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Boat Tours and Cruises in Mykonos

Boat tours in Mykonos offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical water of bright blue Aegean Sea. Sail across the Mediterranean and jump off the boat for swimming and snorkeling in the sparkling, sun-dappled waters of the secluded crystalline coves.

Relax on the comfort deck, soak up the warm sun, and dig in the freshly prepared multicourse Greek lunch to satiate your appetite. And as you take pure delight in savoring ouzo, typical drinks of Greece, marvel at the incomparable views of picturesque beaches over the coast.

What’s unique about the boat tours in Mykonos is setting the sail to unveil the sacred ruins in the mythical birthplace of Apollo on the island of Delos or explore the uninhabited island of Rhenia.

Known as “The Island of the winds,” Mykonos is a paradise for beach-lovers. You’ll find numerous wonderful boating options in the shimmering Mykonian waters, ranging from mesmerizing sunset cruises to premium private boat tours. Listed below are the most famous boat tours and cruises in Mykonos.

Delos and Rhenia Island boat tours

Set forth on this soul-feeding journey from Mykonos coast to the Cycladic sisters of Greece. Relax on the deck with sultry sips of drinks and scrumptious Greek specialties. Moving closer to Delos, you’ll be sucked in by the powerful aura of the ancient island.

Explore the mystique mosaics and statues of Delos, and the ruins of the houses of Dionysus and Kleopatra that transcend time. Awaiting you is a private beach on the neighboring Rhenia Island where you'll be spoilt with the aromas of traditional Greek cuisine.

Mykonos South Coast beaches boat tours

Get ready to be enchanted by the unprecedented vistas of the south coasts of Mykonos on this boat tour. You will sail past the charming views of Psarou Beach, Platys Gyalos, and Super Paradise. Swim in the vast blue of the Aegean Sea and dance through your memorable day as delicious delicacies of Greece and fresh drinks add to this luxurious experience.

Sailing boat tours

Set the sail for a day full of sea and sensual experiences on this 4-hour sailing boat tour in the Mykonian waters. Go swimming or snorkeling to fawn at the marvelous underwater views. Enjoy appetizing food and party on the cruise with the magnificent Myknonian town in the backdrop. Sail back to the harbor with a peaceful smile on your face as you lie supine to enjoy the cool sea breeze tickling your body.

Sunset cruises

Get ready to witness the timeless romance of the sun and the sea in a half-day sunset cruise passing through the north and west of Mykonian shore. Behold historic sites like the Armenistis Lighthouse in the north and scenic Windmills on the west of Mykonos. Finally, when the anchor drops in Little Venice, pick up a glass of wine and hold your dear ones close. Drink up the radiant beauty of the sun as it sets over Aegean with a promise of sunrise and a plethora of colors dancing on the horizon.

Koufonissi boat tours

Start from the Mykonian harbor and travel to the uninhabited islets of Koufonisia in this eventful boat excursion. Sail past the pristine coves and rock caves in Ano Koufonissi that never fail to tempt the surfers and divers. Then move towards the lacy shoreline of Kato Koufonissi, creating beautiful bays of turquoise waters. You can also sunbathe on the mellow sands or relax on board while food and drinks are continuously served with a smile.

Private boat tours

Want to soak up the enthralling landscapes of Mykonian islands in a private setting? Exclusive private boat tours offer you a memorable and peaceful experience of sailing through the Aegean waters and mesmerizing antiques of ancient islands of Mykonos. Have mouth-watering dishes and luscious drinks served to you, creating a royal experience as you enjoy your journey.

How much should I budget for a boat tour in Mykonos?

Boat tours in Mykonos start from €50 and go up to €120 depending on your package. Private cruises fall on the expensive side (up to €1,500) because they provide premium services. However, the cost will be the least of your concerns because the experience you’ll get in Mykonos is priceless. :)

How long does a boat tour take?

The duration of the boat tours is carefully planned for the convenience of all travelers. As your schedule permits, you can enjoy shorter boat tours of 1-2 hours as well as extended boat tours stretching up to a whole day. To have the utmost satisfaction of exploring all of Mykonos, you should take boat tours of longer durations.

Where do boat tours in Mykonos depart from?

The departure point varies according to the convenience of tourists and the destination. Tours to Delos and Rhenia generally depart from the new port at Tourlos. Other popular departure points are the old port of Mykonos and Ioannis Diakoftis Pier.

When is the best time to experience a boat tour in Mykonos?

Though Mykonos enjoys year-round pleasant weather, the best time to experience boat tours in Mykonos is during September and October. The crowd is comparatively lesser in these months, and you will enjoy warm waters and cool sea breeze over the Aegean.

Travel Tips

In order to make your trip twice as fun and convenient, we’ve master-crafted some useful tips for you:

  • Book early. Boat tours in Mykonos are very popular and often fully booked during high season.
  • If you're on a family trip, keep an eye on children and guide them beforehand on how to interact with marine life properly.
  • In peak summer months of May and June, carry necessary items like sunscreen, hats, etc.
  • If you’re traveling in winter months (November-March), make sure you pack some warm clothes as the winds over Aegean get chilly, especially in the evening.