42 fantastic day trips from Tokyo

Are you looking for day trips from Tokyo?

From discovering stunning temples to exploring awesome museums, travelers can find an endless list of things to do in Tokyo. Once you feel you have experienced the best the city has to offer, take a short side trip to these amazing destinations nearby.

Cultural day trips from Tokyo

1. Kamakura

1 hour from Tokyo railway station / 6-10€ (one-way)

Kamakura day trips from TokyoKamakura is well known for Kyoto’s style, with numerous temples, shrines with bamboo forests and many other historical monuments such as Hasedera Temple, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and Engakuji Temple.

2. Odawara

35 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 24-40€ (one way)

Odawara day trips from Tokyo

Odawara city is the entrance to the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, Odawara Castle is a must visit if you’re into Japanese castles. You can also enjoy some freshly caught fish with a bowl of rice at the Odawara Fish Market Den.

3. Enoshima

1 hour from Tokyo railway station / 8-11€ (one way)

Enoshima day trips from Tokyo

Pleasant tourist island just off the coast but connected by a bridge to the mainland. The island offers a variety of attractions such as a shrine, observation tower and caves, a park. There is also an interesting aquarium worth visiting.

4. Kawagoe

1 hour from Tokyo railway station / 5-7€ (one way)

Kawagoe day trips from Tokyo

A charming merchant town preserved to make it a great place to visit to experience their heritage and culture. Feel their traditional buildings and try out their great food. There are plenty of traditional restaurants and cafes.

5. Kawasaki

20 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 2-4€ (one way)

Kawasaki day trips from Tokyo

Most probably known for the Penis Festival, Kawasaki has other attractions such as Daishi Temple, the Japan Open-air Folk House Museum to stroll around. You can also wander around through the traditional buildings carefully preserved.

6. Takasaki

50 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 28-45€ (one way)

Takasaki day trips from Tokyo

A laid back city in Gunma as it is a rarely visited gem. It’s the home of Daruma (red angry face figures who apparently bring good luck in accomplishing goals), here you can find plenty of these souvenirs. You can visit the Jiganin Temple complex to see Darumas which also happens to be near one of the biggest Kannon statues in Japan.

7. Yokohama

30 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 4€ (one way)

Yokohama day trips from Tokyo

The second biggest city in Japan with over 3 million people, Yokohama has plenty to entertain you. From stunning night views, to ramen museums and amazing art scene and China-town.

8. Chichibu

2h 15 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 27-40€ (one way)

Chichibu day trips from Tokyo

Famous for its shiba-zakura festival in spring, Chichibu has plenty of shrines and temples to visit as well as a pilgrimage route featuring 34 Buddhist temples. You can visit the Meisenkan to see original looms and buy some local made silk.

9. Mito

1 hour from Tokyo railway station / 20€ (one way)

Mito day trips from Tokyo

Famous for its beautifully lush gardens, Mito was once the stronghold of the Mito clan in the Edo period. You can also enjoy the incredible modern Art Tower and the Mito City Museum.

10. Chiba City

40 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 5€ (one way)

Chiba day trips from Tokyo

If you’re looking for a day trip close to Tokyo, Chiba City is a good option. The city is filled with traditional things as well as amazing modern attractions too. The castle is a folk museum with beautiful shrines, visit the Chiba museum of Art and the Science Museum and the world’s longest suspended monorail which offers a 360-degree view of the city.

11. Katsunuma

2 hours from Tokyo railway station / 15€ (one way)

Katsunuma day trips from Tokyo

Katsunuma is one of the top three wine producers in the country. Enjoy many of their wineries nearby along with their delicious produces of fresh fruit and vegetables.

12. Matsumoto

3 hours from Tokyo railway station / 30€ (one way)

Matsumoto day trips from Tokyo

Matsumoto might be quite far for day trip from Tokyo, but worth the visit. It is a lively town with a lot of entertainment; a famous castle, mountain ranges ideal for cycling, filled with markets and many museums, including the Timepiece Museum.

13. Ashikaga

1 hour 55 minutes from Nijubashimae / 9-12€ (one way)

Ashikaga day trips from Tokyo

Small city with a lot of history packed into an attractive area with loads of mountain-top shrines of Buddhists, beautiful temples, classical Japanese theaters, art and architecture.

14. Kyoto

2 hour 15 minutes by train / 85-120€ (one way)

Kyoto day trips from Tokyo

Kyoto offers an incredible amount of attractions and it’s recommended to plan an itinerary in advance. 17 historic sites were inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List under the group designation Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, so make sure to see them!

