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Boat Trips and Tours in Seoul

Escape the electric technology lighting up the skyscrapers spanning across South Korea’s lively, hustling and bustling city, Seoul, and make your way to Han River for a relaxing, but entertaining cruise. Meander through the river’s calm waters and marvel at the array of city lights, artistic bridges, and various monuments traversing across the riverbank. If you’re looking for a different perspective of the grande metropolis, you may want to consider hopping on one of the various extravagant boat tours in Seoul.

What will you see on your boat tour in Seoul?

From the comfort of your boat, you will catch a glimpse of the landmarks highlighting Seoul’s ability to construct majestic, unique buildings and monuments. What will you see? Let’s take a look:

63 building

Gaze at the magnificent, soaring skyscraper, 63 building from Han River’s smooth waters. Why did they construct such a massive building? For the 1988 Summer Olympics. The 63 building served as a monumental landmark!

N Seoul Tower

If you’re looking for tall, sky-high buildings, Seoul is the place to go! On your boat tour, you can view the popular tourist attraction and the second tallest structure in Seoul: N Seoul Tower.

Banpodaegyo Bridge

Marvel at South Korea’s first double-decker bridge: the ever-so stunning and eccentric, Banpodaegyo Bridge. 27 bridges tower over the Han River in Seoul, but the Banpodaegyo Bridge renders as the most iconic. Between April to October, lucky viewers will get a chance to watch the fountain show, where a rainbow of colors cascades out of the bridge.

Jamsil Olympic Stadium

Spot where athletes powered their way to gold, silver, and bronze medals at the 1988 Olympics! It now functions as a multipurpose center.

Yanghwa Bridge

Admire the expansive eight-lane Yanghwa Bridge traversing across Han River.

What kind of boat tours are available in Seoul?

Are you looking to marvel at Seoul from the comforts of a river cruise? Some excursions combine sightseeing tours with boat trips, while others simply offer a brief, but a peaceful tour meandering the waters of Han River.

Two of the most popular boat tours in Seoul include either a 40-minute to 70-minute cruise. If you opt for the 40-minute cruise, you will get the chance to listen to live entertainment, while the 70-minute day excursion will take you to the rainbow fountain show at Banpodaegyo Bridge.

How much does a boat tour cost?

The 40-minute cruise costs around $15 USD (€13.7) per person, and the 70-minute exploration costs around $22 USD (€20).

Where do boat tours leave from?

For most of your boat tours in Seoul you will meet at Eland Cruise Ticket Office. However, some meeting points may vary depending on your tour package. For example, some people may opt to go on a combination tour, which includes sightseeing and a boat cruise.

When is the best time for a boat trip in Seoul?

If you want to watch the vibrant rainbow fountain show at Banpodaegyo Bridge on your boat excursion, it’s best to visit Seoul between April and October. Plus, Seoul experiences lovely weather during these months!

Travel tips

  • Aim to visit Seoul between April and October, so you can see the rainbow fountain display at Banpodaegyo Bridge.
  • Pay attention to your ticket! Your cruise is only valid for the time marked on your voucher.
  • Be sure to meet for your excursion 10-minutes before departure.
  • Don’t forget to bring your ID, or else they may not let you on your tour.