Day Trips and Tours from Fethiye

Day Trips and Tours from Fethiye

Fethiye is a port city along the southwestern coast of Turkey, known for its spectacular turquoise water and natural harbor inlets. Fethiye is steeped in history, with remains from ancient civilizations dating back to the 4th century B.C.

The coastal port town is centrally located among a vast number of natural and historic locations that can be visited nearby. Take a day trip from Fethiye to explore all that the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has to offer.

Blue Lagoon Ölüdeniz

Blue Lagoon Ölüdeniz is a stunning beach located just a 20-minute drive away from Fethiye. The colorful destination attracts adrenaline junkies from around the world with many outdoor activity options, such as scuba diving and paragliding. Take a day trip to Blue Lagoon Ölüdeniz from Fethiye to explore the famous azure waters and enjoy a bit of adventure with an exhilarating outdoor activity.


Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its remarkable white travertine limestone terraces. The natural phenomenon was formed by the ice-blue hot springs that surround the ancient city of Hierapolis nearby. You can take a day trip to Pamukkale from Fethiye as the area is just 3 hours from the coastal city. On a tour of Pamukkale, you’ll be intrigued by the spectacular views of the rugged mountain landscape against the natural mineral terraces.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a nature lover’s paradise nestled in a lush green gorge in Turkey’s Mula Province. The valley boasts fresh air, crystal blue water and nearly 100 different species of butterflies and moths to explore. On a day trip to Butterfly Valley from Fethiye, you can hike the mountain terrain with an expert guide, or dive deep underwater to explore the thriving marine ecosystem below. You can visit the Valley’s magnificent waterfall and a nearby cave where many of the moth species thrive.


Dalyan is a town and river that connects the Turkish Mediterranean to Köyceğiz Lake inland. Take a day trip to Dalyan from Fethiye to learn about the protected species of Loggerhead Sea Turtles on Iztuzu Beach and relax with a mud bath in the river’s nearby sulfur pools. Dalyan is also known for the ancient ruins of Caunos, including 4th-century B.C. tombs that overlook the turquoise blue water.


A day trip to Tlos from Fethiye is the perfect excursion for history lovers. This ancient city contains ruins that date back over 5,000 years, including a 14th-century Ottoman castle and rock formations from the Lycian period. On a tour of Tlos, you’ll see the remains of the Acropolis, necropolis, stadium, public baths and more. Nearby you’ll spot a beautiful mountain range and lush valleys that surround the ancient ruins.

Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent Gorge is the perfect destination for outdoor activities while on a day trip from Fethiye. The natural canyon is one of the deepest in all of Europe, offering opportunities for hiking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting. While on a tour of Saklikent Gorge, you will see the ice-blue Gizlikent Waterfall and pay a visit to the Ancient city of Tlos to tour the ruins. The gorge also offers panoramic views of Turkey’s stunning countryside.


Hierapolis is one of the most recognizable archaeological sites of the Anatolian Provinces, known for its mythological mystery. The ancient town was built on top of the hot springs of Pamukkale, leading many to believe the city has healing powers. On a day trip to Hierapolis from Fethiye, you’ll take a peek into the ancient past of Turkey with visits to the Roman amphitheater, temple ruins, thermal baths, necropolis graves and more. History lovers will feel immersed in the ancient civilization while perusing sarcophagi remains and mausoleums.


Rhodes is the largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, located on the southeastern side of the Aegean Sea. The beach resort islet is known for the ancient remains of the Knights of St. John from the Crusades and its picturesque Medieval Old Town. The Island of the Knights, as it is known, also features a wealth of beaches, where you relax, swim or partake in a number of summer sports. Rhodes is just a 2-hour boat ride from Fethiye, making it the perfect destination for an impromptu day trip.

Gemiler Island

Gemiler Island is a small but breathtaking islet right off the coast of Turkey. The special place is also called St. Nicholas Island, as Father Christmas himself is said to be buried on the land. Gemiler Island is covered in small Byzantine churches, ancient vaults and ruins that date back to the 4th century. The lush vegetation and surrounding blue water add to the charisma of this beautiful day trip destination from Fethiye.


Kayakoy is an abandoned village located in southwest Turkey in the old Lycian province. The centuries-old metropolis is now considered a ghost town, filled with haunted tales of centuries past. On a day trip to Kayakoy from Fethiye, you’ll learn about the ruined town that was once a flourishing Greek village, abandoned in 1923. You’ll also have the chance to stop by a colorful Turkish market to buy local wares and indulge in a traditional Turkish delight tasting.