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Day Trips and Tours from Hua Hin

Day Trips and Tours from Hua Hin

Tourists staying in Hua Hin are in easy reach of a plethora of destinations that showcase the very best of Thailand’s natural beauty and culture. From historic marketplaces selling local desserts to national parks where elephants roam freely and captivating waterfalls that cascade into glistening pools below, you can see it all with a day trip and tour from Hua Hin.

Suitable for all the family, these tours are bound to be a highlight of any traveler's vacation.

Kaeng Krachan National Park

The largest national park in Thailand, Kaeng Krachan covers more than 2,900 square kilometers across the Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan provinces. Listed by UNESCO, the park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, making it an exquisite destination for avid travelers.

On a day trip to Kaeng Krachan National Park, you can discover some of the wildlife that call this stretch of Thailand home, from shy leopards to enormous elephants, as well as bears, golden jackals and civets. More commonly seen are the inquisitive stump-tailed macaques that swing from tree to tree inside the reserve, as well as exotic birds that litter the skies overhead.

You’ll get up close to the action via an invigorating trek through the jungle and explore the spectacular man-made Kaeng Krachan Reservoir.


Located along the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand, the seaside town of Pranburi is both quiet and charming. However, while the town is picture-perfect, Pranburi’s river and forest park are what attract the most tourists to this corner of the country.

The forest park is formed of mangroves, which provide a habitat for a variety of birds, including red-necked stints and greater sand plovers. Those that sail along the river on a day trip to Pranburi will have the opportunity to see how tropical fruit grows as they pass endless groves of prickly pineapples and juicy mangoes, and watch out for the large monitor lizards that dip in and out of the water.

Pala-u Waterfall

While situated inside Kaeng Krachan National Park, Pala-u Waterfall is an attraction by itself. Surrounded by dense forest that was established over 1,000 years ago, the waterfall is formed of 16 tiers, creating an impressive sight for visitors to capture on film.

Those on an excursion to Pala-u Waterfall can experience the sparkling waters for themselves by paddling in the natural attraction’s largest pool.

Alongside the tumbling falls, you’ll also discover more of Thailand’s wonders through the national park’s plethora of creatures, including several species of butterflies, often seen around the waterfall, as well as elephant herds that have settled nearby.

Rarely sighted but still present in the park are tigers, as well as Asiatic wild dogs and Asian golden cats. On some Pala-u Waterfall day trips, you may visit additional destinations, such as historic temples, to give you a more well-rounded view of the area.

Amphawa Floating Market

If you consult any traveler’s Thailand bucket list, you’ll likely find that a floating market secures a spot on their must-see destinations. These floating markets take place across the country with vendors selling their wares from traditional wooden boats.

Taking place every Friday to Sunday is the Amphawa Floating Market, located in the Samut Songkhram Province. This is one of the oldest markets of its kind, having been established in the 17th century. Today, it is still a flourishing attraction for both tourists and locals.

As you stroll along the canal on a Amphawa Floating Market day trip, you’ll have the opportunity to haggle with sellers as you purchase handmade souvenirs and artisanal crafts, alongside local Thai delicacies.