fun things to do in Perth, Australia

Perth might be the most geographically isolated main city in the world, but it’s as vibrant, exciting, and worthy of a visit as any other metropolis Down Under.

With empty beaches, glorious year-round sun, and plenty of cultural and artistic activities at the ready, you’ll be spoiled for choice when deciding which of the many fun things to do in Perth to tick off the list first!

1 – Hear the Perth Bell Tower

Perth Bell Tower

The rhythm of the city of Perth rings from the 14th-century bells in the tower, so what you’re hearing is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world!

Enter the tower for a closer look at the historical bells or try bell chiming yourself.

Finally, round off your visit at the Observation Deck and check out the magnificent 26-bell Carillon.

2 – Watch the West Coast Eagles at Optus Stadium

Optus Stadium, Perth

The state-of-the-art stadium complete with light-shows, guided tours, and a cafe is Perth’s 60,000-seat colosseum and concert hall all in one.

During the summer, the Western Australia and Australia cricket teams get the crowd to roar, but the main event is the Perth Derby – the tribal Australian Football match between the West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers.

3 – Fund your retirement plan at Boddington Gold Mine and Perth Mint

The Perth Mint

2Western Australia has a rich history of gold mining, and this is your chance to be part of it by panning for gold at the picturesque Boddington Gold Mine!

In case you don’t strike gold, watch how gold from the mine is melted and poured to form a gold bar that you get to handle.

See the world’s largest gold coin at the Mint and buy a glittering souvenir coin for yourself.

4 – Dine on the Swan River

Swan River dinner cruise in Perth

The calm and gorgeous Swan River dazzles the eye, so travellers quickly want to get on the water.

The best activity is an evening dinner cruise on the impressive river where a mouthwatering buffet dinner, cocktails, dessert, and live entertainment will delight you against the backdrop of the sun setting over Perth’s glorious skyline.

5 – Cruise on a Segway through Perth

segway tour in Perth

Travellers love this new way of touring new cities.

Segways are heaps of fun to ride and offer a great way to zip around while admiring the views of views like the waterfront, Kings Park, the University of Western Australia, and the wetlands.

Your guide will provide a lowdown on the town and give you plenty of ideas of things to do in Perth.

6 – Travel in style on an open-top sightseeing bus

hop on hop off bus tour in Perth

For years in every major city, the Hop-on Hop-off buses have been a hit.

Perth is no different; sit on the top decker, plug in your headphones, and get a tour around the town.

Your ticket lasts 1 or 2 days and the bus stops at plenty of tourist destinations, so you can hop and hop off as you like from a dozen stops around the city!

7 – Ride the tram to Fremantle

Fremantle tram tour

The historic port city of Fremantle is a must if you’re in Perth.

‘Freo’ boasts delightful waterfront restaurants and cafes, museums, artsy galleries and shops.

Travellers love the retro tram which provides a guided tour of the historic district with the option to hop on and hop off at different points.

While in Fremantle, the old Fremantle Prison is definitely worth a visit!

8 – Cruise on the Swan Valley

Swan Valley cruise

Right at the top of Swan River is some stunning West Australian wine country!

Take a day-cruise from Perth and take in the beautiful sights and your tour guide’s insights on the historical area.

Then delight your tastebuds as you step off the boat and get chauffeured to wineries and breweries for local wine, beer, chocolate and cheese!

9 – Get a selfie with quokkas on Rottnest Island

quokkas on Rottnest Island

The cutest, most photogenic animals are abundant on the Island.

Take a luxury seaplane or a ferry over to the Island and meet the cute quokkas before finding the crystal clear water for a quick swim and snorkel.

If you want to venture out a little more, grab a bike and explore the sandy island to find Wadjemup Lighthouse among some stunning natural scenery!

10 – See the rings of Saturn in the Pinnacles Desert

stargazing in Pinnacles Desert

For the avid stargazers, the Pinnacles Desert provides some astronomical views.

The Observation Deck offers dinner and a glass of local wine as you watch the sunset erupt into colours over the Indian Ocean.

Then find a telescope — and with no light pollution — see the night sky like never before.

You can even link your phone to the telescope and take a picture!

11 – Be amazed at the natural wonders (and the wine) at Margaret River

Margaret River day trip from Perth

The Margaret River is just spectacular.

Travellers and locals alike love exploring the vast limestone formations and Mammoth Cave, the nearby Boranup Forest and the lonely Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

Margaret River’s main street has some shops, but the main attraction has to be the internationally-renowned wineries nearby! Stop by for a glass or three.

