fun things to do in Liverpool

In the 1960s, Liverpool, the United Kingdom, became world-famous as the hometown of the iconic rock group The Beatles. There are still many sites dotted about the city for fans to visit including childhood homes and places that directly inspired the band’s music.

The city was once one of the most important trading ports in the world. It benefitted heavily from international trade and was considered one of the jewels of industrial-era Britain, trading in goods from the colonies. The extravagant constructions on the city’s waterfront attest to its affluent past.

The modern city acknowledges its past while remaining a thriving creative center in the North West of England.

Here are a few fun things to do while visiting the city.

1 – Visit the historic Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool, UK

Liverpool’s iconic Royal Albert Dock is one of the most popular free attractions in the North West of England. Formerly central to the city’s industry, the docks were the first building in the UK to be constructed entirely from cast iron, stone and brick with no wood structure.

In 1846, the dock was a major port with 40 percent of all global trade passing through it. It is now home to a host of museums, restaurants, bars and shops and was until recently a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2 – Experience The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story, Liverpool

Everybody knows of Liverpool’s favorite sons — John, Paul, George and Ringo. Considered to be the most influential band of all time, The Beatles revolutionized pop music in their short 10-year career.

The Beatles Story is a museum dedicated to the Fab Four with memorabilia and recreations of key locations from the group’s history. Visit the Casbah and Cavern clubs, and Abbey Road Studios in the 1960s. See items owned by the group, including clothing, instruments and handwritten lyrics. Visiting the museum is by far one of the most fun things to do in Liverpool!

3 – Take an Anfield Museum & Stadium tour

Anfield Museum & Stadium, Liverpool

Liverpool Football Club’s stadium at Anfield has been the team’s home since its formation in 1892. Visit the team’s iconic grounds and relive the past glories in the interactive museum.

See the club’s six European trophies and touch the This is Anfield sign before heading down the player’s tunnel to the pitch. Learn about the team’s history on a friendly guided tour through the stadium. This is a great day out for all sports fans.

4 – Walk along the Pier Head and see the Three Graces

Three Graces at Pier Head, Liverpool

At the center of Liverpool’s waterfront in the Pier Head, visitors can find the trio of beautiful buildings known as the Three Graces — The Port of Liverpool Building, the Cunard Building and the Royal Liver Building were once central to the city’s shipping industry.

Now visitors can walk along the pierhead to see these local landmarks and others, including famous statues to local heroes. The Pier Head should not be missed on a trip to Liverpool.

5 – Climb the Royal Liver Building

Royal Liver Building, Liverpool

The Royal Liver Building is located on the Pier Head and is one of the city’s well-known Three Graces. The Liver Building was built in the early 1900s and was the tallest in Europe at the time of construction. It contains two fabled Liver birds on the roof that are said to watch over the city.

Visitors can climb the building’s towers and get impressive 360-degree views from the 10th and 15th floors of the building. Take a tour to learn about the history of this much-loved local landmark.

6 – Learn the city’s history at the Museum of Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool, UK

Dedicated to the history of the city, the Museum of Liverpool has been of global significance as a trading hub and the achievements of its people. The huge purpose-built museum has a collection that covers a 10,000-year history of life on the River Mersey banks.

Find photographs and portraits of local heroes and legends, and original items from around the city, including historic shopfronts and discover the seedier side of life in Victorian Liverpool. This is a must-see for local history fans.

7 – See The Beatles statue at the Pier Head

The Beatles statue at Pier Head, Liverpool

Why not take a walking tour of the city and see the famous Beatles Statue at the Pier Head? The statue was donated by the Cavern Club in 2015 on the 50th anniversary of the group’s last gig in the city.

Hit up other famous sights like the legendary Cavern Club, Casbah Coffee Club and the Eleanor Rigby statue. Learn about famous sites linked to the band from a knowledgeable guide in these fun informative tours.

8 – Visit the magnificent Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral, UK

More than just a church, Liverpool Cathedral is the largest religious building in the whole of Britain and one of the largest in the world. It was constructed between 1904 and 1978, with progress being hindered by the First and Second World Wars where the city was a major target for bombing raids.

See the cathedral’s beautiful architecture such as its grand “Well” and smaller ornate chapels. The Cathedral also has a cafe and shop and entry is free of charge.

