Outdoor & Sport Activities in Chania

Outdoor & Sport Activities in Chania

Nestled along the northwest coast of Crete, Chania offers an array of thrilling and invigorating outdoor activities. This historic seaside city is an ideal gateway to the island’s boundless natural attractions and exciting activities.

From the expansive White Mountains to the azure Mediterranean waters, Chania’s diverse surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures. If you love the outdoors, create some unforgettable memories with one or more of the many outdoor activities in Chania.


Crete might be the largest and most populous of the Greek Isles, but it is also an ideal destination for nature lovers looking to explore the dramatic and rugged inland terrain or the island’s golden coastline. Chania is perfect as a starting point for hiking tours, with convenient access to canyons, gorges, mountains and plateaus.

The Samaria Gorge is the most popular destination for hiking in Chania and offers a full day of exploration through Europe’s longest gorge. There is time to admire the striking White Mountains and take a refreshing swim in crystal clear mountain streams or the unspoiled Libyan Sea.

Alternatively, hikes to several other scenic gorges, a hiking adventure to the Drakolaki Cave, or an unforgettable multi-day hike in the White Mountains are all appealing options if you are hoping to discover Crete on foot.

Boat tours

Chania is one of the historic port cities in Crete and its Old Venetian Harbor is a well-known attraction. A boat tour provides the best vantage point if you are looking to appreciate and explore the coast of Crete.

Boat tours from Chania are designed to offer a variety of experiences that showcase the best of the waters surrounding Northern Crete. Tours range in length and operate at different times of the day, making it easy to schedule a boat trip.

Whether you’re looking for a slow sunset cruise, a day of island hopping and snorkeling or a customized private boating experience, you will find an excursion that suits your interests and budget.

Jeep tours

If you are an adventure seeker looking to explore the wilder side of Crete, look no further than a Jeep tour from Chania. This exciting 4x4 activity allows you to head off the beaten track and access remote locations inaccessible to most people.

Whether you are hoping to ascend the White Mountains visible from Chania, or take a trip to one of the island's most spectacular beaches, Jeep tours offer an opportunity to experience the authentic yet mystical allure and captivating scenery that Crete has to offer.

Snorkeling and scuba diving

The azure waters that surround Crete entice visitors to explore them further, and snorkeling tours and scuba diving excursions from Chania are the one way of immersing yourself, quite literally, into the marvelous ecosystems that lie just below the surface.

Snorkeling and freediving are both options for participants, and tours offer alternatives that include reefs, cave formations and additional activities like Stand-up paddleboarding. Inexperienced or beginner scuba divers can choose to book a half-day activity that provides an introduction and some diving instruction before exploring the Mediterranean waters in small groups and under expert supervision.

While Crete and its surrounding waters are wondrous to see from the land or air, the mysteries of the underwater world are best discovered up close

Stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and surfing

With a remarkable array of beaches to choose from, Chania is a prime spot for water sports, such as stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and surfing. Tours include the services of an experienced instructor and are usually limited in terms of participants, allowing you to immerse yourself without too much distraction.

The calm waters at Kalathas Beach are great for family-friendly kayaking experiences in Chania and you may see some of the sea turtles who nest nearby. For the romantics and lovers of the golden hour, you can book a stand up paddleboard tour for sunset. Watch the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in pinks and reds before returning to shore.

For a more intense water activity, you can also book surfing lessons when visiting Chania, which are suitable for surfers of all experience levels. Surf spots are selected based on weather conditions and can be adjusted to the group’s experience level.

Bike tours

Chania bike tours fall into two categories: there are city tours that typically explore the Old City, popular attractions like the Venetian harbor and neighborhoods nearby where you may delight in a few of Crete’s traditional pastries and a refreshing drink.

Other bike tours head out beyond the city limits and explore the surrounding Cretan countryside, with e-bike trips heading as far out as Therriso Gorge in the foothills of the White Mountains. Half-day adventures traversing the Cretan rural countryside begin with a pickup from hotels in the Kolymbari area all the way to Chania. The cycling starts at the village of Nea Roumata and fertile farmland, fresh produce and picturesque rural living will be the highlights of your tour.


Take your island experience in Chania to the next level with a tandem paragliding flight. An experienced professional instructor will prepare you thoroughly for your experience. Once airborne, the stunning views of the mountains and coastline are on display and will captivate you as you soar above them. As you descend, your pilot will prepare you to touch back down to earth with a new appreciation for the Greek Isles and clear Mediterranean waters.

Quad tours

Crete may be a large and well populated island, but is also an island with vast areas of rugged and somewhat inaccessible terrain. Off-roading is an exciting way of exploring many of these astonishing attractions.

Guided quad bike and ATV tours give you an opportunity to get up close with Chania's natural beauty. Not only can you cross streams, follow the paths of ancient gorges and admire the dramatic mountain and sea views, but also interact with and experience Cretan life, with stops at villages that date back to medieval times.


Seitan Limani is one of Crete’s dreamiest beaches and on a canyoning tour from Chania you can combine a beach visit with an adventurous walk that includes walking between steep ravine walls, rappelling down the canyon walls and spending time on the white sandy beach.

Although these tours last 4 to 5 hours and involve a variety of physical activities, they are not too physically demanding and are suitable for healthy participants who can swim and are 10 years or older.

Helicopter tours

A helicopter trip from Chania provides a safe and comfortable way to travel on to your next destination. Your flight time will depend on whether you’re headed to Athens, Santorini or Mykonos, but you can be assured of the chance to soak up the panoramas of the Greek Isles and Aegean Sea as you fly.

Avoid the hassle of a ferry trip and spoil yourself with a private helicopter tour. As the trip is on a private basis, you will have flexibility in determining your own departure time and combine sightseeing with your onward transfer.