If you fancy leaving reality for a few hours and indulging in one of the best Harry Potter tours in London, who are we to argue? In fact, we think it’s a great idea and have put together a list of the best places to go on a wizardry extravaganza across the capital of England.

From first-hand studio experiences to free tours and everything in between, this is your comprehensive guide to the best Harry Potter tours in London.

1 – Harry Potter Studios tour

Harry Potter Studios

What should you expect on a Harry Potter Studio tour?

The most popular type of Harry Potter tour, a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio invites you into the world of Hogwarts and lets you discover the magic behind the movies across a 200-acre complex. See breathtaking sets like the Great Hall, Forbidden Forest and Diagon Alley and get up close and personal with authentic props and costumes from every Harry Potter movie.

How much is a Harry Potter Studio tour?

There are several tickets available for the studio tour, which is, without doubt, one of the best Harry Potter tours in London. If you’re going on a studio tour, expect to pay:

  • Adult tickets (16-plus) cost £47 ($58)
  • Child tickets (5-15) cost £38 ($47)
  • Family tickets (2 children & 2 adults) cost £150 ($186)
  • Infant tickets (0-4) are free

2 – Harry Potter walking tours

Leadenhall Market Harry Potter Walking Tour

What should you expect on a Harry Potter walking tour?

Make London magical with a Harry Potter walking tour in The Big Smoke. This interactive trip sees you wandering central London with an expert guide who will take you deep into the world of wizardry. As you head around Muggle London, you’ll see Diagon Alley, Leaky Cauldron and discover which Hogwarts House you belong in while testing your HP knowledge.

How much is a Harry Potter walking tour?

Some of the best Harry Potter tours are walking tours with an expert guide. The price starts from £20 ($25) per person, depending on the time of the year, though prices can vary if you add extras to the tour. The River Thames boat trip, for example, is often a popular add-on for tourists who want to see more of London.

3 – Harry Potter tours by black taxi cab

harry potter black taxi cab

What should you expect on a Harry Potter black taxi cab tour?

Hail a taxi and journey much further than your usual route with the Harry Potter black taxi cab tour. Discover film set locations across the city as you swap your broomstick for a black cab. Up to six people can hop in the taxi, and the tour includes famous London sights as well as a ton of Harry Potter treats.

How much is a Harry Potter black cab tour?

The Harry Potter black cab tour is a private tour and costs £300 ($372) for up to six guests, which works out as £50 ($62) per person. It runs from 6 am until 9 pm and lasts four hours. Bespoke tours are available.

4 – Harry Potter bus tours

Millennium Bridge Harry Potter Tours

What should you expect on a Harry Potter bus tour?

Discover the famous sights from the movies with a Harry Potter bus tour. It starts at King’s Cross station, where Platform 9 ¾ is located, and continues through to the Millennium Bridge, otherwise known as the Harry Potter Bridge.

How much is a Harry Potter bus tour?

Several companies run Harry Potter bus tours. Expect to pay around £30 ($37) per person on average, with trips lasting for about three hours.

5 – Harry Potter free tours

Harry Potter Free Tours - platform 9 3/4

What should you expect on Harry Potter free tours?

Free Harry Potter tours offer plenty of magical moments without needing to pay for the reservation of the tour. An expert guide is on hand to take you through the world of Muggle London as you discover the real-life counterparts of the magical locations on the big screen. Highlights include Ministry of Magic (Westminster Tube), Geometrical Staircase (St. Paul’s), Muggle Prime Minister’s Office (Downing Street), and many more.

Is there any charge for a Harry Potter free tour?

There’s no charge for the booking of Harry Potter free tours, though you are expected to tip the guide for all their excellent work during the tour.

6 – Harry Potter self-guided tours

Westmister Tube Station - Harry Potter TourWhat should you expect on Harry Potter self-guided tours?

If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, why not go on a self-guided tour and discover all the best movie locations in London? Visit key spots such as Diagon Alley (Leadenhall), Number 12 Grimmauld Place (Lincoln’s Inn Fields), The Ministry of Magic (Old Scotland Yard) and more.

Are Harry Potter self-guided tours really free?

You won’t have to pay a penny on a self-guided tour and can go at your own leisure. You might lose some of the details about each location without a tour guide, however.

7 – Harry Potter app tours and World of Wizards tour

Goodwin's Court Harry Potter Tour

What should you expect on Harry Potter app tours?

Wizardry might be amazing, but technology also happens to be pretty impressive. And you can enhance your Harry Potter tours thanks to several apps. These are especially helpful if you’re taking a self-guided tour around London.

London Map and Walks, for example, includes 22 guided tours around the capital, including a Harry Potter tour. While the World of Wizards app tour lets you enjoy an interactive experience, using the app to solve clues and stop an evil wizard from destroying the world.

How much is a Harry Potter app tour?

Apps that offer maps for the world of Harry Potter, including London Map, are free to download. World of Wizards tour prices vary, though can you expect to pay £9 ($11) per person for the self-guided treasure hunt tour.

8 – Harry Potter tours outside of London

Oxford University Hall

What should you expect on Harry Potter tours outside of London?

While the capital might be the scene for some of the best Harry Potter tours in London, it’s not the only place to go on a wizardry quest. Hogwarts itself was filmed over several locations that include Christ Church College and Bodleian Library in Oxford. The Potter’s House is located in Lacock Village, Wiltshire, while Godric’s Hollow can be found in Lavenham, Suffolk.

How much is a Harry Potter tour outside of London?

Many different tours take place outside of London, some of which are self-guided. Prices vary and depend on the tour type. Harry Potter Oxford tours typically start from £20 ($25), while day tours from London to Oxford start from £42 ($52).

 9 – Harry Potter combo tours

Harry Potter combo tours

What should you expect on Harry Potter combo tours?

If you can’t get enough of Harry Potter, it’s worth combining tours to create the ultimate trip. You can mix and match tour types and go on a combined trip that includes a trip around the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio plus a visit to Oxford to see Hogwarts. Other combo tours feature a jaunt around London before hopping on a river cruise to explore the world of Harry Potter from the Thames.

How much is a Harry Potter combo tour?

Again, tour prices vary depending on the type you choose. However, combining two or more tours means you’ll save in the long run, as it’s often cheaper to do multiple ones at the same time. For example, the Harry Potter studio and Oxford tour typically cost around £100 ($125) per person.

10 – Harry Potter private tours

Platform 9 3-4 - Harry Potter Private tours

What should you expect on a Harry Potter private tour?

A private tour is your chance to cater to the Harry Potter experience to your interests. Choose the best bits from each tour and enjoy a private tour guide who will take your around Harry Potter movie locations while providing expert knowledge.

How much is a Harry Potter private tour?

If you prefer to delve into the world of Hogwarts and more, the private option is one of the best Harry Potter tours in London, as it’s crafted for your personal experience. Expect to pay between £100 and £150 for two people on a private tour, which typically lasts around three hours if you’re going around London.

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