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Quad Tours & ATV Tours in Marrakesh

A city drenched in vivacious history and culture, Marrakesh has a lot to boast with its busy souks, mouth-watering food, beautifully sculpted historic locations, and dainty lanes. The Marrakeshian air has an enchanting charm that’ll lure you into the wild, to discover its sandy dunes, fresh blue waterfalls, and dusty corners.

So, without any further ado let’s dive into the bounties of nature as you discover the exotic side of this city on a quad tour in Marrakesh.

What are the best quad tours in Marrakesh?

Atlas Mountains quad biking half-day tour from Marrakesh

Let the cool Atlas Mountain air bathe you with refreshing energy as you gaze around at the snow that envelops you and the green meadows. Set your eyes on the rejuvenating sight of the rainbow-hued flowers that illuminate your way into the Marrakeshian countryside. The quad will lead you to the scenic Agafay desert with all its grandeur and into the gorgeous Turtle Valley.

Marrakesh Palmeraie: camel ride & quad bike experience

There's no better way to unearth the exotic side of Marrakesh’s rich character than sliding into its dusty dunes that’ll bombard you with picturesque views to etch into your memories.

On this voyage, board the “ships of the desert” and cruise through the La Palmeraie Oasis to gauge its serene beauty in all its glory. Discover the abundant palm trees that illuminate your way as you set out on a 20-minute quad bike trip to revel in the grace and allure of the desert.

Agafay Desert quad biking

The undiscovered gems of the beauty of Morocco lie in its enormously widespread deserts, famous for the icy cool breeze that’ll hit you in the face as you ride around your quad bike.

Put on your biking gloves on an exhilarating tour of the Agafay as well as the Marrakchi desert where you can feel at peace in solitude. That’s not all; rejuvenate your spirits with the calming movement of the Lalla Takerkoust lake which dances around the Atlas Mountain range.

From Marrakesh: Lalla Takerkoust camel ride and quad bike tour

The true tranquility of Morocco resides in the mountainous regions of Marrakesh where you can soak in the air of the city to please your soul. Hop onto an adventurous camel ride as you gawk at the green hues spread throughout the Lalla Takerkoust lake. Drive around on the rugged terrain witnessing breathtaking views of the city on this exciting 2.5-hour ride away from the hustle-bustle of the mainland.

Marrakesh Palm Grove quad bike tour

Lose yourself in the desert landscape and its unremitting magnificence that Marrakesh proudly vaunts off to the tourists.On this quad bike tour, treat your eyes with the beautiful Palm Groves of Marrakesh, sitting in the bosom of nature. Come across the Berber villages where you’ll uncover the social mores that the locals follow and delve into their long-standing history, enhancing your knowledge.

How much do quad tours in Marrakesh cost?

The quad tours in Marrakesh usually range from US$ 40  to US$ 150. The price of the atv tour increases as it includes more activities and covers more locations.

For example, the Lake Lalla camel ride and quad tour cost $125 as it takes you to the mountainous range as well as provides you with the luxury of a camel ride. On the other hand, Marrakesh Palm Grove Quad Bike Tour costs only $40 as it lets you explore only the Palm Groves while riding the quad bike.

In general, a more costly quad will show you more of what Marrakesh has to offer as compared to a less costly tour.

What is included during a quad tour in Marrakesh?

  • For your convenience, the atv tour includes a pickup and drop off to your hotel in Marrakesh.
  • Security gear like helmet, security goggles, biker gloves, etc are provided by the tour company.
  • Most tours offer a choice of time as per your convenience i.e., morning or afternoon.

From where quad tours in Marrakesh start?

Usually, the quad tours in Marrakesh start from the quad bikes base if the tours are specifically restricted to biking. Other tours usually pick you up from the hotel and drive straight to the location. The Lalla Takerkoust tour, for example, will start from a point near the lake only.

How long do quad tours in Marrakesh last?

As exciting as quad tours in Marrakesh get, the time always flies by you. But, most quad tours are 2 hours long whereas if combined with other activities, the duration can increase to 5 hours too. But, most tours range from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours and do not take more time from the tourists’ itinerary.

What is the best time for a quad tour in Marrakesh?

All atv tours in Marrakesh can be undertaken in the morning or the evening as per your convenience. However, it is recommended to take quad tours in the fresh morning Moroccan air as the desert can get very hot in the afternoon.    

Are atv tours in Marrakesh safe?

Quad tours in Marrakesh are absolutely safe as the whole experience is overseen by quad-biking experts. The bikes also undergo regular checkups and are properly maintained.

However, it is strictly advised that people with major health issues shouldn’t engage in the tours. Those with vertigo should also refrain from touring mountainous ranges.

Are children allowed for quad tours in Marrakesh?

The quad tours in Marrakesh are absolutely safe for children, thanks to the advanced security gear as well as the expert supervision by the skilled professionals. While children below the age of 14 are not allowed to drive a quad, they can sit behind an adult to experience the thrill.

Travel tips

  • Compare all the deals available. Read reviews, compare prices, and book the quad tour that fits best your needs and budget.
  • Drink a lot of water during the tour.
  • Cover your head with a hat, the weather can be very hot, especially during the afternoon.