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Kayaking Tours & Trips in Menorca

Menorca is one of the wildest islands in the Balearic Islands, with a mountainous territory and a rugged coastline. The coast is dotted with hundreds of bays, inlets, sea caves, and beaches accessible only from the sea.

Join a kayak tour to explore the island's marine nature reserves and enter sea caves accessible only by swimming or kayaking. You will be able to snorkel in the best places on the island!

What are the best kayak tours in Menorca?

Kayak excursion with snorkeling

Join a kayaking and snorkeling tour that explores the whole Fornells Bay. Discover hidden caves, bays and inlets that you can only see by kayaking.

The excursion starts from Fornells and the itinerary includes many points of interest inside the bay or outside. After receiving the kayak's safety instructions, we set off towards the bay's inner part, reaching Cala Blanca, Cabra Salada and S'Arenalet. You will make several stops to notice and go snorkeling.

Afterward, if the weather is good, you will continue the tour outside the bay on the eastern part of the coast. You will delve into the Cave of the English and Cave of Images, two caves ideal for snorkeling.

Tour of the caves of Cala en Porter by kayak

If you want to visit the south of Menorca and, in particular, the surroundings of Cala'n Porter, this kayak tour is perfect. The kayak excursion starts from the beach of Cala en Porter and goes exploring Cales Coves, the area of the island with the highest number of caves.

You will sail west towards Cales Coves and Morro de Poniente, along a rugged coast full of bays, sea caves and beaches. The guide will give you a lot of information on the geology of the coast.

Of course, there will be several stops for swimming and snorkeling and time to visit the Talayotic necropolis of Cales Coves. You will then reverse the route to return to Cala en Porter. The kayak excursion lasts more than 3 hours.

Kayak tour in the marine reserve

This kayak excursion follows the itinerary of the caves of Fornells bay. Depart from Fornells beach to visit the coastal sea caves around the bay.

This kayak tour is an excellent choice for international travelers, as the guide speaks Spanish, English, Italian and French. You will stop at several places to rest, swim and snorkel.

Kayak rental in Menorca

This offer is perfect for those who do not want to participate in a tour but choose their own path. Choose to rent a kayak in Fornells and decide for yourself what to visit and for how long.

Renting a kayak is cheaper than joining a guided tour. With only € 20 per person, you can rent a kayak for 4 hours.

You will be able to visit the whole Marine Nature Reserve near Fornells, including Cala Blanca and the Cave of the English man. The kayak rental also includes snorkeling equipment.

What are the best places to kayak in Menorca?

Fornells bay

Fornells Bay is located north of Menorca, around the town of Fornells. The bay is a cove over 3 kilometers long with a rugged coastline full of caves. With a kayak, you can explore the whole bay and enter several sea caves. Kayaking is the best and most ecological way to move among the natural beauties of Fornells Bay.

Cala'n Porter

Cala en Porter is located south of Menorca. It is easy to leave with a kayak excursion from the city to visit the area of Cales Coves, which is the area with the most sea caves on the island.

What is the best season to go kayaking in Menorca?

Menorca enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. Definitely, the best season for water activities like kayaking is the summer.

In summer (June - September), the temperature is high and you can swim and snorkel in a bathing suit.

In April, May, October and November, there are many sunny days with pleasant temperatures and a kayak tour can be done safely. In spring, the water can be a bit cold and it can take a wetsuit to snorkel for an extended time.

How much do kayak tours cost in Menorca?

The price of kayak tours in Menorca depends on the destination and duration.

  • Whether from Fornells or Cala en Porter, all kayak tours cost between € 40 and € 50 per person.
  • Renting a kayak costs € 10 per person for 1 hour or € 20 for 4 hours.

How long does a kayak trip in Menorca last?

Kayaking tours typically last 3 to 4 hours. The duration is enough to enjoy paddling, visit multiple bays, caves and beaches and have time to snorkel.

Which safety devices are needed to go kayaking in Menorca?

Each participant must wear a life jacket provided by the tour operator.

Kayaking is very safe and the activity is also suitable for beginners. You must be able to swim to participate in the tour.

Do the participants of the kayak tours in Menorca have to be in good physical shape?

Taking part in a kayak tour does not require great physical skills. However, participants must be in good physical shape.

Kayak tours are not recommended for:

  • pregnant women
  • people with severe back problems
  • people with reduced mobility
  • people with seasickness problems
  • adults over 65.

Can children join a kayak tour in Menorca?

Yes, children can join the kayak tours in Menorca, but they will have to sit on their parents' lap if they are very young. Children must always be accompanied by their parents.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Kayak tours depend on suitable weather conditions. If there is bad weather, the activity is canceled and you will get a full refund.

If the sea is rough, the itinerary may be subject to variations, spending more time in the inland bays and avoiding entering the open sea.

Where do kayaking excursions in Menorca depart from?

There are two points of interest where kayak tours take place: Fornells bay and Cala en Porter.

Kayak tours depart from Fornells' Paseo Maritimo or Cala en Porter beach, respectively.

Which other sporting activities can be done in Menorca?

Despite being a small island, Menorca offers an excellent environment for various water and sports activities.

  • Boat trips and tours. Set sail on a catamaran to visit Menorca's most beautiful coves or enjoy the sunset over the sea.
  • Snorkeling. Discover the wonders of the sea in the coves with crystal clear water.
  • Jeep tours. Visit the trails of the interior of Menorca on a 4x4 jeep safari.

Travel tips

Here are some tips to better enjoy your kayaking trip from Menorca.

  • Bring your swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, beach towel and flip flops with you.
  • You can bring something to eat.
  • Book well in advance to reserve the tour at your preferred time. On busy days, kayak tours are sold out.