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Day trips & Excursions


Verona, the city where a famed love story was born, is also one of the most attractive points for tourists. Yes, Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet. With their love, risking their lives, Romeo and Juliet turned this city into a sacred love temple. Since Verona was also an important Roman city, there are many monumental structures have endured until now from the Roman Empire. An amphitheatre named Arena is a perfect example of the Roman empire monumental architecture.

Dolomite Mountains

The richness of Italy is not just about artistic cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. Especially in recent years, there is a place that has become popular, and it deserves a visit. If you are willing to explore the Italian Alps and its magnificent landscapes, turn your route to the Dolomites, north-east of Italy. The Dolomites, famous for their pink color at the sunset, are a wonderful place to go skiing during the winter or hiking in summer time. The Dolomites are among the most beautiful mountains in the Alps and in Europe.