elegantly decorated, the Era Cruises Halong offers visitors with a chance to get to know this beautiful corner of the world in the comfort of 5-star surroundings.

The on-board facilities include a spa and wellness center; tours and excursions; snorkelling, cycling, and watersports; and also live entertainment.

Air-conditioned rooms have private bathrooms and a flat-screen TV for guests’ comfort.

Famous for:

  • Accommodating staff
  • Wide range of activities
  • Picturesque views

7 – Genesis Luxury Regal Cruises

Genesis Luxury Regal Cruises #7 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Genesis Luxury Regal Cruises

With a marvelous decor, the Genesis Luxury Regal cruise is another top choice for a vacation in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

The on-board restaurant is particularly engaged in offering a wide range of superb choices of Asian and Vietnamese cuisines.

An on-site hot-tub and terrace provide the best places to take in the impressive views. F

or those who wish to explore a little further, diving is a first-rate activity organized by the cruise for their guests.

Famous for:

  • Luxurious rooms
  • 5-star accommodation
  • Wide range of activities to engage in

8 – Halong Serenity Cruises

Halong Serenity Cruises #8 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Halong Serenity Cruises

Another of the best Halong Bay luxury cruises is the Halong Serenity cruise ship, which provides their guests with the ideal setting to enjoy this stunning part of the world.

All rooms have a private bathroom and a river view, as well as cable TV and WiFi access.

The cruise organizes evening entertainment, on- and off-site activities, including snorkelling, hiking, and canoeing.

Famous for:

  • Fun and engaging tours
  • Great for secluded getaways
  • Breathtaking scenery

9 – Le Theatre Cruises – Wonder on Lan Ha Bay

Le Theatre Cruises - Wonder on Lan Ha Bay #9 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Le Theatre Cruises – Wonder on Lan Ha Bay

With a fabulous sun terrace, guests can enjoy the day lazing around on-board or try out one of the fun activities available such as swimming, kayaking, and fishing.

The Le Theatre cruise – Wonder on Lan Ha Bay – also offers excellent evening entertainment for vacationers and on-board spa facilities. The decor is modern and accommodating.

Famous for:

  • Quick and attentive service
  • Charmingly decorated ship
  • Rooftop bar to unwind

10 – Paradise Elegance Cruise Halong

Paradise Elegance Cruise Halong #10 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Paradise Elegance Cruise Halong

The Paradise Elegance Cruise Halong includes a spa with relaxing massages, cool cocktails at the bar, a selection of entertainment activities and Vietnamese decor throughout the ship.

As one of the finest Halong Bay luxury cruises, this voyage offers cabins with private bathrooms and individual balconies and a first-class restaurant serving fusion cuisine.

Famous for:

  • Great evening entertainment
  • Exceptional à la carte menu
  • Welcoming and kind staff

11 – Athena Royal Cruise

Athena Royal Cruise #11 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Athena Royal Cruise

The Athena Royal Cruise takes vacationers around the Halong Bay offering spectacular views and entertaining accommodation.

The rooms are fitted with a flat-screen TV and private bathroom, and all guests can access the sauna, spa facilities, and various activities organized on and off-site including cooking classes, canoeing, and fishing.

Famous for:

  • Recommended massages
  • Modern, updated facilities
  • Private balcony for each room

12 – Alisa Premier Cruise

Alisa Premier Cruise #12 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Alisa Premier Cruise

Traditionally-designed, the Alisa Premier cruise ship offers visitors to Vietnam the possibility to experience full-board vacations with access to the restaurant, bar, and lounge.

The cabins on this Halong Bay luxury cruise are equipped with air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, room safes, and en-suite bathrooms with hot-tubs in addition to extra complimentary items.

Famous for:

  • World-class comfort
  • Enjoyable activities available
  • Outstanding staff and tour guides

13 – The Au Co Cruise – by Bhaya Cruise

The Au Co Cruise - Managed by Bhaya Cruise #13 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to The Au Co Cruise – by Bhaya Cruise

With a fantastic sundeck available, the Au Co Cruise – Managed by Bhaya Cruise – is one of the most spectacular Halong Bay luxury cruises offering tourists the chance to explore the river with on-site Vietnamese cooking classes, fully-equipped premium class cabins, elegant spa facilities, and daily Tai-chi sessions.

Tours and varied activities are available for guest entertainment.

Famous for:

  • Cheerful service
  • Great food
  • Knowledgeable guides on excursions

14 – Emperor Cruises Ha Long

Emperor Cruises Ha Long #14 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Emperor Cruises Ha Long

A 5-star voyage, the Emperor Cruises Ha Long aims to treat vacationers like royalty.

One of the principal Halong Bay luxury cruises, this experience allows visitors to enjoy rooms with air-conditioning, private bathrooms, and a flat-screen TV.

