Helicopter tours to Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls is one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world and has a long history as a tourist attraction.

When traveling to Niagara Falls, it is all about the views. There are several great spots to admire the falls, but if you are looking for a magnificent bird’s-eye view, you need to book yourself on to one of the best Niagara Falls helicopter tours.

Hover over this incredible natural sight and discover the falls from above giving you a perspective like no other.

This page provides an overview of the various Niagara Falls helicopter flights, including what to see during the ride, how much tours cost, how to book online and get discounts, what is the best time to fly and much more.

Get unbeatable prices and insider tips on the best helicopter tours to Niagara Falls.

Don’t feel like reading ahead? Book your helicopter tour to Niagara Falls right now.

Niagara Falls helicopter tours Niagara from US side

Niagara Falls helicopter tours Niagara from Canadian side

What will you see?

Niagara Falls helicopter tours

Niagara Falls is two cities with the same name, divided by the border between Canada and the United States. The state of Ontario hosts the Canadian portion, and the American part is in the province of New York.

As good neighbors should do, they share the stunning river which connects the American Falls and Canada’s Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

You will fly a scenic route along the Niagara River and admire all of the area’s spectacular natural sites, from the Whirlpool Rapids to the three waterfalls that make up the Niagara Falls.

Along the way, you will also zoom past some of the best attractions in Niagara Falls, such as the Rainbow Bridge and the Skylon Tower. As you fly, the pilot will tell you exciting and informative commentaries about the falls.

The pictures you will capture during your helicopter ride will be absolutely breath-taking. So make sure you do not forget your camera. 🙂

How much do Niagara Falls helicopter tours cost? What price should you pay?

The price of a helicopter tour depends mainly from the duration of the ride, the comfort provided by the helicopter company and if it is a private or shared flight. Usually helicopter tours cost between 100$ up to 750$.

What are the best companies to book a helicopter tour? Are there any discounts available?

Niagara Falls helicopter tours are big business and there is a healthy competition between helicopter companies and travel agencies.

You may book directly with one of the helicopter companies (Toniagara, Rainbow Air, National Helicopters, Niagara Helicopters) or book with an online travel agency such as Viator, Getyourguide, or Adrenaline to name a few.

Prices are very competitive and discounts are offered on a regular basis. Make sure you do a price comparison before booking as you will often find nice discounts.

Niagara Falls helicopter tours from the US side

Niagara Falls helicopter tours from the Canadian side

What is the best time to fly?

Niagara Falls view from the sky

Usually, late morning or early in the afternoon are the best times to fly in Niagara Falls. You will get pretty limited shadows and more brilliant colors with the sun overhead.

Also please note that as the day lengthens, the possibility of clouds or rain increases. If you book your tour in the morning, it gives you more flexibility to reschedule your flight later in the day.

How long do Niagara Falls helicopter tours last?

Most of the Niagara Falls helicopter tours last 12 minutes. There are also some helicopter tours departing from New York or Toronto, the duration is much longer and the price higher.

From where do Niagara Falls helicopter tours depart?

Heliports are situated a few minutes from Niagara Falls, so you don’t need to travel far to take a helicopter tour. Also note that hotel pick-ups can be arranged for free with most of the helicopter companies, so don’t worry about getting there.

Can I cancel my booking before the starting date?

Cancelations policies differ according to the helicopter company you choose. Usually you may cancel your booking 72 hours before departure and get fully refunded. If you wish to cancel your helicopter tour 48 hours prior departure time, you may need to pay a fee per passenger. If you wish to cancel less than 24 hours prior departure time, you won’t get any refund.

Always double check the cancelation policies of the helicopter company before booking.

May I pick my seat before the booking?

Niagara Falls helicopter companies use six-seat helicopters with two passengers in front and four in the back. Therefore two passengers will be seated in the middle seats in the back and with a slightly less direct view of the scenery.

Seating arrangement will be based on the weight of the passengers as weight needs to be balanced to make it fly properly and ultimately for safety reasons.

However, you may voice your seating preferences during the process, and the staff will try to accommodate your wishes before the start of the tour.

What do I do in case of bad weather?

Niagara Falls boat ride

Have a look at the weather forecast before scheduling. In cases of poor visibility, lightning, extreme winds, or heavy rain, your flight may be canceled. Helicopter companies will offer you a full refund or the possibility to reschedule your tour.

Are children allowed inside the helicopter?

Absolutely! Children are allowed to join a helicopter ride. If your baby is younger than one year old, he/she may sit on an adult’s lap. Over 2 years old, children have to pay for their seat as a regular adult.

Travel tips

Best Niagara Falls helicopter tours

  • If you ask for a guaranteed window seat, you may need to book a private tour.
  • Pay attention and follow all safety instructions and do not hesitate to ask questions to the staff.
  • Wear dark clothing to minimize the glare on the helicopter’s windows.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, do not forget to take medication prior to your flight.
  • Use high-speed film for your camera and hold your camera lens near the window to minimize reflections.
  • Avoid wearing earrings as they could get in the way of your headphones.
  • Don’t forget your passport, some companies may require it before boarding.
  • No bags are allowed inside the helicopter. You can store bags and coats in the free lockers.

From the sensation of lift-off, to the excitement of soaring above the amazing rapids and cascading waterfalls, a Niagara helicopters ride is a spectacular and unique experience.  ?

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