12 – Surf the easiest wave ever at Wave Rock

Wave Rock

With so many fantastic places to visit in Australia, it can be difficult knowing where to start, but the Wave Rock should be included in any bucket list.

There’s no danger of being wiped out on this 50-foot high, mesmerising and massive rock hundreds of miles inland.

Tourists flock to the rock and nothing can prepare visitors for the sheer size and scope of it.

Make a day of it by checking out nearby historic York, a booming gold-rush town with preserved facades of its 19th-century buildings full of boutique shops and museums.

13 – Go kangaroo-spotting at Yanchep National Park

kangaroo at Yanchep National Park

In the glorious desert by the monolithic limestone Pinnacles, Yanchep is full of delights.

In the early and late parts of the day, find herds of western-grey kangaroos.

In between, hike the koala boardwalk for cute koalas in their natural habitat and over 400 caves including the aptly-named Crystal Cave with a glittering stream and even more glittering crystals.

14 – See the Little Penguins at Penguin Island

Penguin Island day trip from Perth

1,200 Little Penguins inhabit this Island just off the Perth coast, so this is one of the cutest and most exciting things to do in Perth for animal-lovers.

Walk the Penguin Island Walk Trail and keep your eyes open for the penguins, as well as other wildlife and lookout points that will take your breath away.

For a little extra, add dolphin watching at Mandurah to the itinerary.

15 – Look out for dolphins at Mandurah

dolphin watching at Mandurah

The canals of one of Australia’s first fishing towns are abundant with marine life.

Board a scenic cruise and spot the local bottle-nose dolphins who love to swim, jump and entertain passing travellers!

Keep an eye on the canal homes, pelicans and birds from as far as Russia.

You can travel to Mandurah yourself, or board a cruise direct from Perth!

16 – Hold on tight for a jet boat thrill ride

jet boat tour in Perth
credit to Jet Adventures

Get on the open water and let your jet boat captain take you away.

In between wildlife-spotting, your captain will flex with some power break stops, fishtails and donuts on the water, speeding to 60mph as the pristine water splashes against you and cools you down on a hot Perth day!

17 – Go whale-watching from your luxury vessel

whale watching from Perth

Humpbacks, southern rights and sometimes even blue whales make Geographe Bay outside Perth their home.

In between seals, dolphins and exotic birds; the size and majesty of the great whales will astound you from onboard your luxury yacht with five viewing decks including a bar and cafe.

For the best vantage point and other perks, upgrade to the VIP Captain’s Lounge!

18 – Skydive from a great height… Or one much closer to ground

skydiving in Perth

Thrill-seekers won’t get enough of skydiving over the picturesque Rottnest Island.

After free-falling at over 120mph for a minute, the parachute takes you down gently to the pristine sands where a celebratory drink will be waiting.

If the plane is a little much, strap on the gear with a VR helmet at iFLY Indoor Skydiving for the full experience over a location of your choice.

19 – Surf at Brighton Beach

surfing in Perth

Perth has some phenomenal beaches with great waves to swim and surf.

Perth Go Surf offers lessons for the less-experienced surfer trying to tackle the Aussie waves.

After honing your skills and learning the slang, the Brighton Beach pubs are open for business!

If you’ve worked up an appetite, rustic pizzas and burgers are available in the pub kitchen.

20 – Kayak down the Canning River wetlands

Kayak down the Canning River wetlands

Although the busy Swan River catches the eye, the tranquil Canning River is a lesser-known gem.

From the Old Riverton Bridge paddle down the serene, winding river off the beaten path.

The nearby wetlands are brimming with wildlife which the kayak glides by until a well-earned cafe break is in order.

Relax at the cafe until it is time for another smooth ride back.

21 – Ride a helicopter over Alkimos Wreck and Yanchep Lagoon

helicopter tour in Perth

For a birds-eye view over coastal Western Australia, the helicopter ride is one of the best things to do in Perth.

After soaring over Perth, spot the wreckage of the ill-fated SS Alkimos built during World War 2.

The contrast from the sombre wreck to the stunning Yanchep Lagoon is both stark and stunning.

22 – Fly in a Tiger Moth!

Tiger Moth flight in Perth

Here’s a scenic flight with a twist – literally!

After the scenic flight over Perth, it’s time to strap in as the pilot performs, loops, twists, turns and aerial acrobatics.

As you see Perth and Fremantle upside-down and inside-out, the adrenaline will course through you as your open-cockpit leaves nothing between you and Perth but your seatbelt.