9 – See the city from St. John’s Beacon

St. John's Beacon, Liverpool

Also known as Radio City Tower, St. John’s Beacon is the tallest building in the city at 138 meters in height. The tower was built in the 1960s and has a distinct space-age look to it. It is home to the Radio City radio studios and offices.

Visitors can take the elevator up to the observation deck for impressive 360-degree views across the city. The tower is a working radio station too so keep an eye out for local celebrities!

10 – Take a boat tour on the Mersey River

boat tours in Liverpool

The Mersey Ferry is probably one of the only ferries to be immortalized in song. Why not take a trip on the famous “Ferry cross the Mersey” and see the city from a new perspective on the water?

The two traditional ferries have been in use for over 60 years on the Mersey River and depart from the  Pier Head on the hour. Passengers can listen to an audio commentary with historic insights and facts. See famous landmarks, such as Liverpool’s two major Cathedrals, Royal Albert Dock and the Royal Liver Building.

11 – Discover the World Museum

World Museum, Liverpool

Liverpool’s World Museum takes visitors on a trip around the globe and even into outer space. The museum houses a huge range of artifacts and exhibitions, including a natural history collection with over a million specimens of animals, plants, fungi and rocks.

It has an extensive collection of ancient artifacts from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras, as well as historic items from Asia, Africa and the Americas. The museum also has a fascinating collection of scientific instruments. Don’t miss out on the World Museum during your trip to Liverpool.

12 – Take a Peaky Blinders tour

Peaky Blinders tours in Liverpool

Though the hit TV Series Peaky Blinders is set in early 1900s Birmingham, Liverpool is often used as a filming location for the show. The city’s industrial architecture and terraced streets offer the perfect backdrop for this gory period drama.

Visit filming locations around the city and hear real-life accounts of the people that inspired the characters. Take a full or half-day tour and immerse yourself in the world of the Peaky Blinders. This is an absolute must for fans of the show!

13 – Visit the British Music Experience

British Music Experience, Liverpool

The magnificent Cunard Building on Liverpool’s Pier Head is home to a one-of-a-kind museum, the British Music Experience. The museum covers the history of popular music in the country and features clothing and instruments from acts such as Queen, Adam and the Ants and the Spice Girls.

Visit the Gibson Interactive Studio to learn how Gibson guitars influenced the sound of popular music. Learn to play an instrument or pick up some new dance moves with virtual lessons. A trip to the British Music Experience is by far one of the most fun things to do in Liverpool.

14 – Take a ride on the Wheel of Liverpool

Wheel of Liverpool, UK

Looking for an exhilarating way to grab the best views of the city? The Liverpool Wheel is a great option! This huge Ferris wheel stands 196 feet tall and offers a stunning lookout over the surrounding area.

Listen to the audio commentary as you take in the panoramic views of the city skyline. For a truly unforgettable experience, the wheel has a VIP capsule where guests can drink champagne while they enjoy the sights through the glass floor.

15 – Visit the top-secret bunker at Western Approaches Museum

Western Approaches Museum, Liverpool

Western Approaches Museum is a preserved World War II bunker hidden deep beneath the streets of the city. This huge underground complex was once the workplace of 300 staff and was used to track the movements of enemy forces.

Visit the Operation’s Room which remains unchanged since the bunker was closed in 1945. See the headquarters where military personnel guided Royal Navy forces in the Battle of the Atlantic. The Western Approaches Museum is a time capsule from the WWII era.

16 – See sharks at Blue Planet Aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium, Liverpool

Take a walk through the Underwater Shark Tunnel and see brightly colored fish in the Coral Cave of the largest aquarium in the North West of England. See South American freshwater fish in the Flooded Forest exhibit or meet enormous Dalmatian Pelicans.

Blue Planet Aquarium has one of the largest collections of sharks in Europe, as well as exhibits featuring frogs, spiders, crocodiles and rays.

17 – See the sights on a hop on hop off bus tour

hop on hop off bus tours in Liverpool

A hop-on-hop-off bus tour is one of the best ways to see a new city. Explore the streets on these guided tours and learn about the history of the area. See a wide variety of landmarks including museums and galleries, cathedrals and cultural highlights.

Visit popular places made famous by The Beatles, as well as the new Liverpool One Shopping center. Get on and off as many times as you like on this fun great value tour of the city.

