Outdoor & Sport Activities in Tusayan, Arizona

Outdoor & Sport Activities in Tusayan, Arizona

The Grand Canyon National Park is one of nature’s most epic adventure playgrounds, with as much heart-stopping action as you can handle. The sheer cliffs, ancient forests and sparkling Colorado River make the perfect backdrop for a day of exploration.

The variety of Grand Canyon outdoor activities is a testament to the park’s mind-blowing topography. Whether you want to hike to viewpoints, bounce around on a jeep tour or take to the skies, there’s plenty here to capture your imagination.

Hummer tours and jeep rides

If you fancy exploring the rugged wilderness but prefer four wheels to two feet, then Hummer tours at the Grand Canyon tick all the boxes. Ride along the edge of the stunning South Rim, stopping at all the best overlooks for photos along the way. Highlights include Mather Point and the appropriately named Grandview Point.

Grand Canyon jeep tours follow a similar format, but the vehicles are smaller making for a more intimate experience. To add a dash of romance, opt for a sunset ride to see the canyon bathed in rusty reds and rich oranges.

Helicopter flights

There’s nothing more exhilarating than a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon National Park. This is your chance to see the famous landforms from a unique angle and explore remote corners where few visitors ever venture.

Helicopter excursions depart from the South and West Rims, with each taking you on a scenic ride above the canyon. A few tours land on the canyon floor, where you can stretch your legs with a stroll along the Colorado River and see the cliff faces up close. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most coveted Grand Canyon outdoor activities.

Airplane tours

Scenic Grand Canyon airplane tours are the ultimate way to appreciate the scale of this jaw-dropping UNESCO World Heritage Site. From up above you can see the vast escarpment unfolding below, and the oversized panoramic windows mean you won’t miss a thing.

From this lofty height, you’ll be able to spot iconic features like the Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point and the Kaibab National Forest. Listen to live commentary from your pilot who will reveal the natural and cultural history of this famous region. Flights last around 40 minutes and take off from the airfield just outside Grand Canyon Village.


To feel at one with nature, hiking tours in the Grand Canyon are hard to beat. They start at the South Rim, or with a local hotel transfer. You’ll be accompanied by a guide who will bring the landscape to life as you pound the dusty red earth into the canyon.

Hiking is one of the most accessible outdoor activities at the Grand Canyon. There’s an impressive network of trails, with each treating you to magical views and wildlife sightings. For dramatic panoramas head down the South Kaibab Trail to Ooh Aah Point, or for full immersion, opt for a multi-day trek.


If you’re looking for adventure and don’t mind getting wet, then rafting in the Grand Canyon National Park will get your soul singing. Under the watchful gaze of the colorful cliffs and your expert Hualapai guide, take to the Colorado River for a rip-roaring ride through the rapids.

When you’re not concentrating on your paddle strokes, take a moment to admire the geology as it rushes past. Adrenaline activities at the Grand Canyon don’t come better than this! Most tours depart from Peach Springs or Grand Canyon Village and include riverside stops to discover ancient petroglyphs and secret waterfalls.


Of all the outdoor activities in the Grand Canyon National Park, skydiving ramps up the thrill factor to dizzying heights! After taking off from the South Rim airport, your plane will climb to the perfect altitude before it’s time to take that leap into the unknown.

You can do a tandem jump, which is perfect for beginners. It also means that once the hair-raising free fall is over, and the canopy has been unfurled, you can just relax and soak up those views. Skydiving over the Grand Canyon isn’t for the fainthearted, but worth every heart-pumping second for those who dare.

Boat tours

If you fancy a float on the Colorado River but aren’t keen on tackling the rapids, Grand Canyon boat tours are a fun way to pass a sunny afternoon. Usually combined with helicopter rides to give you access to the river, these excursions start off from the West Rim.

The leisurely pontoon boat rides are both relaxing and scenic. Float up close to the towering rock walls and appreciate the enormity of the canyon as you look back up towards the distant plateau. Keep your eyes peeled for lizards, eagles and bighorn sheep as you glide by.