Additionally, the ship provides a continental, buffet-style breakfast as well as a business center, kid’s playground and hot tub for all your vacation needs.

Famous for:

  • Excellent facilities
  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Charming and friendly staff

15 – Dragon Legend Cruise

Dragon Legend Cruise #15 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Dragon Legend Cruise

The Dragon Legend Cruise has an original design with cabins styled in a traditional wooden decor, offering Tai-chi lessons and free Water Puppet show.

Rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs, safe, seating area, and private bathrooms, including complimentary toiletries.

The ship also provides a spa and wellness center as well as organized activities, swimming pool, and live performances.

Famous for:

  • Salt-water pool on-board
  • Professional, accommodating staff
  • Peaceful, tranquil atmosphere

16 – La Regina Legend Cruise

La Regina Legend Cruise #16 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to La Regina Legend Cruise

The particularly elegant La Regina Legend Cruise is available for tourists to experience the stunning views from Halong Bay luxury cruises, with a touch of modernity and convenience. The ship includes saunas, a gym, family rooms, and evening entertainment.

Guests can also enjoy a continental breakfast and lounge on the sun terrace at any time.

Famous for:

  • Superior comfort
  • Private tours with expert guides
  • Excellent quality facilities

17 – Lapinta Cruise Lan Ha Bay

Lapinta Cruise Lan Ha Bay #17 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Lapinta Cruise Lan Ha Bay

Air-conditioned, elegant rooms await guests on the Lapinta Cruise Lan Ha Bay ship, with family-friendly facilities and a restaurant serving a buffet or American-style breakfast as well as room service.

The boat offers bike hire, fishing, and walking tours, as well as canoeing and snorkeling, so there is never a dull moment onboard one of the best Halong Bay luxury cruises.

Famous for:

  • Spacious, clean rooms
  • Staff exceeding expectations
  • Delicious on-board food

18 – O’Gallery Lotus Cruise

O’Gallery Lotus Cruise #18 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to O’Gallery Lotus Cruise

Modernly-designed cabins with stunning views, balconies, WiFi access, and private bathrooms, are available for all vacationers on the O’Gallery Lotus Cruise ship.

Breakfast is served as a buffet or à la carte menu and the ship also includes a sun terrace with bar where visitors can relax after a day of enjoying custom tours and activities.

Famous for:

  • Well-planned, tailored activities
  • Happy, welcoming staff
  • Peaceful and superbly comfortable

19 – President Cruises

President Cruises #19 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to President Cruises

With a 3-tier sundeck and outdoor pool, the President Cruises ship offers visitors the experience of a lifetime for relaxing or fun-filled adventure on one of the most outstanding Halong Bay luxury cruises.

There is a wellness center on-board and hot tubs available as well as massages of all kinds upon demand. In addition, the staff organize live performances for entertainment and a range of activities on- and off-site.

Famous for:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Great excursions
  • Highly-recommended restaurant

20 – Paradise Peak Cruise

Paradise Peak Cruise #20 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Paradise Peak Cruise

With onboard gym and fitness center, as well as fully-equipped spa facilities and Tai-chi sessions, the Paradise Peak cruise offers a truly relaxing experience for body and mind.

Surrounded by the glorious vistas that these Halong Bay luxury cruises provide, travelers can enjoy access to a sundeck, bars, and exquisite dining.

Suites include spa-style bathtubs and private balconies for a true intimate get-away.

Famous for:

  • Beautiful wooden decor
  • Individual attention
  • Elegant à la carte dining

21 – Ultralux Hera Cruise

Ultralux Hera Cruise #21 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Ultralux Hera Cruise

The Ultralux Hera cruise invites visitors to partake of the 5-star Vietnamese cuisine offered on-board by two restaurants and also offers the possibility of enjoying an afternoon tea from the Lotus Lounge.

This luxury Halong bay cruise also provides a bar, sun terrace, and hot tub. Beauty and spa treatments can be organized, in addition to a selection of evening entertainment choices.

Famous for:

  • Various dining options on-board
  • Romantic atmosphere
  • Friendly and attentive staff

22 – Heritage Line – Violet Cruise

Heritage Line - Violet Cruise #22 Halong Bay luxury cruises
credit to Heritage Line – Violet Cruise

Welcoming guests to the Heritage Line – Violet Cruise, the traditionally-decorated cabins provide for an especially detailed visit to Halong Bay with spectacular views of the surrounding beauty and exceptional facilities on-board.

Rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, private balconies, and spa-style bathtubs. The kitchen is open 24 hours with meals and snacks being served from the restaurant and bar.

Famous for:

  • Cosy, tailored experience
  • Superior comfort
  • Amicable crew

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