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Saint Tropez: Day Trips and Tours from Cannes, France

The French Riviera is home to Saint-Tropez, a stunning coastal town located in Southeastern France. Tourists and locals alike come from all over to enjoy the city’s beaches and nightlife, particularly during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer. The city sits just outside of major cities like Nice and Cannes, and it is a place you can’t miss on your next French holiday!

How to get to Saint-Tropez from Cannes?

Saint-Tropez is located just 75 kilometers southwest of Cannes along the same coast. You can easily access Saint-Tropez by car, public transportation or a guided tour. All of these options offer you stunning views of the French Riviera, so you can’t go wrong!

From Cannes to Saint-Tropez by car

The drive from Cannes to Saint-Tropez is just under two hours, depending on the route you follow. The quickest way to get there is on the A8, but beware that this route has tolls. Saint- Tropez is just a short drive away!

From Cannes to Saint-Tropez by bus/public transport

Public transportation from Cannes to Saint-Tropez is rather limited, but you can take a ferry or carpool if driving yourself is not an option. The ferry provides a scenic boat ride along the French coast and lasts over an hour. These tickets cost roughly EUR€66 per person.

The most cost-effective option is to take BlaBlaCar. You can connect with local drivers traveling in the same direction and make the journey for as little as EUR€6.

Guided tour to Saint-Tropez from Cannes

If you want to avoid planning travel logistics, a guided tour may be the best option for you. Tour operators offer a variety of tours that usually include hotel pickup and drop-off. If not, they will tell you a common location to meet the rest of the group members before departing for the day trip.

All of the tours include transportation to and from Saint-Tropez.

How much does the entrance ticket to Saint-Tropez cost?

Saint-Tropez is a great stop to add to your French holiday, and the best part is that it is free! Admission to the city itself comes at no cost, but there may be fees to enter historical sites and attractions.

What is the typical itinerary of a day tour to Saint-Tropez from Cannes?

All Cannes to Saint-Tropez tours begin with a pick-up in Cannes or meeting at a common location. The tours depart and head southwest towards Saint-Tropez before stopping at Port-Grimaud, also known as Little Venice.

The town is a sight to see with its countless yachts, colored houses and bridges across canals. Some tours may include additional time in Port-Grimaud to wander around the city.

After seeing Little Venice, you will then get back on the road to Saint-Tropez. Once there, you may tour the citadel, explore the Provencial fish market, walk along the shore and explore the harbor full of boats. Most tours also provide you with free time to explore the city’s countless dining and shopping options.

After spending the day in Saint-Tropez, plan to make the journey back to Cannes. Your tour operator may drop you off directly at your accommodation, so be sure to confirm with them ahead of time.

What kinds of tours are available to go to Saint-Tropez?

Tour operators offer a variety of excursions to fit everyone’s needs. Whether you want a private tour or just want to take the ferry from Cannes to Saint-Tropez, there is an option for you. You can choose between private transfers, private tours or day trips with additional stops. Here are the most common day tours to Saint-Tropez from Cannes.

Cannes to Saint-Tropez boat transfer

If you are just primarily looking for a way to get from Cannes to Saint-Tropez, a boat tour is the best option for you.

The boat departs Cannes and takes you on an hour-and-15-minute boat ride through the French Riviera. You then get five hours of free time to make your way through Saint-Tropez before the boat returns to Cannes.

Private tour to Saint-Tropez from Cannes

Private tours provide a more intimate setting while still exploring all that the French Riviera has to offer. These tours are great options for groups of people traveling together because they are usually priced per group.

Most private day trips include a professional guide to provide unique insight and historical context. The cost includes all transportation expenses, a tour guide, a driver and door-to-door transportation.

Day tour to Saint-Tropez from Cannes

Day tours to Saint-Tropez from Cannes follow nearly identical itineraries as private day tours. They provide less privacy, so be prepared to spend the day with other visitors in your group.

Many of these tours also include a guide who shares useful information along the way. The price includes all transportation expenses, a drive and a guide. Your tour operator may or may not offer direct pickups/drop-offs, so confirm with them ahead of time.

When booking a day tour to Saint-Tropez from Cannes, it is important to note that almost all of the tours make a stop in Port-Grimaud. Some operators make it clear that you will stop in Port-Grimaud by including it in the title, while others briefly mention it in the tour description.

How much does a tour to Saint-Tropez from Cannes cost?

Most of the day tours from Cannes to Saint-Tropez cost upwards of EUR€123. These excursions typically include all of your transportation for the day, but it is best to confirm with your tour operator if they offer hotel pick-ups and drop-offs.

If you are interested in private tours, those cost upwards of EUR€708 per group. The price of these tours may change based on the number of people in your group.

If you want to experience the French Riviera by boat but don’t want to do the tour, you can take a boat transfer from Cannes to Saint-Tropez for upwards of EUR€57.

What will you see and do in Saint-Tropez?

When you take a day trip to Saint-Tropez, you will have a lot of free time to explore all that the city has to offer.

Saint-Tropez is ideally situated on the coast of France, so it boasts very impressive beaches. Sit back and relax in well-known spots like the Plage de Bouillabaisse, the Plage des Canoubiers, the Plage des Salins or the Plage de la Moutte.

After soaking up the sun at the beach, you can walk around Vieux Port (Old Port). Saint-Tropez is an old fishing town, so you can view the boats sitting in the harbor in front of boldly-painted houses.

You can also visit La Ponche (The Old Town) which used to be the center of the old fishing village. After La Ponche, you can walk on the Sentier du Littoral seaside path that begins right outside of La Ponche.

Your tour may make a stop at the Citadelle: Musée d'Histoire Maritime (Citadel: Museum of Maritime History). If not, it is something to check out on your own. The citadel was constructed in the 1600s and is now home to the Museum of Maritime History.

When is the best time to visit Saint-Tropez?

Saint-Tropez is breathtaking year-round, but you get the best weather when you visit from April to July. The temperatures can reach 29 degrees Celsius, but they drop to as low as 7 degrees Celsius during the colder months. You will typically see the most sun during July, so take advantage of those sunny days on the beach.

Keep in mind that warmer weather typically attracts higher numbers of visitors. Beaches, attractions and dining options can get packed during the same. Plan your itinerary accordingly if you plan to visit during this time.

Are there any tours to Saint-Tropez from other cities in France?

Yes, there are other tours departing from other cities in France:

Travel tips

  • Sunscreen is key!
  • Book your private transfer or day tour in advance.
  • Confirm your pickup/drop-off arrangements with your tour operator
  • Bring comfortable shoes to walk around Saint-Tropez.
  • Prepare to spend most of your time in the city outside. Saint-Tropez boasts breathtaking vistas and scenic paths.