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Horse riding tours in Cairns

Cairns is surrounded by lush rainforests, huge mountains, jagged cliffs, and vast plains making it a great destination for horse riding. There are many horse riding packages including several combos with other outdoor activities. Book your ideal tour and experience horse riding through rolling green hills right now.

What else is there to do while horse riding in Cairns?

Horse riding in Cairns is the perfect activity for the whole family because it’s safe for both parents and kids and the expert local guides are there to make sure that the activity is educational and informative for all involved. Not only that, but most horse riding activities in Cairns also come complete with a petting zoo and ATV quad bike ride experience!

Visit a petting zoo

If you find yourself in Myola, which is just a six minute drive from the quaint mountain town of Kuranda and part of Australia’s Tablelands, lies a family farm that offers a horse riding and petting zoo experience that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and steal your heart. You’ll have the chance to pet the adorable baby farm animals and see the majestic grazing cattle.

ATV ride

If horse riding in Cairns and visiting a petting zoo isn’t enough for you, then you’re in luck, because you’ll also get the opportunity to learn how to ride an ATV quad bike and then get taken on a short tour through the neighboring rainforest.

The best part is that there are quad bikes to fit the entire family, and you don’t have to worry about having experience because the expert staff is on hand to teach you everything you’ll need to know and guide you over every bump and around every turn.

Do I need experience horse riding?

To go horse riding in Cairns, absolutely no experience is necessary, which is what makes this such a perfect activity for the entire family.

You’ll also get the opportunity to learn how to ride an ATV quad bike, so along with the guided tours that follow the safety tutorials, you’re guaranteed to come away with the experience smiling with the memories of all the fun you had and all the incredible new information you learned.

It’s the vacation you’ll be able to brag to your friends about for years go come!

When is the best time to go horse riding in Cairns?

For the sunniest skies and the most comfortable temperatures, the best time to visit Cairns, Kuranda, or any other part of Australia is between the months of May and September, which is actually the winter season in Australia. During the summer months, Australia’s tropical sun can be unbearable. On top of that, the local waters are filled with stingrays and other unpleasant creatures, and it rains all the time.

You’ll definitely want to avoid all of that by coming in the winter, when conditions are just right for a vacation. The only downside to coming during the winter is that it also happens to be high tourist season, so it’s possible you’ll have to deal with lineups, crowds, and overbooking.

That’s why you always want to check in with your tour provider to make sure that nothing has changed with your itinerary.

How much will horse riding in Cairns cost?

For just AUD 75, you and your whole family will receive a magical horseback riding lesson and tour around a quaint family farm in Kuranda, and you’ll also get access to a petting zoo with adorable baby animals and majestic grazing cattle.

However, for AUD 140, you can get all that PLUS a ride for the whole family on ATV quad bikes through a small portion of the Kuranda Rainforest.

How long will horse riding in Cairns last?

If you’re only here to ride a horse, then horse riding in Cairns will only last about 30 minutes, and you’ll be able to get on to one of the plentiful other activities available in Cairns. However, if you’re looking to stick around and enjoy the petting zoo or take an ATV quad bike ride, expect your activity time to be between 2 and 4 hours.

What else should I be aware of before going horse riding in Cairns?

There isn’t any activity in Cairns that is safer than going horse riding and visiting a petting zoo, but it never hurts to be prepared! Here are a few things to keep in mind before making your final decision to book a horse riding tour in Cairns.

  • The horse riding experience in Cairns is absolutely dependent on gorgeous weather, so in the event of rain or other severe weather conditions, the activity will be canceled and a full refund will be issued.
  • Since this activity involves long stretches of riding on a horse and possibly other vehicles, it is not recommended for anyone with back problems.
  • There is a bus from Cairns that takes you all the way to the activity, but there is an extra charge of 30 AUD to be paid to the driver upon arrival. In some cases, hotel pickup is also available.
  • Make sure you're wearing footwear that’s both comfortable and durable, as you’re stepping onto a farm! Flip flops or thongs are not recommended.
  • This activity has a maximum capacity of about 10 people and is likely to fill up quick, so make sure to book well in advance and check in often with your tour provider to guarantee your spot.