18 – Get inspired at Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool, UK

The artworks on display at Tate Liverpool span from the 1500s to the present day. They include modern and contemporary artworks from international artists as well as the national collection of British Art.

See sculptures, drawings, prints and paintings by some of the most renowned artists of the last half-century. Tate Liverpool is a must-see for lovers of art.

19 – Learn about the Titanic at Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool

Located on the Royal Albert Dock, the Maritime Museum covers the city’s rich ocean-faring history. As one of Britain’s major ports and a shipbuilding center, its fortunes were directly linked to the shipping industry.

See exhibits about two of the city’s most famous ships, the Titanic and the Lusitania. See objects and memorabilia from the vessels and learn what life was like at sea from the accounts of crew and passengers.

20 – Grab a drink at St. Luke’s Bombed Out Church

St. Luke's Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

The Bombed Out Church as it’s known locally is an arts and community space in the city center. The former St. Luke’s parish church was mostly destroyed during the blitz in 1941, leaving just the stone walls standing. It remained in ruins until recently as a monument to the victims of the war.

It now hosts a variety of cultural events, including film and beer festivals, as well as live theater and concerts. There is a garden bar and cafe that opens Friday to Sunday. Check out the website for further details of what’s on.

21 – See the historic Liverpool Central Library

Liverpool Central Library, UK

Visit Liverpool’s Central Library even for the architecture alone which features a large glass-domed atrium in the center and a roof terrace. The beautiful Picton Reading Room which was built in the 1870s is particularly worth a visit.

The historic Oak Room and Hornby Library contain an extensive collection of rare books, including local historical writings. The Central Library is a great place to visit for a closer look at the city and its history.

22 – See the original Strawberry Field

Strawberry Field, Liverpool

A much-loved landmark by Beatles aficionados, Strawberry Field that inspired the song “Strawberry Fields Forever” was the garden of a children’s home which John Lennon played in as a child.

Visitors can explore the gardens and see Beatles-related memorabilia including the piano Lennon used to write the song Imagine. The exhibition covers the history of the house and John Lennon’s childhood. Proceeds help to support local young people with learning disabilities.

23 – Explore the Beatles Museum

Beatles Museum, Liverpool

Another fun Beatles attraction in the city, the Beatles Museum was once a warehouse that has five floors of memorabilia and photographs, as well as over 1,000 items related to the band.

See instruments owned by the band, clothing, early TV footage, film props and more. This is one for the die-hard Beatles fans and those who love 1960s pop music.

24 – Picnic in Sefton Park

Sefton Park, Liverpool

A great place to take a walk or picnic in the city, Sefton Park has lots of space to roam around or play games and has a number of attractions too. The Victorian-era Palm House is home to a large collection of exotic plants and also hosts regular concerts and events.

There’s also a children’s playground, cafes, small caves and waterfalls and a bandstand that supposedly inspired The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s album concept. Don’t miss out on a trip to one of the nicest parks in the city.

25 – Discover the collection at Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

The Walker Art Gallery has one of the most important collections of art in the country with pieces from the 13th-century to the present day. The gallery has paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt and Turner as well as Rosetti, Degas and Monet.

It also has a huge collection of sculptures and decorative arts to explore including clothing, jewelry, furniture, musical instruments and ceramics. Take a trip to the Walker Art Gallery to see these captivating works up close.

26 – Visit the Eleanor Rigby Statue

Eleanor Rigby Statue, Liverpool

Eleanor Rigby was a fictitious character invented by Paul McCartney for the Beatles song of the same name. The story behind the character though feels very real and has made the Eleanor Rigby Statue a popular tourist spot in the city.

The statue sits on a bench looking at a sparrow on a copy of the Liverpool Echo newspaper.  It was created by artist, musician and actor Tommy Steele in 1982 and was originally dedicated to “all the lonely people.”

27 – Walk the legendary Mathew Street

Matthew Street, Liverpool

A band performs inside the historic Cavern Club at Matthew Street, Liverpool.

Mathew Street has been made famous worldwide as the site of the infamous Cavern Club, where The Beatles played their early shows. Other influential Liverpool bands like The Teardrop Explodes and Echo & The Bunnymen also began their careers on Mathew Street at the now-closed Eric’s.

The street is a must-visit for anyone touring the city with its collection of bars, sculptures and historic sights.

