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Langkawi cable car ride

If you’re looking for breathtaking panoramic views of Langkawi, the Langkawi SkyCab is perfect for you. You’ll ascend 708 meters on the SkyCab cable car and have a chance to marvel at the lush valleys and neighboring islands around you. 

The first stage of your journey will be from the Base Station to the Middle Station, which stands 650 meters above sea level. Once there, you can go to the viewing platforms and gaze at the beauty of Langkawi and the surrounding islands. 

Afterward, you’ll hop back on the cable car to travel a bit more from the Middle to the Top Station. On top, you'll get a close-up view of the region's unique flora, beautifully sprawled across the ridges and the forested valley while walking across the iconic Sky Bridge.

After returning to ground level, you’ll have the opportunity to check out the many nearby attractions at Panorama Langkawi, including a heart-pounding adventure on the SkyRex tram and stunning 3D visuals at the SkyDome.


Langkawi Mangrove boat tour

Explore the island’s enchanting mangroves and uncover their rich biodiversity on a Langkawi boat tour. Within these dynamic ecosystems, where the ebb and flow of tides dictate life, you'll encounter many exotic plants and creatures thriving among the roots in the shallow waters.

Mangroves aren't just a wonder to observe; they're also ecological linchpins. These forests are critical in influencing the global climate, offering shelter to numerous species, and serving as primary breeding grounds for various fish and shrimp.

As you glide through these waters, keep an eye out for the peculiar land-walking fishes, vibrant kingfishers darting about, and soaring eagles and kites above. You might even spot inquisitive otters or playful dolphins if you're lucky.

If you get hungry, you can add on a lunch featuring chicken fried rice. You’ll also be able to spend some time hanging out at the beach to relax for a while. If you’re looking to propel yourself on the water, consider booking a Langkawi Mangrove kayaking tour or a snorkeling tour for an even more up-close experience. You can also find boat tours to other areas around Langkawi.


Kayaking tours from Langkawi

Experience the beauty of Langkawi's coastline in a way that's unreachable by typical boats on a kayaking tour from Langkawi. If you choose the sunset tour option, you can take breathtaking photos with the perfect backdrop of the golden hour. 

Another advantage of a kayak tour is that it’s a quiet and non-intrusive mode of transportation that’ll increase your chances of observing tropical flora and fauna in their natural jungle habitat. You won’t disturb the ecosystem as you paddle along the coastal mangroves of Langkawi.

Whether you're a seasoned kayaker or it's your first time holding a paddle, this kayaking tour ensures a memorable experience as you navigate through Tanjung Rhu Geoforest Park and observe its natural beauty. 

As you venture out onto the water, the kaleidoscope of the setting sun and its shimmering reflections will leave you in awe. Novices and seasoned kayakers can both enjoy kayaking tours from Langkawi and benefit from the knowledge of a local expert guide to help navigate the waters and explain more about the plants and wildlife you see.


Paradise 101 island adventure

Indulge in an opulent beach retreat with your loved ones at Langkawi's Paradise 101. This stunning private island, nestled in the Andaman Sea, promises a day of endless entertainment and scenic beauty. 

With an array of exhilarating water activities at your disposal, from kayaking and banana boat rides to zip lining, there's no shortage of adventures to embark upon. Additionally, you’ll be granted access to Paradise 101’s top-notch amenities, including the Aqua Park and OMG Bar, ensuring a blend of fun and relaxation.

Gift yourself and your family an unforgettable island escapade and dive into activities like jet skiing or challenge your companions to a playful duel at the Aqua Park's inflatable obstacle course. 

As the sun sets, the island's private beach transforms into the perfect spot to revel, or you can choose to unwind with cocktails at the bar. Whatever activities your group prefers, you’ll certainly find the perfect fit at Paradise 101.


Jet ski tour to Dayang Bunting Island

Embark on a thrilling jet ski tour to Dayang Bunting and around the Langkawi Archipelago. As you cruise the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea, revel in the spectacular vistas of Langkawi's gleaming white sands and crystalline seas. 

The highlight of this adventure is Dayang Bunting Island, often hailed as the crown jewel of the archipelago, boasting verdant hills, rocky outcrops, and steeped in traditional legends. Along the way, weave through rocky islets, discover concealed bays leading to the Fjords, and immerse yourself in the rich beauty of the region. 

Kickstart your adventure from Cenang Beach choosing either a morning or afternoon departure. Then, mount your jet-ski either solo or with a companion and set off with your local guide leading the way to explore eight captivating islands. Most tours are limited to only eight participants or less to ensure a personal and intimate experience with your guide.

Push forward to the Fjords, a set of dense, jungle-covered islands, and glide across clear waters, surrounded by dramatic landscapes, limestone structures, and unique flora, all while eagles majestically soar above. Conclude your jet-ski escapade with a short swimming and snorkeling stint at a secluded island before your return.


Quad tour adventure in Langkawi

Embark on an exciting quad tour across the diverse terrains of Langkawi over the calm countryside or the exhilarating expanse of Cenang Beach. Adventure-seekers will delight in the opportunity to navigate the lush paddy fields and tropical landscapes, all under the watchful guidance of an experienced ATV instructor. 

