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Boat Tours and Cruises in Ibiza

Boat tours in Ibiza offer the opportunity to sail from the sandy beaches into the calm, tropical waters and feel the soft breeze brush against your skin as you marvel at the beauty of the turquoise Mediterranean waters. The boats take you to the unspoiled Ibiza to discover the reefs in the Mediterranean, explore secret caves and natural reserves in the most idyllic corners, and hop between the pristine, golden beaches.

The day gets even more magical as you get to savor the delicious barbecue prepared by the crew. Take a camera to capture the gorgeous views and sit back as you enjoy a sip of complimentary Sangria under the Ibiza sun. While getting natural tan sunbathing on the deck is relaxing, dive in to swim, paddle-board, and snorkel in the warm, crystal-clear azure water and get your heart pumping.

Ibiza is a small island town nestled in the archipelago of Spain that never falls short of options to enthrall you. Also, known as the White Island, Ibiza is internationally renowned for its long stretches of golden sands and incredible boat tours and cruises in addition to its plush nightlife.

When in Ibiza you cannot miss the legendary sunset as the sky turns through a spectrum of red, orange, and pink from a boat. Here is a fine collection of boat tours and cruises that you should not miss, for it is said, the fun-quotient is doubled, when you party in the sea.

Beach hopping boat tours

Discover Ibiza’s pristine beaches and waters and soak your spirits in pure ecstasy as you drift along the blue waters in a completely motorized catamaran. Enjoy pure bliss as you stopover at Cala Bassa and Cala Conta beaches to enjoy the mellow sun. The next halt will bring you a swimming surprise to cool yourself as you can dip in the fresh blue waters and come out with a renewed spirit. As you drift, you will get to discover the side of Ibiza that only comes alive when you are in the sea.

Formentera boat tours

Cruise to the picturesque Formentera Island that will bowl you over with its immaculate beauty. The excursion will unfold some of the most iconic views like the La Mola lighthouse, the Es Caló beach with its picture-perfect views of fisherman’s huts, and the capital Sant Francesc. Finally, you can take delight in a serene walk along the Playa de Ses Illite beach-one of the most captivating beaches in Europe.

Snorkeling, beach and cave boat tours

This is your chance to come close with natural wonders in Ibiza as you set to scout out the rocky caves and get a chance to hop over two different stopovers for snorkeling and swimming. It is a golden chance to have a rendezvous with the incredible marine life that will leave you bewitched. Can you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins as you behold the view of the stunning coastline from the sea?

Party boat tours

Hop on this crazy tour with one simple mission that begins and ends in euphoria. Experience the most generous champagne showers in Ibiza amid a crowd that will leave you thrilled with joy all in the middle of the ocean. It is the seventh heaven on a sail, as you soak your spirits in the hottest DJ beats in the company of some of the finest drinks from the Open Bar.

Es Vedra cruises

The voyage will leave you mesmerized as you are going to set foot on the rock island that is home to endless myths. As you drift along the quiet waters on your luxe catamaran, you will feel the serenity and calmness- a mental escape from the bustling city life. Experience life at a slow pace and unwind as you leave your worries behind for a lazy-day sailing.

Sunset boat tours

What more can you wish for when you get to immerse in your favorite range of drinks, as you admire the beauty of the setting sun amid happy vibes and sparkling drinks? Treat your eyes to the breathtaking view of the heavenly sunset and get bewitched by nature’s beauty that never fails to astound you.

How much should I budget for a boat tour in Ibiza?

The tickets for the ravishing boat tours in Ibiza are in the range between €40 and €80. The prices can be stretched far and wide if you opt for exclusive packages where you can choose your group and have fun wrapped in privacy. The experiences that are unfolded are truly unmatched and unforgettable.

How long does a boat tour take?

Your stay in Ibiza is not complete till you witness it from the blue waters. The duration of the boat tours varies according to your itinerary and you can choose the one that perfectly fits into your schedule.  You can either choose to enjoy an hour-long tour or take delight in a relaxing tour that lasts 12 hours.

Where do boat tours in Ibiza depart from?

The exuberant island of Ibiza takes care of every detail to ensure a hassle-free stay for its visitors.  The boat tours thus have many points of departure, like Palapa Ibiza, Passeig de la Mar, Figueretas Beach, Playa den Bossa, to mention a few.

When is the best time to experience a boat tour in Ibiza?

Ibiza is always teeming with tourists and is a hot pick for its exquisite boat tours and cruises. If you like to mingle with people from different corners of the world, then you should visit Ibiza anytime from late May to early October to enjoy the sunshine shimmering on blue waters.

However, if you love the serenity and are on the prowl for a private holiday, it is best to drop by late spring or early fall. You not only avoid huge crowds can avoid hot temperatures, and get a better deal on all boat tours and cruises.

Travel Tips

Ibiza is a favorite tourist destination looking for amazing nightlife and unmatched boat tours. However, it is always best to know the place before you travel to make the maximum of your holiday.

  • You can always keep local currency handy so that you can shop from the local sellers if your boat tour makes some stops on the island.
  • Prefer buses over other private transport to reach the departure points of your boat tours, as they are safe and preferred by the majority of tourists apart from being easy on your pocket.
  • If you are planning to visit during peak season, get your bookings done well in time to get the best deals on the boat tours of your choice.