Day Trips and Tours from Catania

Day Trips and Tours from Catania

If you want to discover the wonders and delights of Sicily, then Catania is the perfect base for your exploration. Located on the island’s eastern coast, this ancient city provides the ideal springboard for journeys into surrounding regions — with numerous day trips and tours from Catania to choose from.

Catania and its surrounds appeal to a variety of travelers — whether they be visitors to the hulking figure of Mount Etna, the stylish streets of Taormina or the ancient ruins of Agrigento. Best of all, Catania remains unapologetically Sicilian, treating visitors to authentic experiences while allowing them a glimpse into the very soul of the Old Country.

Mount Etna

A visit to Sicily won't be complete without a journey to one of its most iconic landmarks, the brooding presence of Mount Etna — one of the world’s most active and infamous volcanoes.

The mountain is a mere 40 kilometers from Catania, making it the perfect destination for a full-day tour of Mount Etna. During your excursion, you’ll learn how this fiery giant is intertwined with the region’s history — witnessing firsthand the impact on the local identity and agriculture while discovering why the locals are happy to live in its volatile shadow.

Don’t worry, if you’re looking for an experience that stimulates your body instead of your grey matter then Mount Etna is also perfect for you — with a variety of outdoor activities and sports on offer that will make your day trip exhilarating as well as unforgettable. You can choose to hike or bike your way up its slopes, discovering its ancient craters and caves as you go — learning more about volcanoes while enjoying the great outdoors.

And even though the terrain might seem challenging or even daunting, your expert guide will be close at hand, making this tour as safe and enjoyable as it will be memorable.


Not many villages can boast that they’ve been a popular tourist destination for well over 2000 years, but that's exactly the case for Taormina —  a stunningly beautiful seaside town that’s been drawing visitors since 400 BC.

And once you’ve walked these ancient streets for yourself — making your way up to the ruins of the ancient Greek theatre — you’ll understand exactly what all the fuss is about. The view alone is worth the day trip from Catania, with Mount Etna in the distance providing the perfect backdrop for a stunning panoramic of this captivating town.

But it’s not only the scenery that has cemented Taormina’s reputation as one of Sicily’s must-visit locations — with the town being home to trendy cafes, pristine beaches and an engrossing history. Its proximity to Catania makes it the ideal destination for a guided tour from the city — enabling you to experience a town that has become a playground for the rich and famous without losing its authentic Sicilian soul.


The city of Noto has a rich history, with legendary figures like Hercules purportedly once calling these ancient streets their home. The city played an important role throughout the centuries, with the Ancient Greeks and Romans using it as a center of governance for the area. As a result, many of their influences can still be seen throughout Noto, making it a wonder-filled destination for a day trip from Catania.

In the late 7th century, the city was captured by Islamic forces and they proceeded to transform Noto into one of the three capitals of Sicily. Later, Noto was conquered by the Normans, adding another intricate strand to this city’s mesmerizing history.

Apart from its ancient roots, Noto is also famous for its stunning architecture — as a large part of the city had to be rebuilt following a devastating earthquake in 1693. This tragedy inadvertently led Noto to become the center of the Sicilian baroque style, as well as one of the most important architectural cities in Italy.

A guided tour of the city is an invaluable experience, allowing you to delve deep into Noto’s layered history — while your experienced tour leader makes the city come to life around you.


You don’t get much more Sicilian than Syracuse, with the ancient city playing a vital role in the island's history. It’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Italy, being founded back when Rome was but a twinkle in Romulus’ eye.

Once the center of the ancient world — with Syracuse dwarfing cities like Athens, Rome and Carthage — today it’s renowned for its charming streets, quintessential Sicilian cuisine and enigmatic ruins. The Teatro Greco is one of the latter, and this hallowed ground, according to legend, is where the art of acting was born — making it an unmissable destination for history and theatre buffs alike.

In fact, Syracuse’s history is so vast that one might struggle to take it all in during a day tour from Catania — a problem that’s easily solved if one opts for a multi-day trip in Sicily.


Agrigento is an unmissable stop on Sicily’s southwestern coast and a destination that’s easily explored during a day trip from Catania. Today, the city is as famous for its solemn ruins as it is for its bustling medieval old town.

This charming district acts as the beating heart of the city and you’ll find historic buildings and picturesque alleyways in between hip cafes and restaurants. The city is perfect for all types of travelers, with ancient temples, immaculate beaches and uniquely Sicilian nightlife all on offer.

The city’s main attraction remains “The Valley of the Temples,” a 13 square-kilometer archeological park just outside of Agrigento. Here you’ll find the stunning ruins of the Temple of Concordia as well as the remnants of the city’s ancient predecessor.