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Looking to visit the Oceanografic Valencia? Find out more about how much the ticket cost, who is eligible for discounts, what to see, special combos including other sites within the “City of Arts and Sciences”, dolphin show and more!

How much does an Oceanografic Valencia ticket cost?

Visit the biggest marine park in Europe where you can learn about the most important marine ecosystems on our planet. The prices to visit the Oceanografic of Valencia vary depending on the age and number of individuals:

  • Adults (13-65 years) – Ticket price: 31.90 €
  • Children (4-12 years) – Ticket price: 23.80 €
  • Reduced (*) – Ticket price: 23.80 €
  • School groups (20 people or more) – Ticket price: 12.55 €
  • Adult groups (20 people or more) – Ticket price: 21 €

(*) Reduced cost applicable to: Older than 65 years, pensioners/retired and disabled people.

Are there any combined tickets with the Oceanografic Valencia?

Oceanografic Valencia Aquarium
Credit to Flickr – Hernán Piñera

You can combine your Oceanografic ticket with a visit to the Hemispheric and/or the Science Museum. When you purchase your ticket you should always indicate the day of arrival, so when you validate the reservation they can give you the entrance ticket to all the sites you have booked. Once that is done, you can use visit the sites in whichever order you prefer.

The combined tickets are valid for 2 or 3 days in a row. Note that you won’t be able to go back to any site once visited. For example, once you visit the Hemispheric you can’t go back the next day.

Oceanographic Valencia + Hemispheric

Valid for 2 o 3 days in a row, not able to repeat the same site on the following day. It’s possible to visit both places on the same day, or one the first day and the second the following day. The Hemispheric is not suitable for younger than 6-year-olds. Both sites are within the “City of Arts and Sciences”, you can organize your visit as you wish. You can visit the Hemispheric first and as you exit, continue to make your visit to the Oceanografic. Visits to the Hemispheric are every hour, starting from 11.00h. This site is suitable for people with reduced mobility. Recommended duration of the visit is between 4 to 6 hours. The duration of the Hemispheric screening is 45 minutes approximately.

Price of Oceanografic Valencia + Hemispheric tickets:

  • Adults (17-65 years) – Ticket price: 31.90€
  • Youth (13-17 years) – Ticket price: 27.12€
  • Children (4-12 years) – Ticket price: 24.10€
  • Reduced (*) – Ticket price: 24.10€
  • Youth card/Students – Ticket price: 27.12€

(*) Reduced cost applicable to: Older than 65 years, pensioners/retired, unemployed and disabled people.

Oceanografic Valencia + Science Museum

Valid for 2 or 3 days in a row, not able to repeat the same site on the following day. The science museum is recommended for all ages. Both sites are within the same “City of Arts and Sciences”, it can be possible to visit both sites on the same day although it’s recommended you dedicate one day to each site. Children younger than 4 years do not need a ticket for entering, they are allowed to go in with their parents. The sites are suitable for people with reduced mobility. Recommended duration of a visit for the Oceanografic is between 4 to 6 hours; 3 to 4 hours for the Science Museum. It’s possible to get out and back in the site during the day, you just need a special bracelet that you can obtain from any information kiosk within the site.

Price of Oceanografic Valencia + Science Museum tickets:

  • Adults (17-65 years) – Ticket price: 31.30€
  • Youth (13-17 years) – Ticket price: 26.50€
  • Children (4-12 years) – Ticket price: 23.70€
  • Reduced (*) – Ticket price: 23.70€
  • Youth card/Students – Ticket price: 26.50€

(*) Reduced cost applicable to: Older than 65 years, pensioners/retired, unemployed and disabled people.

Oceanografic Valencia + Hemispheric + Science Museum

Valid for 2 or 3 days in a row, not able to repeat the same site on the following day. The three sites are within the “City of Arts and Sciences” which are possible to visit in one day but the recommended thing to do is to dedicate one day to visit each site. In any case, you can choose whichever order to visit any of the places.

Prices of Oceanografic Valencia + Hemispheric + Science Museum tickets

  • Adults (17-65 years) – Ticket price: 37.90€
  • Youth (13-17 years) – Ticket price: 32.22€
  • Children (4-12 years) – Ticket price: 28.80€
  • Reduced (*) – Ticket price: 28.80€
  • Youth card/Students – Ticket price: 32.22€

(*) Reduced cost applicable to: Older than 65 years, pensioners/retired, unemployed and disabled people.

Skip the line – Where to purchase your tickets?

Avoid the long queues and access the Oceanografic directly without having to purchase your ticket upon arrival. Don’t forget to print your tickets or save time by downloading them on to your smartphone.

