Gastronomic Experiences in Gran Canaria

Gastronomic Experiences in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, or Grand Canary Island, is the third-largest island in the Canary Island archipelago and its capital, Las Palmas is a vibrant resort destination and cruise stop. Apart from its white sand and black lava beaches, the island offers visitors a variety of cultural and gastronomic experiences and activities.

Lying at the confluence of trade routes between Europe, Africa and the Americas, the island has been a prominent port for ships from far and wide. Gran Canaria’s long, multicultural history has resulted in a cuisine that is distinctive, with dishes that blend Spanish, Canarian and other influences from further afield.

In addition to the flavors of food prepared in Gran Canaria, the island’s rich volcanic soils and unique climate provide wine growers with ideal conditions.

The island is more than just a resort holiday destination, and a gastronomic experience in Gran Canaria is definitely something every visitor should consider.

Food Tours

A Gran Canaria food tour is an immersive experience into the flavors of Spanish and Canarian food specialities. These mouthwatering experiences introduce you to traditional local dishes and even fusion cuisine — where the echo of herbs and spices from elsewhere across the globe create dishes that are truly unique.

For a quick introduction to the tastes of Gran Canaria, you can join a food and tapas tour in Las Palmas. Longer and more comprehensive food tours include more than just cuisine, with visits to olive groves, salt pans and volcanos.

Food such as potatoes with mojo picón, millet broth and traditional Canarian stew are all local favorites, with frangollo — a sweet flan being a popular dessert.

Activities such as camel rides and boat cruises are often combined with food experiences, giving you the chance to see the island while appreciating the delicacies it has to offer.

Wine tours and tastings

Rich volcanic soil, rolling hillsides and a dry climate combine to create a wine-makers paradise. The island has a longstanding viticultural history and is popular with wine enthusiasts.

A wine tour in Gran Canaria typically includes insights into the history of wine-making, the craft of wine production and the opportunity to taste some of the best wines the island has to offer.

Wine tastings are regularly paired with tapas or a coffee tasting experience. At one of Gran Canaria’s historical wineries, you will have the chance to learn about the endemic grapes that flourish in the rich soil and have the chance to wander through the well-established vineyards.

Cheese Tastings

Gran Canaria also has a thriving cheese industry, with its characteristic flavors, obtained by combining cow, sheep and goat milk in varying proportions.

During a cheese tasting excursion on Gran Canaria, expert cheesemakers will tell you about the different varieties of cheese produced on the island. You will be able to taste local cheeses and even pair them with the appropriate local wine.

Other tours such as Beach barbeques also include cheese tastings as part of the experience, and here you may also taste cheese from elsewhere on the Mediterranean.


Foodies will be spoiled for choice when it comes to dinners in Gran Canaria. Not only are there plenty of eateries serving tapas and other local speciality dishes, there are also restaurants serving seafood, contemporary cuisine and innovative dishes.

To add to the food experience, there is the option to book a sailing boat dinner cruise which includes a scenic boat trip, live entertainment and a buffet menu. This type of tour is the perfect way to end the day as you appreciate the magnificent sunset while sipping sparkling.