28 – See a concert at St. George’s Hall Liverpool

St. George's Hall Liverpool, UK

One of the finest halls in the North of England for chamber music concerts, the Concert Room at Liverpool’s St. George’s Hall has excellent acoustics and baroque decor that make for a truly unforgettable experience.

The hall is host to the Liverpool Philharmonic Chamber Music Series which sees performances by some of the most renowned performers in the world. It also hosts regular cultural events, award ceremonies and dinners.

29 – Discover the mysterious Williamson’s Tunnels

Williamson’s Tunnels, Liverpool

The labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city’s Edge Hill district is something of a mystery. They were constructed by wealthy local businessman, Joseph Williamson, in the early 1800s but nobody is certain as to the purpose.

Today visitors can explore Williamson’s Tunnels and take a guided tour of the main sections including the cavernous Banqueting Hall and 12-meter high Paddington’s chamber. This has to be one of the most fun things to do on a trip to Liverpool.

30 – Experience the International Slavery Museum

International Slavery Museum, Liverpool

As a major port, Liverpool was a hub of slave trading activity and the city grew very rich from it. The museum seeks to increase understanding by exploring the deep impact and global legacy of slavery, showing the city’s participation in the international slave trade.

Hear the untold stories of the victims of slavery and see the museum’s collection of memorabilia, which illustrates negative stereotypes which were once considered acceptable throughout western society.

31 – Shop till you drop at Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE, UK

A huge open-air complex in the city center with shops, bars and restaurants and leisure attractions, Liverpool ONE boasts over 170 different establishments including an 18-screen cinema and indoor adventure golf course.

Visitors can find many major high street brands there as well as luxury and designer goods and electronics. Be sure to include a trip to Liverpool One when visiting the city.

32 – Watch an Everton match at Goodison Park

Goodison Park, Liverpool

Home to Merseyside’s other top football club, Everton, within spitting distance of the Liverpool F.C grounds at Anfield, Goodison Park has been home to the team since 1892. The two teams have a long-standing but good-natured rivalry.

Why not visit the grounds to watch a match or take a tour of the stadium? Visit the Director’s Box and the home and away changing rooms, then emerge from the tunnel and visit the home team dugout to sit in the manager’s chair.

33 – Visit Speke Hall, Garden & Estate

Speke Hall, Garden & Estate, Liverpool

Speke Hall has stunning gardens and an immaculately preserved Tudor house to explore. The house dates back to the 1530s and it was occupied by the Norris family for over 200 years. It contains a collection of antique furnishings including 200 carved oak pieces and original William Morris wallpapers.

The extensive grounds include woodlands, a hedge maze, play areas and manicured gardens. There is also a cafe serving a variety of hot foods and snacks.

34 – Tour the Casbah Coffee Club

Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool

The Beatles played some of their very first shows at the Casbah Coffee Club. It was in the cellar of the house of the parents of the band’s former drummer Pete Best.

Featuring decorations by band members, the club now has Grade II Listed status and is considered a place of cultural importance due to its relationship with the band. Visitors can tour the Casbah Club and see the place where it really all began.

35 – Discover masterpieces at the Lady Lever Art Gallery

Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool

Lady Lever Art Gallery has one of the UK’s finest collections of decorative and fine art, including paintings, pottery and classical antiques from the Greek and Roman-eras.

The gallery has important works by Victorian artists including Lord Leighton and Pre-Raphaelite painters such as Dante Rosetti. It also houses one of the most important collections of Wedgewood Jasperware pottery in the world.

36 – Explore the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, UK

The city’s main Roman Catholic church, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool is famous for its striking architecture and was constructed in the 1960s from designs by Sir Frederick Gibberd. The beautiful Lutyens Crypt harks back to a grand earlier design for the cathedral which was considered too expensive to build.

Visiting this cathedral is one of the intriguing things to do in Liverpool. Take a guided tour of this impressive modern cathedral and its classical crypt or explore at their own pace. The Cathedral also has a gift shop and cafe.

37 – See the iconic Liverpool Town Hall

Liverpool Town Hall, UK

One of the grandest in the country, Liverpool’s town hall plays host to a wide variety of functions and events. It has two ballrooms, the largest of which has three chandeliers each weighing a ton and measuring 28 feet in length.

