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Reykjavík Tours

Discover 1933 tours and activities in Reykjavík

The 10 Best Reykjavik Tours


Golden Circle Tours

The most famous Reykjavik tours are those that take in the Golden Circle. If it’s your first visit to the country, this should be at the top of your list. 

Starting in the capital, the excursion heads out to some of Iceland’s most revered natural sights, with everything from waterfalls to volcanoes on the agenda. 

Highlights include the Geysir Geothermal Area, and the mighty Gullfoss Waterfall which thunders through the Hvítá River canyon. 

You’ll also visit the historic Thingvellir National Park and the Kerid Volcanic Crater for some epic photo opportunities. On many excursions, you’ll finish with a thrilling snowmobile ride across the Langjökull Glacier.


Northern Lights Tour from Reykjavik

Hunting the northern lights is one of the top reasons to visit Iceland in winter. Seeing them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Also known as the aurora borealis, the dancing green lights appear in the night sky when conditions are right between October and April. 

Several Reykjavik tours whisk you off into the wilderness in search of the northern lights. It’s best to head away from the city and towards the countryside where there’s no light pollution. 

Boat trips and jeep tours are the most popular ways to explore, and the experienced guides know all the best viewing spots. 


Southern Coast and Glacier Tours

The rugged southern coast of Iceland is easily accessible on a day trip from Reykjavik. If you’re into wild beaches, glacial lagoons and volcanic peaks, then this is the tour for you. 

You’ll be driven along the coastal road, which is lined by snow-capped mountains and crashing waterfalls.  

Marvel at the blues and blacks of the Sólheimajökull Glacier, as you hike along the ice with your guide. Then embrace the spray at the waterfalls of Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss – you can walk behind the latter for a unique perspective! 

Tours usually end with a jaunt to Reynisfjara Beach for a stroll on the black sand. 


Snorkeling in Silfra Fissure

On these intrepid Reykjavik tours, you’ll get up close and personal with two tectonic plates. Located in Thingvellir National Park, the Silfra Fissure is a rift between the Eurasian and North American plates. 

The best way to explore this unusual natural site is on a snorkeling excursion.

From the surface, Silfra looks like an unassuming river, trickling gently through the park. Yet the moment you submerge yourself in the rift, a whole new world reveals itself. 

Yes, the water is chilly, but you’ll be wearing a drysuit to keep warm. As you float between continents, admire the underwater geology and see if you can spot an Arctic char.


Reykjavik Whale Watching Cruises

Over 20 species of whale come to feed off the Icelandic coast, making Reykjavik the perfect base for boat tours. Sightings aren’t guaranteed, but there’s no better place to take the chance. 

As you sail out of the harbor, keep your eyes peeled for spouts that will reveal the location of the gentle giants. As well as humpback and minke whales, you may spot porpoises and dolphins during your boat trip. 

This is a great location for puffins too, and you’ll often encounter these comical birds perched on the cliffs around the city. Dedicated puffin watching tours focus on finding these “clowns of the sea”. 


Landmannalaugar Tour from Reykjavik

Landmannalaugar is a geological wonderland with some of the best views in the country. These popular Reykjavik tours transport you into the rugged highlands that lie east of the city. 

This world is where volcanoes and glaciers have stood for centuries, and hot springs bubble up from the ancient ground. 

You’ll hike along remote trails, winding through black lava fields and past the colorful rhyolite mountains. Intrepid souls can summit a dormant volcano and marvel at the rainbow effect of the “Sulphur Wave.”

Back down in the valley, you can reward your efforts with a dip in one of the geothermal pools. 


Icelandic Traditional Food Tours in Reykjavik

Some of the best Reykjavik tours involve food because Icelandic cuisine is so tasty, and healthy! You’ll get to visit several restaurants and markets where sampling local delicacies is the order of the day. 

The famous lamb hotdog, creamy skyr yogurt and lobster soup are all on the menu.

Walking tours are the easiest way to get around, and your guide will know all the best eating spots. 

Beer tastings are also available at the city’s top bars and breweries. You’ll get to try regional craft beers and snaps while washing it all down with some tapas-style treats. 


Horse Riding in Lava Fields

Get back to nature on a horseback trek through the wild Icelandic interior. You’ll discover lava fields and remote valleys that are difficult to access on foot, all with the help of your friendly steed. 

There are riding excursions available for both beginners and experts, so don’t worry if you’ve not ridden before. 

Walking, trotting or even cantering through the volcanic terrain is like going on a journey through time. 

It’s a world away from the trappings of modern-day life, and with the wind in your hair, you’ll feel like a true explorer. All you need is a sense of adventure!


Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon Day Trip

Iceland got its name for a reason – there’s a lot of ice here! One of the best places to experience it is at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, a few hours’ drive east of Reykjavik along the ring road. 

Sitting beneath Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier, the lagoon is filled with icebergs all year round. 

The water is a striking blue color, which contrasts starkly with the white of the icebergs. Some tours from Reykjavik include a boat ride on the lagoon to see the floating ice up close. 

Keep an eye out for seals and sea birds which are regularly sighted visiting the lake.    


Snæfellsnes Peninsula Day Tour

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is like a mini Iceland, with many landforms and natural environments in one spot. You’ll find here glaciers, lava caves, volcanic beaches, mountains and waterfalls.

Reykjavik tours to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula are a great choice if you want a diverse day out with lots of show-stopping photo opportunities.

A highlight of the trip is seeing the eye-catching outline of Kirkjufell. Known as “Church Mountain,” this iconic peak was a filming location for the “Game of Thrones” series.

You’ll also walk on the black sands of Djúpalónssandur beach and admire views of the Snæfellsjökull volcano.

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Planning your visit to Reykjavik

Discover our complete guide to visiting Reykjavík.

About Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the starting point for most trips to Iceland. Many visitors spend a couple of days here at the start or end of their vacation to learn about the heritage of this remote island. 

Good to know before arriving

If it’s your first time in Reykjavik, the downtown district makes a good base. Many major tourist sites are found here, along with restaurants, bars and shops.

Places and experiences that cannot be missed

Reykjavik is a launch pad for adventures into the Icelandic wilderness, but don’t forget to see what the city itself has to offer. Hop-on hop-off bus tours are a hassle-free way of taking in the main attractions. 


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