15. Yamanashi

2 hour 45 minute from Tokyo railway station / 37-46€ (one way)

Yamanashi day trips from Tokyo

Yamanashi is a good day trip from Tokyo and allows travellers to experience the “inaka” (rural) Japan. This small destination is ideal for travellers that want to escape the crowds from Tokyo.

Unusual day trips from Tokyo for nature lovers

16. Nokogiriyama

2 hours 15 minutes from Tokyo railway station (by bus + train) / 15-17€ (one way)

Nokogiriyama day trips from Tokyo

Perfect destination for a hike filled with quarry drops, stunning views and many Buddhas. The famous “View to Hell” is a must, the views are incredible both to look at and enjoy.


17. Mount Takao

1 hour from Shinjuku railway station (by train) / 3€ (one way)

Nokogiriyama day trips from Tokyo

Good destination for hiking and home to a monkey park, Mt Takao is your perfect day for hiking. You can visit Yakuoin Temple from where you will have amazing panoramic views of Tokyo and Mt Fuji.

18. Okutama

1 hour 40 minutes from Shinjuku Station (by train) / 9-10€ (one way)

Okutama day trips from Tokyo

A beautiful natural area filled with mountains, rivers, waterfalls – Okutama is a perfect destination for a quick escape. The river is also a great place to go to where you can relax and enjoy a wide range of water sports.

19. Hakone

1 hour 40 minutes from Tokyo railway station (by train) / 10€ (one way)

Hakone day trips from Tokyo

Hakone is one of the most popular destinations for day trips from Tokyo. Perfect place for nature lovers, it has three hiking trails as well as gondolas to volcanic valleys and small ships to cross the lake. There is a wide variety of museums in the area so you can take your pick.

20. Mount Fuji

4 hours from Tokyo Station (train + bus) / 22-33€ (one way) / 2 transfers

Mont Fuji day trips from Tokyo

Japan’s most climbed and depicted mountain, a perfect destination for travellers that enjoy climbing and exploring hiking trails. Climbing seasons are from July until September. Note that in any other period, trails and mountain huts are closed, because it can be dangerous for anyone to attempt climbing on their own.

21. Misaki Town and Jogashima Island

1 hour 10 minutes from Shinagawa station / 10€ (one way)

Jogashima day trips from Tokyo

If you really want to get away from all the hassle, Jogashima Island is the place to go. It is quite rocky but it has some beautiful swimming spots and a hiking trail that takes you all the way around the island. You can also visit the small fishing town of Misaki which has its own fish market.


22. Nikko National Park

2 hours 5 minutes from Tokyo railway station / (34-50€ (one way)

Nikko National Park day trips from Tokyo

Nikko has a very interesting history and culture, beautiful nature and seasonal highlights. Also famous for hiking and its scenery. Don’t miss the Shinkyo bridge dating back to 1636 and Kanmangafuchi Abyss.

23. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Route Alpine de Tateyama Kurobe day trips from Tokyo

Incredible demonstration of the Northern Japanese Alps. The route stretches between Toyama City in Toyama and Omachi Town in Nagano. One of the highlights includes the views from Murodo, which has many hiking trails and the 186-meter-tall Kurobe Dam.

24. Suruga Bay

Suruga day trips from Tokyo

A place of contrasts where you can find Mount Fuji and other natural beauties, enjoy some strawberry picking and board a boat along the bay to get the views.

25. Todoroki Valley

Todoroki day trips from Tokyo

20 minute car journey from Tokyo, it’s a whole other world with bamboo trees, shrines and the sound of the river is a perfect place to escape in town.

26. Nagaroto and the Arakawa River

2 hours from Tokyo railway station / 15€ (one way)

Arakawa River day trips from Tokyo

Delve into Nagaroto’s most stunning, unspoiled nature in all of Japan where you can enjoy a river boat tour through the rapid waters. If you are daring enough you can try rafting or paragliding here. There is also a hiking trail next to the river.

27. Ibaraki’s Ushiku Daibutsu

1 hour 10 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 37-50€ (one way)

Ushiku Daibutsu day trips from Tokyo

Take an unusual day trip to see the second largest Buddha in the world. Explore this area basically in the middle of nowhere and enjoy a picnic. You can also go inside the Buddha to practice calligraphy, see the 3000 golden Buddhas, the surrounding gardens and flower displays.

28. Atami

1 hour 15 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 28-40€ (one way)

Atami day trips from Tokyo

Seaside city nestled in the volcanic foothills of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Atami offers great views of the Mt Fuji. You can visit the fake castle which actually displays real castles, visit the art museum and get the gondola to the sex museum (also called Treasure House).