The town hall often hosts council meetings and wedding ceremonies. Visitors can take a guided tour of the building on certain days only so plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

38 – Take part in a scavenger game

scavenger games in Liverpool

Fancy exploring the city in a fun and unusual way? A scavenger game is a perfect way to get to know a new city. Take part in a fun interactive game where you will solve clues and follow maps to discover your next destination.

Take in the sights of the city while working in a team to test your problem-solving skills. Download the app to your phone and take an adventure tour of the city. This is great fun for people of all ages.

39 – See the weird and wonderful at Victoria Gallery & Museum

Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool

Run by the University of Liverpool, the Victoria Gallery and Museum aims for its exhibitions is to “amaze and amuse,” displaying a range of curiosities collected throughout the 127-year history of the University.

Expect fine art pieces sitting side-by-side with the “world’s most important display of false teeth”. The collection is housed in a Grade II listed building which is built upon the site of an old asylum. This has to be one of the most fun places to visit in Liverpool!

40 – Get wet at Wild Shore Liverpool

Wild Shore Liverpool, UK

If you’re in the mood for some fun on the water, check out Wild Shore Liverpool. Located on the Royal Albert Docks, Wild Shore has loads of water-based activities to keep you entertained.

Try stand-up paddleboarding or cruise the docks on a pedalo. Take one of the mini boats for a spin or clamber over inflatable rafts, barriers, slides and trampolines. There’s tons of fun to be had at Wild Shore Liverpool.

41 – See the artworks at Sudley House

Sudley House, Liverpool

Home of wealthy local merchant George Holt and his family, the Sudley House was purchased by Holt in 1884 and heavily modified to his tastes. It now serves as a museum to his collection of art and period furnishings.

Holt was an avid art collector and inside Sudley House visitors can see pieces by famed landscape painter J.M.W Turner as well as Thomas Gainsborough. Sudley is well worth a visit for those interested in Victorian architecture and furnishings.

42 – Catch a movie at Plaza Cinema

Plaza Cinema, Liverpool

A community project run by volunteers, the Plaza Cinema plays a selection of modern movies and classics as well as hosting cultural events. The cinema has three screens and has special showings for autism and dementia sufferers.

The Plaza first opened its doors in 1939 and remains open due to the hard work of its volunteers. Check out the website to see what’s playing and help support this lively community cinema.

43 – Visit Mendips – John Lennon’s childhood home

Mendips - John Lennon's childhood home, Liverpool

Under the care of the British National Trust, John Lennon’s childhood house at 251 Menlove Avenue was the singer’s home from 1946 to 1963. It was purchased by Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, and donated to the trust in 2002 where it was restored to its 1950s appearance.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the house and see the place where the singer grew up and wrote early Beatles songs.

44 – See a show at M&S Bank Arena

M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

To see some of the biggest shows in the city, the M&S Bank Arena is the place to be. The arena regularly hosts live music, comedy shows, pantomimes and sporting spectacles. The arena has seen performances from some of the biggest names in music including Paul McCartney, Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

Some of the sporting event highlights include Rugby League World Cup, British and World Championship gymnastics events and World Cup Judo competitions.

45 – Take a day trip to Croxteth Hall & Country Park

Croxteth Hall & Country Park, Liverpool

Croxteth Country Park covers a huge 500 acres of sprawling woodland, pastures ponds and streams. At the center is Croxteth Hall, formerly the ancestral home of the Earls of Sefton. It was built in stages beginning in 1575 and undergoing many alterations since.

The hall has a Victorian walled garden to explore, a children’s play area, a green gym and plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife.

46 – Discover The Bluecoat arts center

The Bluecoat arts center, Liverpool

Established in 1927 and was the UK’s very first art center, The Bluecoat is located in a Queen Anne-style building that was built in 1717. It hosts regular free exhibitions and events offering courses and family workshops.

The building also has a number of independent stores selling vintage and handcrafted items. Visitors can explore the surrounding gardens or grab a snack in the cafe and bistro.

47 – Question your eyes at the Quirky Quarter

Quirky Quarter, Liverpool

A trip to the Quirky Quarter is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Liverpool. This puzzling space will have you questioning your eyes and offers tons of fun photo opportunities!

From upside-down rooms to optical illusions, visitors should go in with their eyes open and be prepared to see things differently. Don’t miss out on a trip to the Quirky quarter while you’re in the city.