You can choose between two distinct trails. The countryside route takes you through verdant paddy fields, shimmering streams, and dense tropical forests, leading up to the picturesque Lubuk Semilang Waterfall, a beloved local picnic spot. As you traverse this trail, not only will you be challenged by its terrain but also enriched by glimpses of local life amid the sprawling greenery. 

If you prefer beach vibes, you can steer your ATV towards the pristine Cenang Beach. Spanning 2 kilometers, this popular west coast beach presents a mesmerizing backdrop of crystal-clear waters and vast open skies, which is an idyllic setting to explore on a quad vehicle.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll enjoy spectacular views in a natural setting. If you’re looking for an extra special quad tour experience, full-day private tours are available with exclusive access to hard-to-find waterfalls and visits to tropical fruit farms.


Snorkeling in Palau Payar

A visit to Langkawi is incomplete without snorkeling at Pulau Payar. Recognized as one of the top activities in Langkawi, Pulau Payar's marine park status ensures the protection of its vibrant marine life. 

Besides being renowned for its corals, the island also boasts easily-spotted tropical fish in even its shallow areas. Lucky visitors can catch a glimpse of the harmless Blacktip reef sharks that frequent the waters around the island. 

While on this adventure, experienced snorkeling guides will not only ensure your safety but also lead you to the best snorkeling sites. When you get hungry, you can take a break for a delightful picnic lunch before your return.

Snorkeling tours include speedboat transfers, the service of a seasoned crew, and the picnic lunch. You’ll also be provided with essential snorkeling equipment, life jackets, entrance fees, and bottled water. If you’re looking to dive deeper into Pulau Payar, there are also scuba diving tours in Langkawi available for beginners and experienced divers.


Underwater World Langkawi visit

Venture into the heart of Underwater World Langkawi, one of Southeast Asia's largest marine and freshwater aquariums. Home to over 200 species of marine and freshwater fish from across the globe, this top Langkawi attraction is a must-visit for families and marine enthusiasts alike. 

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the imposing Arapaima, one of the world's largest freshwater fish housed in a giant tank. Each visit promises a unique and enlightening experience, revealing the fascinating wonders of aquatic life.

Designed with a mission to foster an appreciation for marine conservation, Underwater World offers a comprehensive educational experience. Beyond observing the diverse marine life, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in 3D theater presentations and marvel at marine creatures from within the mesmerizing underwater tunnel. 

The aquarium serves as a gentle reminder of the intricate bond between humans and nature, encouraging visitors to develop a profound respect and commitment to preserving our aquatic ecosystems.


Langkawi Wildlife Park excursion

Nestled within 5.5 hectares of verdant space, Langkawi Wildlife Park stands as a testament to the marvels of nature, boasting over 150 diverse species of animals and birds. The park is anchored on the principle that intimate interactions with wildlife are key to the optimal visitor experience. 

Walk through a mammoth man-made aviary, which houses over 1,500 free-flying birds and replicates their native habitats, ensuring each species thrives comfortably. With the park's collection spanning from distant lands such as Africa, Australia, and Russia to regions closer home like Southeast Asia, you’ll be treated to a global wildlife soiree. 

If you yearn to get closer to nature, the park facilitates guided close encounters within animal enclosures. You even have the chance to feed the animals for another layer of engagement during your visit. And for those wishing to take a piece of this enchanting world home, Langkawi Wildlife Park has a crystal store and a duty-free retail hub, great for finding the perfect souvenirs and mementos.


Adventure and XtremePark Langkawi activities

Experience a whirlwind of thrills at Langkawi Adventure and Xtreme Park, a haven for those with an insatiable desire for adventure. The park boasts myriad heart-pounding activities. From soaring high above on a sky bike to zipping through the jungle's rugged terrain on an ATV, this place promises an adrenaline-packed day out.

The park offers a range of packages tailored to different adventure levels. The 4-in-1 package includes target shooting with archery, a 45-minute ATV jungle ride for two, a solo 10-minute go-karting session, and a solo 10-minute sky bike adventure. 

For a more comprehensive experience, the 6-in-1 package adds visits to the 3D Art and Upside Down Mini Museums and the Horse Feeding Park, with slight variations in ATV and sky bike durations. 

The ultimate thrill-seekers should opt for the 10-in-1 package which, in addition to the activities above, includes a surreal 7D cinema experience, a spine-chilling stroll through the Ghost House, paintball target shooting, and an extended archery session.

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Planning your visit to Langkawi

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About Langkawi

You’ll find Langkawi 30 kilometers west of mainland Malaysia near the border with Thailand. Many people think Langkawi only refers to one city on one island. However, Langkawi is also the name of the entire archipelago in the area, which is made up of 99 islands at high tide and 104 islands at low tide.

Good to know before arriving

Getting around Langkawi isn’t too difficult, and there are many services to rent a car, van or scooter with or without a hired driver. Also, the ride-hailing app Grab can get you anywhere you want to go on the island. This can come in handy if you rent a scooter and aren’t comfortable riding during a thunderstorm, which is quite common during the rainy season.

Places and experiences that cannot be missed

Langkawi is best known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, which are wonderful for all types of water activities, from snorkeling to scuba diving and boat tours to jet ski rides. You’ll also find plenty of attractions on land — the most popular being the slightly nerve-wracking cable car ride to the top of the island’s largest mountain and Underwater World, which is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia.


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