Multi-day Tours and Trips from Sofia

Multi-day Tours and Trips from Sofia

Multi-day trips from Sofia will balance the scales with historic and natural attractions, showing off all the best features of Bulgaria. One of the most beloved cities in the Balkans, Sofia holds a magnificent culmination of Roman and Ottoman history that has left a unique imprint on the city.

But, venturing out of the city gives you a chance to further uncover the ties that Bulgaria has to the ancient world and how so many cultures have helped shape the vibrant country that it is today.

Sofia is also in a prime spot to give you access to the most breathtaking landscapes the country has to offer.

2-day trips from Sofia: Kosovo and North Macedonia, Thracian tombs and Vitosha Mountain

Don’t make the grave mistake of only exploring one Balkan country when you find yourself in this corner of the world. With a jam-packed 2-day tour from Sofia you can squeeze in some time in Kosovo and North Macedonia.

Gain valuable insight into Yugoslavia’s place in modern-day Europe and how Balkan countries are all part of a unique interconnected cultural tapestry.

Visit the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, to see a fraction of the Ottoman history that left deep footprints in the region. You can admire marvelous views from Skopje Fortress, visit the Sultan Murat Mosques, and stroll in the Old Bazaar and Caravanserais.

A mere 2 hours from Skopje is Kosovo’s capital Pristina. See the city’s fascinating modern developments in contrast to its 15th-century foundations and also head to the mountains to see the beauty of Prizren.

This might seem like a lot to take in during such a short trip but that’s what guided tours are for! You get to see all the highlights, getting more bang for your buck, with none of the hassles of planning the stops.

If the name Spartacus rings a bell, you have heard of the fearsome Thracian warriors. These ancient tribes were known to be heroes and fighters and had a major influence on the ancient Greek world. Today you can get in touch with an almost-forgotten past by visiting the impressive Thracian tombs in central Bulgaria.

On a 2-day trip from Sofia, you will visit the Valley of the Thracian kings where several tombs have been impeccably preserved, telling the stories of powerful kings during Hellenistic times. The tombs of Helvetsia, Griffons and Shushmanets are only a few of the treasures you will discover along the way.

Vitosha Mountain is conveniently located on the outskirts of Sofia so you might be wondering how a multi-day trip is possible. This 2-day hiking trip will show you how much is possible such a short way from the city. Once you reach the summit you will be blown away by views of the Balkans to the north and the Rila mountains to the south and on the way, you can make a pit stop at the serene Dragalevtsi Monastery.

Spend the night in the mountain with the spangly lights of Sophia flickering in the distance, embracing the tranquility that envelops your campsite. Everyone knows a downhill trek wreaks havoc on your knees, so why not fly down? That’s right, an expert paraglider will escort you down the mountain in style, giving you a bird’s eye view of Bulgaria’s capital and touching down in another beautiful section of the mountain. This is undoubtedly one of the most memorable ways to finish your visit to Sofia.

3-day trips from Sofia: Plovdiv and Rila Mountains

Bulgaria has a rich and diverse ancient past and it is particularly prevalent in the historic city of Plovdiv. Here you can find Roman ruins, Ottoman architecture and Persian influences all colliding harmoniously, cultivating one of the European Capitals of Culture.

The city is only an hour and a half southwest of Sofia but it is only a quarter of its size, capturing the charm and magnetism of an old-world city in a more compact size.

On a 3-day tour from Sofia, you can visit ancient wonders like the magnificent Theatre of Philippopolis and the Roman Stadium and then wander through blissful cobbled lanes, admiring Ottoman revival houses. A trip to Plovdiv gives you a taste of Bulgaria's rich culture and current creative climate.

The Rila Mountains serve as an action-packed playground for outdoor enthusiasts and stand proud as Bulgaria’s highest mountain range. These peaks and valleys offer year-round entertainment and unbeatable scenery and it is up to you to find your adventure. Perhaps you want to strap on your crampons and scale a sheer icy rockface or maybe you enjoy galloping on horseback through a lush green valley.

You can take to the slopes of Musala peak on 2-day trips to Rila in the winter or you can wait for spring to roll around to see wildflowers decorate the landscape around the grand Seven Rila Lakes that sit high in the mountains over three days. The tranquility and grandeur of this mountain range also serve as the backdrop for Rila Monastery, the largest in the country.

4-day trips from Sofia: Wine country and Rhodope mountain

Bulgaria is widely celebrated for its rose oils and stunning mountainous landscapes but you will be remiss if you leave out the country’s rich wine-making history during your visit.

A 4-day trip from Sofia is the best way to experience the abundant nature of Bulgaria's wine-making industry and indulge in the outstanding cultivars just as Dionysus would have wanted.

Spend a couple of days savoring the tastes of Bulgaria at wineries like Villa Yustina and Todoroff Wine Residence and see why the Thracian Valley has been named one of the best wine-producing regions in Europe. You will also take the time to explore the ancient history that shaped the industry and the region where it flourishes.

Bulgarian wines are full of flavor and character and your inner sommelier will thank you for taking your time and exploring this majestic region over the course of a few days.

Thrill seekers should pay attention because Rhodope mountain is where you want to be. Feel the wind on your face as you drive through the mountain on a motorcycle. You will pass by some of the country’s most famous natural wonders while learning about the vast historic and cultural treasures on offer.

Peer over the dramatic vistas of Vucha dam and feel the might of Trigrad gorge as mountain walls rise high beside you. Continue through the Central Balkan mountains and take a journey through mystical lands, once traversed by Romans and gods alike.