Now you can purchase your ticket on their official website – easy and quick! However, there are also other websites selling these tickets such as Viator, Musement which can be sometimes cheaper than the official website. It’s worth checking!

Can you cancel/modify your ticket?

No refunds nor cancelations are admitted once you have purchased your tickets. But they can change the dates for you if you can’t make it for the day you purchased the tickets. If you’d like to change the dates, don’t hesitate in contacting them.

What can you see in the Oceanographic Valencia?

Oceanografic Valencia Delphinarium

The Oceanografic Park is one of the best aquariums in the world. It is structured into ten areas. At the marine, you can see every kind of habitat, from the Mediterranean, Arctic, Antarctic, tropical islands and more. Moreover, the park also has a dolphinarium, the Red Sea aquarium and different garden areas. And of course, it also offers many different services like shops and restaurants – not to mention the underwater restaurant where clients can have dinner completely surrounded by a fascinating aquarium.

The Oceanografic Park has different buildings; each one has one of our planet’s environments and ecosystems:

  • Here you can see Meadows of Posidonia, Ports, Upper Shore, Mid Shore, Touching Pool, The Breaker and Coral.
  • See the tropical and sub-tropical environments of the Mangrove Swamps and the Mediterranean Marsh.
  • Experience the exhibitions of seals, the seaweed Kelp Forests, the Izu Peninsula in Japan, the passage across the Atlantic Ocean and the Oval Room representing the Tropical Zones as the Indo-Pacific and the Caribbean.
  • Experience an imaginary journey across the Atlantic Ocean from the West coast (Bermuda) to the East coast (The Canaries).
  • Arctic and Antarctic. Where you can see walruses and beluga exhibitions; a colony of Humboldt penguins.
  • See colonies of Patagonian sea lions.
  • Red Sea (underwater exhibition). Experience an auditorium whose backdrop is a spectacular aquarium representing the Red Sea. The exhibition demonstrates divers feeding the animals inside the aquarium.
  • The Underwater restaurant. Situated on the lower floor of the building in the centre of the park, here you can eat whilst having a spectacular view of the aquarium that surrounds you. Whilst the upper floor of the building is surrounded by a lake and there is a flamingo colony nearby.
  • With a total of five pools in the Oceanografic, here you can sit back and enjoy a magnificent dolphin show. You will be astonished by the ability and intelligence during the exhibition. Check the timetables for the dolphin shows at the information desk of the Oceanografic, situated on the 1st floor of the access building.

How can I watch a dolphin show?

Oceanografic Valencia Dolphin Show

They do night exhibitions at the Oceanografic as well, you just need to purchase a ticket for “Las Noches del Oceanogràfic” by paying a supplement of 4€. With this you can access the Oceanografic at 20.00h and later on at 22.30h you can enjoy a night exhibition at the dolphinarium. The exhibition has a duration of 40 minutes and you can stay there until 00.00h.

Note that the dolphin show is very popular and tickets may sell out quickly. You can pay the 4€ supplement at the access when you present your tickets.

What are the Oceanografic Valencia opening hours?

There are three types of timetables depending on when you go.

  • Low season (from 02/01 to 17/06 and from 1/10 to 30/12) from 10h to 18h (Sunday to Friday) and 10h to 20h (Saturday)
  • Medium season (from 18/06 to 28/06, 29/06 to 12/07, 01/09 to 15/09, 16/09 to 30/09) from 10h to 20h (Monday to Sunday)
  • High season (from 13/07 to 31/08) from 10h to 24h (Monday to Sunday)

Where to eat?

The park has 3 restaurants where you can enjoy Valencian gastronomy whilst enjoying the magnificent views.

There is the “Underwater Restaurant” that consists of two levels, the upper level is like being on an island surrounded by water in the middle of the lake and, the lower level is surrounded by a huge aquarium. This restaurant offers very refined and elaborated cuisine so, if you don’t mind spending some extra money – the experience is unique.

The second restaurant is “Oceans Restaurant” which has an interior dining room and a large outdoor terrace with wonderful views overlooking the lake in the middle of the park.

The last restaurant is “La Lonja Restaurant”, a self-service with a spacious dining room that can hold up to 350 people. It has an outdoor terrace completely surrounded by lush gardens.

How to get there?

By metro

The closest station to the Oceanografic of Valencia is “Alameda” in line number 3.

By bus

Bus numbers 14 and 15 leaving from “Marqués de Sotelo – Xátiva” drop you off in “Escultor J.Capuz” and you will find the Oceanografic in 2 minutes on foot.

I hope this guide has been helpful for you! Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or queries. I hope you enjoy the Oceanografic experience! Have fun 🙂

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