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What are the most popular Sound of Music film locations in Salzburg?

The Sound of Music Tour’s itinerary is perfectly designed to make sure you see all the locations appearing in the film. Tour the picturesque city of Salzburg (Austria) and discover the beautiful sites where the opening scenes of the movie The Sound of Music were filmed

Here is a brief list of the locations to ensure you don’t miss out on any of them.

1 – Mirabell Palace & Gardens

Mirabelle Palace - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

Where Maria and the children were seen dancing around the statue of Pegasus, the winged horse and throughout the gardens singing “Do-Re-Mi”.

2 – Leopoldskron Castle

Leopoldskron Castle - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

The castle used to be Trapp’s family home, where the children were boating on the Leopoldskron Lake and fell into the water.

3- Hedge Maze & Gnome Park

Dwarf Gnome Park - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

This location is from the scenes from the “Do, Re, Mi” song including skipping down the vine tunnel and the children patting the dwarf with glasses on the head.

4 – Winkler Terrace

Winkler Terrace - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg
credit to Kat and Dan in a Van

The breathtaking Winkler Terrace sits high up on Monk’s Hill overlooking the Old Town of Salzburg. This is where Maria and the children bring the ‘Do Re Mi’ song into Salzburg from the meadow as they begin to mix the order of the musical notes up for practice.

5 – Horse Bath

Horse Bath - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

The scenery ss shown when Maria and the children dance past the Horse Bath in the song “My Favorite Things”.

6 – Hellbrunn Castle and the Glass Pavilion

Glass Pavilion - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

Fascinating castle built in the early 17th century and beautiful gardens with the glass pavilion which attracts many still after 30 years.

7 – Rock Riding School

Rock Riding School - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

The Rock Riding School was home to some of the most important film scenes in the Sound of Music movie.

8 – Nonnberg Abbey

Nonnberg Abbey - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

One of the oldest convents in Europe, where Maria was a novice and also where Maria and the Baron got married in the film.

9 – St Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang

Lake Wolfgang - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

The scenery is shown at the beginning of the film at Lake Fuschl on the way to St Gilgen.

10 – Mondsee Wedding Church

Mondsee Wedding Church - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg
credit to Surviving Europe

The location used for Maria and the Baron’s wedding in the film.

11 – Frohnburg Palace

Frohnburg Palace

This Palace was used as the backdrop for the Von Trapp family home. A total of 5 scenes were shot here.

12 – Werfen Picnic Meadow

Werfen Picnic Meadow - Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

Perched just above the village of Werfen, this is where the famous picnic scene took place where Maria and the kids first start the song “Do, Re, Mi”.

How should I explore the locations of the Sound of Music?

You may explore the original shooting locations on the Sound of Music by bus, on foot or by bicycle.

By bus

The Sound of Music tours mainly offer bus transportation to all the different film locations so you don’t need to worry about getting lost whilst finding the exact locations.

On foot

If you are feeling active and have plenty of time to spare, you can walk to all the different film locations as they are relatively in walk distance to each other. This way you can wander around more and maybe find some beautiful spots in the surroundings to chill.

By bicycle

Riding a bicycle is always fun so why not explore the sites in this way? The Sound of Music bicycle tours are cheaper than bus tours. You can check the bicycle tours on Viator, Getyourguide and other many providers!

How much does a Sound of Music Tour from Salzburg cost? How to book a tour?

You will find The Sound of Music Tour for 45€ at the cheapest price, offered by different companies such as Viator, Getyourguide or Musement. All these tours are normally similar and offer the same things, such as transport to all the different setting locations of the films, a tour guide who will accompany you at all times, etc. Many providers also offer combined tickets to visit other attractions, a lunch, a visit to the museum and more.

If you are interested in knowing more about this, we suggest to use TourScanner’s search so you can check all the different combined tickets and prices which vary in price depending on what you want to see or do. Some providers may offer some discounts at certain times of the year.

Are there any Sound of Music tours departing from Vienna?

Yes, some Sound of Music private tours are leaving from Vienna as well, which include all the main sights, plus the visit of Salzburg. Taking a day tour departing from and returning to Vienna may be very convenient if you are staying in Vienna and you have not planned (or you don’t have the time) to visit and stay overnight in Salzburg. The price is higher since Vienna and Salzburg are quite far away and the tours are private for you. However, the cost of the private tours is fixed for a group (about 400 €), so if you are a family or a larger group (up to 8 people), it is still affordable. You can click here to compare the Sound of Music tours departing from Vienna

Are there any Sound of Music tours from Munich?

Yes, of course. Salzburg is located only 140 km away from Munich, near the German-Austrian border. Therefore, you can reach Salzburg on a tour departing from Munich.

Most of the day trips leaving from Munich will include a guided visit to the city of Salzburg plus a complete tour of the most important locations in which The Sound of Music was filmed.

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