48 – See a performance at Liverpool Empire Theatre

Liverpool Empire Theatre, UK
Ringo Starr performs at Liverpool Empire Theatre.

Built in 1925 on the site of the New Prince of Wales Theatre and Opera House, the Empire Theatre has one of the largest auditoriums of its type in the country. Its stage has been graced by everyone from Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra to Black Sabbath and Kate Bush.

The Empire Theatre hosts a variety of performances including concerts, musicals, wrestling and live comedy. This place is definitely worth a visit during your trip to Liverpool.

49 – Check out Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

For a relaxed and friendly theatre experience, the Royal Court Theatre is the ideal place. Located in a revamped art-deco building, the majority of shows playing feature a local cast and team performing local themed productions.

The majority of money spent by the theatre goes back into the local community and you can be sure of a truly Liverpudlian night out. The theatre also offers pre-show dining so you can really make an evening of it.

50 – Have a drink at the historic Cavern Club

Historic Cavern Club, Liverpool

The Cavern Club was the place where the Beatles really honed their skills. Its thought that the group played there over 250 times during their formative years and it was the place where manager Brian Epstein first encountered the band.

Though the original Cavern Club was demolished in the 1970s the current one is an exact replica on almost the same spot made of reclaimed bricks from the site. Music lovers should definitely check out this famous Liverpool club.

51 – Catch a show at Liverpool Playhouse Theatre

The Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool
The Everyman and Playhouse Theatre puppets during the opening of Everyman Theatre in 2014 in Liverpool.

The Liverpool Playhouse Theatre has been an important part of the city’s entertainment scene since it opened in 1866. It was first popular as a music hall until it became a theatre in 1911. A modern foyer was added to the Victorian theatre in 1968 which also included dressing rooms and a bar.

Visitors can see a range of theatrical productions at the Playhouse Theatre including plays and musicals which are both innovative and entertaining.

52 – Take a day trip to Knowsley Safari

Knowsley Safari, Liverpool

A trip to Knowsley Safari Park offers visitors a safari experience in the North of England. With over five miles of driving trails as well as foot trails, Knowsley is a great day out for the whole family.

See some of the most magnificent animals from around the world including lions and tigers, giraffes, white rhinos and bongos. For a really special encounter, visitors can take part in an animal experience and help the team at feeding time. Knowsley also has other fun attractions including a small railway and rides for younger children.

53 – Ride the roller coasters at Gulliver’s World Theme Park

Gulliver's World Theme Park, Liverpool

Kids and adults will both enjoy a day out at Gulliver’s World! With a whole load of themed rides and attractions, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Take a white-knuckle roller coaster ride or a relaxing railway journey through the park. Visit the jungle-themed Safari Kingdom or take a dinosaur tour in The Lost World. There are plenty of gentle rides for little ones and enough thrills to keep older kids and adults entertained. A trip to nearby Gulliver’s World is a must during a stay in Liverpool.

54 – Get spooked on a ghost walking tour

Liverpool ghost tour

Fancy exploring the eerie side of the city? Take a ghost walking tour and learn the macabre history of Liverpool. The city has a number of spine-chilling locations to visit including Rodney Street, the location of numerous ghost sightings, and Grant Gardens which is built upon the old Liverpool Necropolis Cemetery.

Join in the spooky fun on one of these fun and entertaining ghost tours. These are not for the faint of heart!

55 – Take a day trip to the Lake District

Lake District, Liverpool

The nearby Lake District is one of the most picturesque areas in all of Britain. Its rolling green hills and calm lakes have been the inspiration for many famous artists and writers including Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey.

It is a fantastic destination for hiking with many great trails including the Tarn Hows circular route and Old Man of Coniston fell walk. A trip to the Lakes is an absolute must when visiting this part of the country.

56 – Explore North Wales on a day trip

North Wales, UK

North Wales is home to some incredible natural beauty spots including the Snowdonia National Park. The park is one of the best areas for outdoor sports in all of Britain and has challenging mountains, beaches and lakes to explore.

The towns and villages of North Wales are steeped in history with a wealth of medieval castles, churches and bridges dotting the landscape. Escape the city for a while and see some of the UK’s most beloved natural landscapes.

