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Things to do in Reykjavík

In recent years, Iceland has become an increasingly trendy destination for global travelers. This enigmatic country, with its population of only 334,000 people, offers plenty for visitors to do. The unspoiled beauty of Iceland makes visitors feel like they have entered another world. And the capital Reykjavik makes the perfect base to explore what the country has to offer. From Reykjavik, tours delve into the landscape of Iceland, formed by the conflicting pressures of volcanic activity and Arctic ice. Stunning waterfalls, dramatic geysers, glaciers, and volcanoes all await travelers to Iceland. Not to mention the wildlife that can be encountered, including majestic migratory whales. There’s plenty to see and do inside the city itself, too. While Reykjavik is too small to offer the big city experience of New York or London, its modest size makes it very walkable. Attractions such as the dramatic Hallgrimskirkja church that looms over the city and the Imagine Peace Tower, a tribute to John Lennon, give Reykjavik a quirky charm that makes it unlike any other city on earth. As the nation’s capital, Reykjavik is also home to Iceland’s most important museums. The National Gallery includes works by Picasso and Munch as well as Icelandic artists. The Reykjavik City Museum offers a reconstruction of the way the city used to be. And the Northern Lights Center will give you a deeper understanding of this haunting phenomenon that you can witness for yourself outside the city. In short, Reykjavik is a unique city that is most definitely worth seeing for yourself.