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Walking Tours in Naxos

Some consider Naxos one of the most underrated Greek islands. The largest of the Cyclades, Naxos bears resemblance to Mykonos and Santorini, without the throngs of crowds or the party atmosphere.

Naxos boasts whitewashed villages trimmed in blue, and beaches that rival those of Mykonos. With a history dating back millennia and a vibrant local scene, Naxos seamlessly blends ancient with modern. A walking tour in Naxos is an enchanting way to discover this island gem.

Here's all you need to know about walking tours, one of the most captivating sightseeing tours in Naxos.

What are the best walking tours in Naxos

Portara, castle and Old Town tours

A walking tour is a warm introduction to the charms of Naxos town. Get acquainted with this colorful village with the help of an expert who will lead you to the top sites while recounting millennia of history.

Learn the meanders of its stone lanes as you make your way to Portara, also known as Apollo’s Temple, the old market and the medieval Kastro district with a small group.

Sunset tours

Accompany a guide and a small group for a tour to Naxos’s best-known sites with the grand finale of a sunset at Portara. Hear the stories of Naxos’s inhabitants over the centuries as you explore the pedestrian lanes of Kastro and the old market, before your tour concludes with a dazzling sunset seen from Apollo’s doorway.

Which places are visited?


The Venetian castle, or “kastro,” has dominated Naxos Town’s hillside perch for 800 years. Dating back to the time of Venetian rule over the Cyclades, the fortress’s defensive stone walls still maintain two of the original gateways and two of its 12 towers. Within the walls is a neighborhood that has been continuously inhabited since the kastro’s construction.

Step through the “paraporti” or “traniporti," the two surviving entrances to the fortress, to find timeless mansions, alleyways, churches, courtyards and buildings that have served a multitude of purposes over the centuries. Structures that were once homes, schools or seats of power now host museums, shops, restaurants and cafes.

The Catholic Cathedral

Housed within the kastro ramparts, the Venetian Catholic church is worth a visit. Its sturdy form has held its place in the castle’s central square for seven centuries. Step inside to eye the many Venetian family crests and icons. Of note is a double-sided icon depicting the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist that predates the church by over a century.


Apollo’s Temple, or Portara, invites you through its doorway to imagine the cool stone walls that once stood at the site. Now in ruins, Portara gives way to sweeping views of the Aegean Sea and Naxos’s rocky shoreline. Many tours end at Portara for a chance to witness a Mediterranean sunset framed by the 6th-century-BCE doorway.

The Old Market

A warren of stone alleyways replete with tunnels, shady arbors and sunbaked courtyards invites visitors with the promise of shopping and dining. However, the enticing lanes soon will take center stage as you marvel at the picturesque Old Market streets. Your guide will help you navigate the paths and point out the best shops, galleries and tavernas.

How much do walking tours in Naxos cost?

Walking tours in Naxos cost from €30 per person to €40 per person. More expensive tours guarantee groups no larger than 10 people and some also include the cost of entrance to the Naxos Archeological Museum.

What is included?

Naxos walking tours include an expert guide who will lead you to the must-see sites while regaling you with stories and legends. Take in tips on how to spend the rest of your vacation in the town and other parts of the island.

More expensive tours include entrance and a guided tour of the archeological museum in the Venetian castle.

Where does it start?

Walking tours in Naxos start at centrally-located meeting points, either at Naxos Port, the bus transfer station or another easily-reached landmark in town.

How long does it last?

Naxos walking tours last 2 to 3 hours. Tour providers ask that you arrive at the meeting point 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the excursion.

When is the best time for a walking tour in Naxos?

Taking a walking tour at the beginning of your stay in Naxos is a great way to learn the layout of the town.

Naxos and other islands in the area experience peak tourist crowds in the summer, so a walking tour in March through May, September and October can be more pleasant.

Travel tips

  • Walking tours in Naxos require a reasonable fitness level and are not adaptable for people with limited mobility.
  • Bring water, sun protection and a jacket for sunset tours.
  • Schedule a morning or evening tour to avoid midday heat.

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