23 – Ride a jet-ski to the Pink Lake

jetski safari from Perth

Hop on a jet-ski along the Geraldton coast.

With the wind in your hair and the cool water lapping up on the jet-ski, don’t let the coastline pass you by too quickly.

There are sand dunes to roll down, river mouths and more beaches than you can poke a stick at.

From November to April, top off your experience by visiting Pink Lake!

24 – Beat your old high score at the Video Game Console Museum

Video Game Console Museum, Perth

Take a trip through time with a timeline of game consoles from the Space Invaders arcade games, to today’s modern masterpieces and some obscure consoles you probably never heard of.

The best part?

The museum is totally interactive so you can play all your old games one last time! Bring a mate and compete for high scores.

25 – Dine beneath the sea at the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)

Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth

This huge aquarium on the Indian Ocean is obviously full of funky, colourful and wonderful exhibits including icy and tropical waters, the world’s largest coral reef exhibits and the underwater tunnel.

Get up close and personal by diving with the sharks, or sit down for an intimate dinner in the tunnel as the fish swim around you in the most amazing moving backdrop.

26 – Feed the kangaroos at Caversham Wildlife Park

kangaroos at Caversham Wildlife Park

If you’re looking to meet some native Aussie animals, hop to it!

The Park has plenty of kangaroos, emus, wombats, koalas, dingoes and Tasmanian devils to check out.

Travellers love the spacious kangaroo enclosure with the opportunity to feed the iconic Aussie animal.

If you’re looking for things to do in Perth with animals, put this on your itinerary!

27 – Meet the elephants at Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo has plenty of animals with its renowned Close Encounters giving visitors the chance to interact with a host of wonderful creatures, including the orang-utan, rhinoceros, lizards, penguins, and lions.

While each and every resident is fascinating in their own way, visitors often flock to meet Putra Mas the elephant, an undisputed highlight of the zoo!

28 – Take a moment at the Place of Reflection in Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth

In between all the travelling and exploring and walking around, the oasis of the Botanic Garden is a really special place.

Although there’s plenty to explore with oriental gardens, a treetop walk, displays of Indigenous culture and a plethora of plantlife; taking a moment at the Place of Reflection is a surreal and satisfying experience for any wanderer.

29 – View the Balancing Act at the Art Gallery of Western Australia

Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

In between the Art Gallery’s wide range of travelling exhibitions showcasing all sorts of art, travellers are often fascinated by the local art of the Indigenous Australians.

Their art is truly unique as seen in the Balancing Act exhibit, it tells stories through stunning and colourful patterns, often as a series of disjointed dots which mesmerise the viewer.

30 – Build a giant marble run at Scitech

Scitech Museum, Perth

Scitech, Perth’s premium science museum, is full of hands-on activities to ignite the curiosities of travellers of all ages.

The Tinkering Space encourages visitors to roll up their sleeves and build whatever they can imagine, the Theatre is a place where science takes centre stage, and the Planetarium makes visitors fall in love with the night sky.

31 – Go to a gig at RAC Arena

RAC Arena concert in Perth

From the outside, RAC Arena will strike you with its neo-futuristic architectural style.

Inside, it will strike you with the quality of shows it hosts.

The Arena often hosts concerts and musicals with names like the world-famous Celine Dion and local rockers, Tame Impala, but also hosts basketball, tennis and netball matches for anyone after some sport.

32 – Go backstage at His Majesty’s Theatre

His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth

The Maj’ is an elegant building inside and out still used for performances.

Ballet and musicals are common, but no one has seen the Maj until they’ve taken the Grand Historical Tour through decades of show-business history, Edwardian architecture and theatrical gossip.

For the cherry on top, check out the Museum of Performing Arts too!

33 – Listen to the West Australian Symphony Orchestra at Perth Concert Hall

Perth Concert Hall

Standing by the dignified Government House and Supreme Court Gardens, the Hall plays host to the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and is renowned as having some of the best acoustics in Australia!

Hearing the passionate, not-for-profit orchestra on their home deck is sure to sweep you away into the worlds of the composers, even if you’re not normally a classical music buff.

34 – Attend the horse racing

horse racing at Gloucester Park in Perth
Gloucester Park horse racing track

Australia loves its horses and unlike some of the outfits on the field, it will never go out of style!

Locals love to dress up in their fanciest (and sometimes most eccentric) clothes and settle at a racecourse with a picnic and some champagne.

