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Free Walking Tours in Lucca

Learn all about the history of Lucca by joining one of the free walking tours through the historic city center. The guided tour will bring you to the most famous landmarks and sights of the city. Sign up today to reserve your spot.

Tuscany is a popular destination in Italy, visited by a wide variety of international but also regional tourists. The city of Lucca is located only half an hour by car from the coast and offers the perfect location for both a day trip and a week-long excursion.

How do free walking tours in Lucca work?

Free walking tours of Lucca have been a popular activity for visitors for many years. These guided walking tours through Lucca take you to the most important sights and historical landmarks in the city.

Listen to your guide’s exciting anecdotes and get to know Lucca from an entirely different perspective. Meet your tour group at a central location in the city and enjoy a leisurely walk around the narrow streets with a group of like-minded travelers.

The free walking tours in Lucca do not charge a specific fee. However, giving a tip to your tour guide at the end of each tour is welcomed. These tips allow the free tours in Lucca to continue in the future and for guides to earn enough to justify their efforts. Each participant can determine how much they tip the guide depending on how much they enjoyed the experience.

You can reserve your spot for one of the free tours in Lucca online. Even though reservations are free of charge, it is essential to register for tours. There are only a limited amount of spots available and signing up on arrival might not be possible.

How much should you tip for a free walking tour in Lucca?

Guides for free walking tours in Lucca are paid based on the tips they receive. The amount you tip is up to you but should reflect the overall quality of the tour. Always consider the price for other similar guided tours and the effort needed to provide these tours for free.

The average tip per person for a free walking tour in Lucca is between €10 and €15. Depending on your travel budget, you can also give more.

When deciding on the amount of your tip, consider the following criteria:

  • Did you enjoy the tour?
  • How long was the tour?
  • Did the tour guide meet all your expectations?
  • Did you learn new interesting things during the tour?
  • How much effort and time did the guide put into making your experience the best it could be?

What are the best free walking tours in Lucca?

The free tour Secrets of Lucca, Anecdotes and Curiosities is one of the most popular in town. It includes unusual stories and interesting insight into Lucca’s hidden secrets.

Meet your tour guide and group at Piazzale Verdi, a park in the city center. After a quick introduction, the stroll through Lucca to the city’s secret landmarks and sights begins.

This free walking tour provides the perfect start to your trip to Lucca. Find your bearings in the city and learn about the intricacies of the narrow streets. With so much information about Lucca’s hidden secrets, you’ll find the rest of your time there a lot more enjoyable.


The first stop of the tour is the Church of San Paolino. The famous Italian composer Giacomo Puccini regularly attended mass here and even wrote several choir songs devoted to the Church of San Paolino during his career.

Next, head towards the Piazza Cittadella, a cozy square in the heart of town. Here, local artists are keen to share some of their anecdotes and present their work.

The Church of San Michele is the next stop of the tour. Marvel at the mysterious decorative heads on the facade and listen as your tour guide explains their meaning.

Your guide will then lead you through the Piazza Napoleone, a significant location during the conquest of Lucca. Learn how Lucca fell during the invasion of the French and how the war changed the city.

The walk continues in the direction of Via Fillungo, an ancient street with many intricate  churches and palaces. This street will lead you to the Clock Tower, your next destination on the tour. Learn about the legend of Lucida Mansi and how she supposedly iced her life in Lucca.

The tour comes to an end at the Cathedral of Saint Martino, whose architecture is more than impressive from both the inside and outside. Say goodbye to your tour group or maybe grab a drink with some newfound friends to conclude an exciting day.

In which languages are free walking tours in Lucca operated?

The guides of the free walking tours in Lucca usually speak more than one language. The majority of tours are available in English and Italian. Some may also be in German on certain days.

The availability of each tour always depends on the number of participants. Registering in advance is essential to ensure tours are taking place as planned.

Sometimes several tours are merged into one if there are not enough participants. In this case, guides will provide information in more than one language.

Where do free walking tours in Lucca start?

The meeting point for most free walking tours in Lucca is at Piazzale Verdi, located close to the Porta Sant'Anna, the first historical landmark on the excursion. Wait there until all participants have arrived. Your guide will introduce themselves and explain everything you need to know before the tour.

You will get the exact instructions on how to get to the meeting point when reserving your ticket online.

How long do free walking tours in Lucca last?

The duration of the free walking tours in Lucca depends on the size of the group. If it is only a small group, you will reach your final stop after approximately two hours. Bigger groups tend to take longer to move from one site to another and usually take around 2.5 hours or more.

When is the best time to join a free walking tour in Lucca?

You can choose different times of the day for tours around Luca. It is advisable to go as early in the morning as possible when the weather is pleasant and not too hot. Keep in mind that you will be outside for several hours and the heat during the Italian summer can be intense.

Morning tours are also usually less crowded with more open spots. That way, you can have more time with your guide and a personalized experience.

Join a free walking tour during your first days in Lucca to make navigating the city more manageable for you. This is a great activity to do early on during your trip.

Should Lucca free walking tours be booked online?

It is recommended to pre-book tickets for free walking tours in Lucca to secure your place. They usually have limited spots available and tend to be sold out on weekends and public holidays weeks before.

By booking a free walking tour in advance, you will save yourself time and effort. Many tourists assume that they can simply show up at the meeting point for free walking tours but might be turned away on arrival. Therefore a little bit of preparation goes a long way.

The free walking tours in Lucca are:

  • Booked online in less than five minutes
  • Free of charge
  • Of course, always free to cancel