57 – Tour the Medieval city of Chester on a day trip

Chester City, UK

The historic walled city of Chester is a great place to visit for those interested in history. The city was founded 2000 years ago as a Roman fortress and its surrounding walls were extended by the Anglo-Saxons in the 7th-century.

The city has a unique two-tier covered shopping arcade, known as The Rows and a number of Tudor-style black and white timber buildings. It is also a bustling modern city that offers plenty of opportunities for shopping, entertainment and relaxation.

58 – Party through the streets in a silent disco

silent disco tours in Liverpool

Ready to discard your inhibitions and take an adventure tour around the city? Joining a silent disco tour is one of the unconventional things to do in Liverpool, offering a way to let loose and explore as you sing and dance through the city.

Don your hi-tech headset and follow your guides through the cosmopolitan streets of Liverpool. Come prepared to dance, sing and generally make a fool of yourself in these lighthearted tours.

59 – Take a dinner cruise on the Floating Grace

Floating Grace, Liverpool

Step onboard the Floating Grace, Liverpool’s only floating restaurant, for a luxurious sightseeing tour of the city’s waterways. The restaurant has seating for up to 50 guests and offers evening, afternoon and Sunday lunch cruises with a menu to suit.

Cruise through the city’s eight docks while taking in the sights and enjoying a menu of traditional British foods. Make sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

60 – Visit some of the city’s best pubs

Philharmonic Dining Rooms, Liverpool

It would be a shame to miss out on some of Liverpool’s best pubs while in the city. The Philharmonic Dining Rooms is known to be one of the most ornately decorated pubs in England with its magnificent wood paneling and stained glass windows.

Other noteworthy pubs include the Baltic Fleet, The Ship & Mitre and Thomas Rigby’s for those who like their bars traditional, as well as The Shipping Forecast, which is also a live music venue. You won’t be lacking in places to enjoy a cozy pint while in Liverpool.

61 – Go shopping on Bold Street

Bold Street, Liverpool

If you’re in need of some retail therapy while in Liverpool, it’s worth a trip down to Bold Street. With plenty of independent shops and eateries to choose from as well as the Bombed Out Church of St. Luke, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to splash the cash.

In recent years Bold Street has boomed with small, unique cafes offering global flavors and local favorites. Additionally, a range of independent bookstores, galleries and clothes stores make Bold Street one of the most interesting places to shop in the whole city.

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62 -Take a trip to RIBA North

RIBA North, Liverpool

A national architecture center located on Liverpool’s picturesque waterfront, RIBA North is the Royal Institute of British Architect’s first one outside London. It offers an educational space for everyone with exhibitions and historical architectural resources.

Its extensive library contains over 4 million items covering British and international architecture. Riba also has galleries, a cafe and a gift shop to visit.

63 – Go clubbing in the Baltic Triangle

Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

Hanging out at the Baltic Triangle district of the city — home to trendy bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as digital start-ups — is one of the remarkable things to do in Liverpool. The industrial brick warehouses have found a new lease of life in this bustling regenerated area of the city.

Visitors can find plenty of places to grab a drink or dance the night away to the best of modern electronic music and obscure retro classics. Take a daytime tour around the district and check out the street art murals and sculptures.

64 – Play crazy golf at Ghetto Golf Liverpool

Ghetto Golf, Liverpool
credit to Ghetto Golf

Ghetto Golf is definitely one of the most fun places to visit in Liverpool. This graffiti-daubed, cocktail lounge/crazy golf course offers unique, weird and wonderful artworks around every corner. Expect psychedelic colors, hip-hop tunes and some of the finest street art around.

Where else in the city can you drink, dance and play crazy golf all under one roof? This is a must-visit for those looking for a unique night out while in Liverpool.

65 – Hit a round at Allerton Manor Golf Club

Allerton Manor Golf Club, Liverpool

If you’re looking for a serious round of golf on a championship 18-hole course, Allerton Manor is an ideal choice, available to members and non-members alike. It is set in beautiful woodland surroundings just 10 minutes drive from the city center.

It also has a sports bar and beer garden as well as a family-friendly restaurant serving classic British dishes. All guests need to book in advance to ensure availability.

For a fun, low-key introduction to the city, why not take a free guided walking tour? Check out the best hotels in Liverpool if you have not booked your accommodation yet.

If you have other fun places and things to do in Liverpool to recommend, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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