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Hallstatt Day Tours from Vienna

Journey through the panoramic Austrian Alps as you pay a visit to the lakeside resort of Salzkammergut on a Hallstatt day trip from Vienna. Enjoy the magnificent sights of the pastel-colored, 16th-century houses casting glimmering reflections onto the crystal clear waters of the pristine lake that highlights the surreal beauty of the region.

What’s more; enjoy a boat ride as you glide tranquilly across the lake from the train station to the village, with towering mountains rearing up on all sides. And in the company of your courteous tour guide, not only you’ll take a guided walk through the village of Hallstatt but also visit one of the oldest monasteries in Austria at Admont Abbey, and glance at the Baroque architecture of the building, famous for its vast monastic library.

How to get to Hallstatt from Vienna? How long does it take?

You have several options to reach Hallstatt from Vienna. It is a lengthy trip regardless of the route you take. Count around 3h30 travel time to reach your destination.

By Car: You can always take your vehicle or rent one to Hallstatt. The commute is reasonable in length and doesn’t include too much traffic though you’ll need to navigate out of Vienna.

By Bus: The reason Hallstatt day tours from Vienna are popular because transportation gets included in the final cost. Sit back and enjoy the terrific countryside as you leave Vienna for Hallstatt.

By Train: Taking a train is another affordable option. You’ll need to get a transfer regardless of the ticket, but you can end up at the central train station in Hallstatt.

How much does a Hallstatt tour from Vienna cost?

A Hallstatt day tour from Vienna is an exciting way to tour the countryside of gorgeous Austria. Spend some time in the Austrian Alps along with a stop at the popular tourist destination – Hallstatt. Day tours average 120€ per person.

An even better option is to package a trip to Hallstatt with other stops in the area. Melk and Salzburg are common stops along the way, depending on the tour. The bargain is outstanding considering all you get to see for an average of 140€.

When is the best time to visit Hallstatt?

Hallstatt is breathtaking any time of the year. In fact, some travelers opt to go in the winter to catch the town in a fresh blanket of snow. However, some of the tourist attractions get closed in the winter.

Early spring (March and April), as well as late autumn (October and November), are the best for weather and limited crowds. The summer months experience heavy volumes of people.

What are the best things to see and do in Hallstatt?

Hallstatt has shifted from an overlooked small town to one of the most in-demand tourist sites in Europe over the last couple of decades. There isn’t a ton of activities to do in the area, but given its landscape, it’s still a very trendy place to visit.


By far the most popular activity to do on a Hallstatt day trip from Vienna is sightseeing. The setting of Hallstatt looks like something out of a calendar or postcard. It’s truly a gorgeous and serene place to visit that you should encounter at least once in your life.


Hallstatt is a tiny community that primarily gets by on tourism. Therefore, there are a series of restaurants and cafes to grab a bite to eat during your time in Hallstatt. While lodging is limited, make sure you at least try a local dish while in town.


Another way to support the local economy is by doing a little shopping. There are several local places where you can find gifts for family and friends. Visit a few to see what the special community has to offer.


Though the terrain is very steep and rough, there are a few opportunities to travel around Hallstatt and explore the landscape. Any opportunity to get a vantage point of the phenomenal terrain is worthwhile. Just make sure you aren’t traveling on private property.

Are there any other places to visit on the way from Vienna to Hallstatt?

Plan your Hallstatt day trip from Vienna to stop by these places on your way to the picturesque town:

The Alps

The Austrian Alps serve as part of Europe’s primary mountain range. The massive range extends from the Mediterranean coast of France and Switzerland to Italy and Slovenia. It is difficult to find a place with better views as the Alps is among the most appreciated spots to enjoy nature in the world.

Admont Abbey

The Benedictine monastery is near the Enns River. It creates another stop along the way for a picturesque setting and opportunity to tour the oldest remaining monastery in Styria. It contains the largest monastic library in the world.


Melk is a small town which contains the large Benedictine monastery Melk Abbey. It is another important and historical religious site to visit in the region. Melk is a scenic place in Lower Austria next to the Wachau Valley.


Salzburg is German for “salt fortress”. It is a far larger place compared to Melk, representing the fourth-largest city in the country. Along with Hallstatt is generates a lot of its income and wealth through salt extraction. The fortress of Hohensalzburg is a special place to visit.


The area is a popular resort place that stretches from Salzburg to the Northern Limestone Alps and Dachstein Mountains. The Traun River also flows through the region. Several parts of the land are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Travel Tips

  • Hallstatt is beginning to limit the number of daily visitors. It is an effort by the tiny community to limit foot traffic as the number of tourists has skyrocketed in the area in the last decade. Book a Hallstatt day trip from Vienna to secure a spot.
  • Treat the locals with respect and understanding. Hallstatt is very small, as only a handful of people call this special place their home year-round. Some locals have not reacted well to the accelerated number of visitors over the last several years. Keep this in mind by respecting the locals and their way of life.
  • Prepare for the weather. Hallstatt exists along steep, rugged mountain terrain by water. The weather can change without warning. Always make sure you are prepared with layers in case the temperature rapidly changes for the better or worse.