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Boat Tours and Cruises in Berlin

Drench yourself in all things Berlin as you glide through the city’s glamour and grit aboard a cozy open-air boat with no windows or walls between you and the sights. Experience a ride through the famous German landmarks steeped in history — including the magnificent Berlin Cathedral, the iconic edifice of Reichstag, the double-decker Oberbaum Bridge, and the artistic Museum Island.

Enjoy live informative commentary in a wealth of languages as you explore the city, and capture striking, waterside photos to cherish the experience for years to come. What’s more; for the ones looking for a dinner cruise, sight-see and feast on gourmet 3-course German meal complemented with a glass of wine as you glide along the River Spree on your boat tour in Berlin.

The enchanting city of Berlin has a pocketful of fascinating historic sights and some breathtaking views to take in. The boat tours and cruises take you around Berlin, vaunting off its greatest marvels, from the Bellevue Palace to the numerous bridges. The tours come in all types that indulge you in exotic German savories as well as let you view the illuminated buildings at night. You may find below the most famous cruises and boat tours in Berlin.

River Spree and Landwehr canals sightseeing cruises

Immerse in Berlin’s rich history as you relax on a cruise and breathe in the surreal sight of the Berlin skyline. Revel in the beauty of the historic Museum Island as you cruise through the Spree River. Also, marveling at the architectural beauty of the Reichstag parliament building makes you wonder about human ingenuity. As you drift in the 19th-century vintage Landwehr Canal, gawk at the many bridges that’ll pass by.

Havel River to Potsdam boat tours

Set sail under a moonlit sky with a fine glass of wine, compliments of the cruise, and lean back for this three-hour-long night tour. Inhale all the picturesque wonders that dwell at the bank of the Havel River, from the beautifully lit-up castle to the historic churches of Potsdam. Lose yourself in the hum of the brass concert as you drift into the sunset.

Lunch sightseeing cruises

Buckle up to forget all the worldly worries as you take in the elegant sights from the banks of the Spree River. Pass along the iconic sites of the dainty and quaint Berlin Cathedral, the Museum Island and Reichstag building. Learn the history of Berlin in this embodiment of luxury and elegance as you ravish your delightful 2- course meal, followed by a delicious dessert.

Hop on hop off boat tours

Embark on a 24 or 48-hour journey for a complete and fulfilling tour of this beautiful city of Berlin. Gawk the fascinating sites like the Museum Island, Government Quarter or East Side Gallery with audio commentary to know the nuances of Berlin.  With a hop-on hop-off pass, pick the site that most interests you and cruise away.

Sunset sightseeing cruises

Glide through the river spree only to experience the splendor of the illuminated monuments of Berlin that passes you by. Lean back and learn with the audio commentary that’ll take you back centuries. Also, indulge in an authentic German 4-course meal and a drink as you experience the ethereal sunset unfolding in front of you.

Dinner sightseeing cruises

Watch around as the Berlin skyline lights up your path with a delightful 3-course dinner accompanied by a drink to enjoy the ride. Let the river spree guide you into historic locations like Bellevue Palace, Deutscher Dom and many more. Interest yourself in the audio commentary that’ll unravel the history of Berlin.

How much should I budget for a boat tour in Berlin?

Generally, boat tours in Berlin range from an average of €20 to €50 with decent facilities like visiting main historic sites of Berlin. Some boat tours also include German meals as per the package goes.

How long does a boat tour take?

Berlin has many boat tours with a duration ranging from 1.5 hours to even 48 hours. The shorter tours usually have audio commentaries and brief viewing of the monuments, whereas the longer tours like hop-on-hop-off tours are more in-depth tours, covering all hotspots of Berlin.

Where do boat tours in Berlin depart from?

The boat tours in Berlin have numerous departure spots for ease and convenience of the customers. Some of the most common starting points are Pier Jannowitzbrucke, Charlottenburger Ufer 1, Friedrichshain, Kleiner Wannsee to name a few.

When is the best time to experience a boat tour in Berlin?

To truly revel in the idyllic beauty of this wonderful city of Berlin, the ideal time to visit is through May to September when you can feel the gentle breezes and just a tad bit of sunlight. It’s perfect for taking boat and cruise tours, having candlelit dinners under the moonlight and strolling around to take in the history.

Late spring to early summertime has a particular advantage of shorter queues which is perfect for sightseeing. Berlin in winter is a spectacular wonderland and lures many tourists to experience snowfall and the breezy surroundings with temperature ranging from 20 to 30 Fahrenheit.

Travel Tips

Traveling to Berlin is always an enriching and serene experience, infused with insights about the historic sites and the delightful German food which leaves your taste buds wanting more. You can further enhance your experience with some key points.

  • It is highly recommended to dress up as per the weather forecast so that you can enjoy the spectacular sight without feeling very chilly or drenching in sweat.
  • Sunscreen and a hat or a scarf is always handy when going on a cruise. Also, you can up your fashion game with these additions.
  • Book well in time to get the best deals on the boat tours of your choice.