The pinnacle in Perth is the Autumn Racing Carnival around March-April every year at Ascot Racecourse.

35 – Explore where the car can’t go on an ATV tour

atv tour in Perth

Some of the most beautiful parts of Western Australia are also some of the most rugged, so getting on an ATV or quad bike is a great way to have fun while exploring some great sites off the beaten path.

After a briefing on arrival, you’ll be winding through bush, sand, gravel and mud to find these hidden gems!

36 – Kick up a trail of dust in a Rallycross

rallycross in Perth

There is plenty of open, dusty land near Perth which is a playground for rev-heads!

Get in a Can-Am Maverick X3 for high octane speeds, sharp turns and jumps you’ll barely feel!

After a few laps yourself, take the passenger’s seat and strap in for a heartstopping hot lap to leave you wanting more.

37 – Learn to drive a V8 supercar

rally car driving in Perth

After a quick rundown, get behind the wheel of either a Holden or a Ford and hit the racetrack like Russ Wheeler, hyped on every lap from the G-force and speed of the titan car.

When you think you got it, let the professional take the wheel for a few hot laps to pump that adrenaline up another gear!

38 – Ride a horse to the top of Bald Hill

horse riding in Perth

For travellers who want to explore but need to rest their legs, a gentle horse ride is perfect.

Head to the farm, hop on a horse and let the Jarrahdale bush pass you by.

There is bountiful wildlife and greenery on the way, but the view of Perth from Bald Hill is incredible.

On a clear day look out for Rottnest Island.

39 – Glide on the Swan River on a waterbike

waterbike tour in Perth

Here’s a way for travellers to calmly snake their way up Swan River.

Waterbikes are easy, fun and safe – making them perfect for families and weary travellers alike.

During the day you might be lucky enough to catch some dolphins or pelicans, but the preferred option for travellers is usually in the sunset as it glitters over the water.

40 – Abseil at Boya

abseiling near Perth

How do you make abseiling 200-feet down Mountain Quarry in a national park surrounded by striking Australian nature a more beautiful and satisfying experience?

You do it at sunset and watch the colours spray over the Quarry, before ending with gourmet coffee and pizza!

It’s the perfect balance between beautiful, thrilling and fulfilling.

41 – Ride the Kraken at Adventure World

Adventure World water park, Perth

Adventure World, Perth’s only Theme Park and Water Park really covers all bases to have something for everyone including the manicured botanical gardens, animals at the wildlife experience and the Dragon’s Kingdom for kids.

Thrill-seeking travellers however love the Abyss roller coaster and the Kraken: the world’s longest, tallest, steepest funnel water slide!

42 – Play 3D mini golf at Glowing Rooms

mini golf at Glowing Rooms, Perth

Visit Glowing Rooms, put on the magical glasses and see this is no ordinary mini-golf – it’s full of special effects and splattered with dazzling bright colours.

There are obstacles hiding everywhere as the course takes you underwater, to outer space and all around Australia.

This quirky project is one of the most unique things to do in Perth.

43 – Catch a show at Perth’s Cultural Centre

Perth’s Cultural Centre

The town’s cultural hub is a petri dish of the booming Western Australian art scene.

There are plenty of shows on offer from stand-up comedy to cabaret, fine arts, music and film showcasing the best of local and imported talent.

Travellers are drawn to the striking buildings and the sounds of the centre where there’s never a dull moment!

44 – Grab your popcorn for a rooftop movie

Rooftop Movies in Perth

Travellers and locals alike love this one.

Head to Rooftop Movies. On a sixth-storey rooftop in the midst of Perth’s Cultural Centre, there’s a giant screen and some really comfy seats to sit back and watch your favourite flicks with snacks and drinks in hand.

The only problem is that the breathtaking panoramic Perth views from the rooftop will compete for your attention!

45 – Tour the small bars and street art

small bars in Perth

Let a local guide reveal some hidden Perth gems which only the locals know about!

Get a free drink and snack at each small bar as your guide gives you the lowdown on some lesser-known things to do in Perth.

Make the most out of your tour at Wolf Lane taking pictures of the remarkable street-art scene.

46 – Catch some late-night jazz at the Ellington Jazz Club

Ellington Jazz Club, Perth

Even if jazz isn’t your thing, travellers will fall in love with the Ellington Jazz Club where the intimate, dimly lit environment captures any audience.

Travellers in groups can book a table and order dinner and drinks, otherwise, there are cheaper tickets at the bar to immerse yourself in the music that washes away the dust of everyday life.