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Free Walking Tours in Valencia

The Spanish city of Valencia has many faces. It’s a place where modernist artwork rubs shoulders with historic churches and Gothic towers, creating an intriguing architectural fusion that your camera will love.

Check out these free walking tours in Valencia and immerse yourself in the city’s past, and future. You’ll explore the hidden corners of the Old Town, enjoy contemporary creativity, and discover dark secrets on insightful excursions.

How do free walking tours in Valencia work?

The concept of free tours in Valencia has really caught on, and there are plenty of different themed excursions to choose from.

There are no upfront set prices for the experience. You decide how much you want to pay and just tip your guide accordingly in cash after the tour.

Reservations are free too – you don’t even need to put in any credit card details when you book online.

How much should you tip for a free walking tour in Valencia?

It’s entirely up to you how much you want to tip your guide. If you’ve had a great time, feel free to be generous and show your appreciation for their hard work.

Most travelers on free walking tours in Valencia tip between €10 and €15 per person. Some pay just €5 while others have been known to offer €50. Just give what you think your experience was worth.

What are the best free walking tours in Valencia?

You have a choice of several themed walking tours in Valencia, each one exploring a different side to this eclectic port city.

Historical free walking tours

These excursions are the most popular, taking you deep into Valencia’s historic core. You’ll uncover the secrets behind iconic districts like El Carmen and hear stories about inhabitants who have left their mark.


After meeting your guide and fellow tour participants, you’ll be heading off into the Old Town, to see some of the city’s most famous landmarks. All tour routes vary slightly, but this itinerary will give you a flavor of what you’ll be seeing.

Tick the imposing Serrano Towers off your list as you learn about the ancient city walls and their defenses. Then you’ll pass through the gate and enter medieval Valencia. Stop at the Torre de San Bartolomé and the Palace of the Generalitat Valenciana for photos and a history input from your guide.

Continue to the pretty Plaza de la Virgen and admire the cathedral with its Gothic-style bell tower, before swinging by the Basilica of the Virgin of the Helpless. You can visit these sites at leisure after your tour if you wish.

Other highlights include the charming Parish of San Nicolás, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the famous Silk Exchange.

Modernist free walking tours

These free tours in Valencia show a different side to the city, focusing on contemporary architecture and design. You’ll learn how the city has developed in recent years, and check out some of the top monuments in town.


Your tour begins in the Colon Market, which is one of the best examples of the Valencian Art Nouveau style. Formerly a bustling marketplace, today this is a thriving hub of restaurants – you will probably be returning here for dinner.

Continue your stroll past the Casa del Punt de Gantxo, one of the city’s most iconic modernist homes. Then it’s time to continue along the Calle de la Paz towards the beautiful North Station. Take a moment to admire the intricate ceramic design features on the façade.

Next up is the iconic bullfighting arena, followed by a treasure trove of other modernist architectural gems including the City Hall. The decoration is lavish with elliptical domes, glazed tiles, and a magnificent balcony.

Street art free walking tours

On these urban art tours, you’ll enjoy the clever blending of graffiti and Baroque architecture as you explore the winding streets of the historic El Carmen district.


Wander through the cobbled alleyways of Valencia’s liveliest Old Town district and see how the city’s alternative painters have left their marks.

The vibrant murals in this part of town are the works of both local and international artists including Deih, Juliet, David de Limon, and Pichiavo. They brighten the streets, with abstract creations, political paintings, and curious caricatures keeping your mind whirring.

This tour is a great way to experience the true personality of artistic Valencia. Formerly abandoned streets have come alive with color, turning the surroundings of Ciutat Vella (the Old Town) into an open-air museum.

Mysteries and legends free walking tours

These are the most unusual free walking tours in Valencia. Feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention as you explore dark streets where mystery lurks around every corner.


See a new side to the city as you hear about the gruesome crimes and bloody executions that once tainted Valencia’s soul. This is the Old Town at her most sordid.

Your spooky sojourn begins at the Silk Exchange and the Plaza del Mercado, which was the backdrop for some terrifying events. Hear about the infamous executioner, Morro de Baques, who carried out his work here in the square.

Continue to the Poblat de Bernat de la Villa, which was once the largest brothel in the Mediterranean. Then learn the tale of the Barber of Manyans Street, who had the same grisly ideas as Sweeny Todd.

Delving deeper into the past, you’ll discover how neither the cathedral nor the Church of San Juan del Hospital escaped the woes of crime and plague.

Keep your eyes peeled for ghosts – you never know who you might meet!

City of Arts and Sciences free walking tours

These excursions are perfect for anyone wanting to get their bearings and learn about the mind-boggling architecture of the city’s museums.


On these tours, you’ll be admiring Valencia’s most iconic museums and complexes from the outside.

First up is the Prince Philip Science Museum, which boasts some of the most futuristic architecture in the city. Follow your guide on to the Hemisferic, a spectacular building shaped like a human eye. Come back later to catch a film.

Another highlight is the Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts. This opera house looks like a cross between a giant yacht and a spaceship!

Take in the metallic Agora building and the Umbracle sculpture garden before you finish the tour.

In which languages are free walking tours in Valencia operated?

These Valencia walking tours tend to be conducted in English or Spanish. Some excursions are available in Catalan and German too.

Where do free walking tours in Valencia start?

History-themed free walking tours in Valencia start from the Torres de Serrano, the North Train Station, or City Hall. Sometimes you’ll be asked to meet at the Plaza de la Virgen, the Cathedral, or Hotel Palacio Vallier.

Modernist tours begin at the Colon Market or City Hall.

The urban art excursions kick off from the Plaza de la Virgen or the Serranos Towers.

For the mysteries and legends tours, make your way to the Central Market or Hotel Palacio Valier.

Arts and Sciences tours tend to start at El Corte Inglés Maella or at the Palau de la Música.

How long do free walking tours in Valencia last?

Free walking tours in Valencia last between 1 hour and 2.5 hours. Most experiences are about 2 hours long, which is plenty of time to get a feel for the city.

You can always combine two tours in a single day if you want to see Valencia from different perspectives.

When is the best time to join a free walking tour in Valencia?

The majority of free walking tours in Valencia take place during the morning or late afternoon. Some excursions like the mystery-themed visits operate in the evening for extra atmosphere.

Morning tours are always a good choice as the streets are quieter, and temperatures are cooler.

It’s a good idea to book your walking tour for the first day of your vacation, to give you a good introduction to Valencia.

Should Valencia free walking tours be booked online?

To ensure you don’t miss out on these popular free tours in Valencia, we recommend booking online before you arrive. It’s particularly busy in summer, so try and plan well ahead.

Reserving in advance also means you’ll make the best use of your time on the ground.

It’s super easy to book online, and there are lots of perks:

  • No reservation fees
  • Free cancellation
  • You’ll have a reserved place
  • Credit cards are not required
  • You’ll have the tour details in advance