29. Kawaguchiko

2 hours from Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit (by train) / 13-19€ (one way)

Kawaguchiko day trips from Tokyo

Here you can choose from views of moss phlox, clear lakes or lavender. The hold flower festivals every year, they have plenty of museums and nature spots from where you will have spectacular views of Fuji. Lake Kawaguchi is a must visit if you go to Kawaguchiko.

30. Kusatsu Onsen Town

2 hours (highway bus) / 20€ (one way)

Kusatsu Onsen Town day trips from Tokyo

Up high in the mountains, Kusatsu is a resort town with amazing onsen experiences. They use their water from Mount Kusatsu-Shirane to cool it down as it is too hot to bathe in. You can also visit Mount Shirane to see the Crater Lake.

31. Minakami

2 hours 15 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 35-50€ (one way)

Minakami day trips from Tokyo

Minakami is a mountainous hot spring resort town within easy reach of Tokyo. It’s famous for its baths, numerous ski resorts and its adventurous outdoor activities such as rafting and canoeing.

32. Lake Motosu

3 hours from Tokyo / 122-157€ one way / 1 transfer in Shinjuku

Lake Motosu day trips from Tokyo

Lake Motosu is the perfect destination for outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing and snorkelling.

33. Tama River in Ome

2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo railway station / 8-12€ one way / 1 transfer to Mitake

Tama river day trips from Tokyo

The Tama River in Ome (western part of Tokyo), is a must-go place if you want to enjoy outdoor activities such as rafting, swimming or getaway with your family and friends.

34. Aokigahara

3hours 40 minutes from Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit / 18-24€ one way / 1 transfer in Kawaguchiko

Aokigahara day trips from Tokyo

Also known as the Sea of Trees, it has a reputation of being home to ghosts of the dead in Japanese mythology. It is an interesting place for hikers and trekkers.

35. Hachijojima

1 hour flight from Tokyo (prices vary seasonally) or take overnight ferry from Tokyo’s Takeshiba pier.

Hachijojima day trips from Tokyo

The ideal subtropical beach getaway with a lot of Japanese culture. You can explore the beaches, its jungle, waterfalls and hot springs.

36. Nippara Limestone Cave

2 hours 50 minutes from Tokyo / 44-60€ one way / 1 transfer in Ome to Oku-Tama

Nippara Limestone Cave day trips from Tokyo

As the largest cave in the Kanto region, walk 800 meter into the cave where you will see a white Bodhisattva statue, interesting shaped rocks and the limestone that is illuminated with colorful lights.

37. Izu Oshima

2 hours by ferry from Tokyo Takeshiba Port / 74-82€ (one way)

Izu Õ-shima day trips from Tokyo

The largest island in the Izu islands about 22 km from Tokyo. It offers beautiful volcanic beaches, much hotter weather, plenty of hiking routes, water sports and hot springs.

Day trips from Tokyo for Kids

38. Disneyland

30 minutes from Tokyo by train / 1-3€ one way / Direct to Maihama

Disneyland day trips from Tokyo

By far the most visited theme park in the world, after the one in California. This is where your favourite characters will come to life. The park is filled with people throughout all the year.

Learn how to book cheap Disneyland Tokyo tickets.

39. Disney Sea

30 minutes from Tokyo by train / 1-3€ one way / Direct to Maihama

Disney Sea day trips from Tokyo

A fantasy theme park in Tokyo Disney Resort that is unique in Japan. It is inspired by the myths and legends of the sea. Although suitable for all ages, DisneySea is designed specifically to appeal a more grown-up audience.

40. Sanrio Puroland

1 hour 15 minutes from Tokyo / 4-8€ one way / 2 transfers

Sanrio Puroland day trips from Tokyo

A theme park entirely dedicated to Hello Kitty and the world of Sanrio. Although a bit small, it has all of the bright colors, flashing lights and overwhelming cuteness you’d expect.

41. One Piece Tower

15 minutes from metro line Hibiya to Kamiyacho / 1-2€ one way

One Piece Tower day trips from Tokyo

Have a fun and action-packed day learning about manga, perfect for adult and children entertainment. Experience this indoor theme park and play interactive games.

42. Legoland

Yurikamome Line, Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station, 2 minutes walk / Linkai Line, Tokyo Teleport Station, 5 minutes walk

Legoland day trips from Tokyo

The ultimate LEGO playground with 2 rides, 10 LEGO build & play zones, a 4D cinema and much more. Suitable for all ages, it’s located at Decks Tokyo Beach shopping mall at Odaiba.

Hope you enjoyed our selection of day trips from Tokyo. Do not hesitate to share your favorite ones in the comments below. Enjoy Japan 😉

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