day trips from prague

Are you looking for the best day trips from Prague? 

Prague is a hot touristic destination in Europe and, besides all the incredible places to visit within the city, there are many other amazing locations to visit around Prague.

Here you’ll find a list of the best destinations to spend your day out of the city: natural parks, castles, historic towns and water parks are waiting for you!

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1 –¬†Velk√° Amerika

Velk√° Amerika day trips from Prague

Take a day to explore the natural beauty of this region. Hit the road to Velká Amerika, abandoned limestone quarry at 30 km from Prague. Velká Amerika, which means Big America, is also called the Czech Grand Canyon. There are two interconnected lakes which have clear water and become an attraction in the summer period. A great day trip for outdoor and nature lovers!
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2 –¬†Brno

Brno day trips from PragueLocated at around 200 km from the capital, Brno is an excellent place to visit. It is the second-largest city in the¬†Czech Republic, and it has a lot to offer to visitors. Explore the historic city centre where¬†old and new architectural works are mixed. Among the must-see places, there are the Old City Council and the square below, and the nearby cathedral. Here you can also see Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which dates back to 1930s and converted now into a museum. Further,¬†the Hrad ҆pilberk castle sits on top of a hill, overlooking the city. Make sure not to miss these beauties.
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3 –¬†Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora day trips from Prague

The charming little town of Kutna Hora is unique and probably among the best option for a day trip from Prague. It is home¬†to the Sedlec Ossuary, the “Bones chapel”,¬†decorated using the bones of over 40,000 people died¬†during the Black Plague in the 1400s. Further, it also hosts the¬†Gothic St. Barbara’s Church, a UNESCO world heritage site, famous for its flying buttresses and medieval frescoes.
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4 –¬†Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov day trips from Prague

Cesky Krumlov is known as the Fairytale city of the Czech Republic. It is the second most popular destination in the Czech Republic after Prague, but it is not difficult to understand why. Walking through the cobblestones streets of this Bohemian gem will leave you speechless! Admire the large Renaissance castle and impressive theaters and check the calendar to take part in one of the numerous festivals held here throughout the year.
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5 –¬†Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary day trips from Prague

For a relaxing day, what better than the world-renown spa town of Karlovy Vary! It is best known for its 12 natural hot springs and thermal baths, which offer a lot of health benefits. However, it is also worth visiting the city to see Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral or the Moser Glassworks museum. Finally, if you want to enjoy the natural environment of these places, head up into the hills around town for some hiking and incredible views. While packing, do not forget to bring your swimwear!
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6 –¬†Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin Concentration Camp day trips from Prague

Visiting Terezin Concentration Camp is undoubtedly a different day trip from the others, but a significant one for its historical meaning. During the Nazi regime, it was used to house Jews before they were forced onto trains and transported to Auschwitz. Part ghetto and part concentration camp, today it hosts a memorial to all the victims of Nazi rule in the Czech Republic. Admittedly, this day trip from Prague will give you strong emotions!
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7 – Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland day trips from Prague

Just a couple of hours outside of Prague, this natural beauty is an alternative to escape to cities and fresh breath air.¬†Bohemian Switzerland National Park¬†got its name thanks to two Swiss painters who traveled in the area in the 18th¬†century. Enjoy gorgeous and picturesque scenarios, go hiking or admire the sunset from Mary’s Rock. Take¬†a walk to Europe‚Äôs most massive sandstone arch at Pravcicka Gate, or step through scenes from the Chronicles of Narnia that were filmed here.
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8 –¬†¬†Vienna

Vienna day trips from Prague

While in the Czech Republic, take the chance to discover the capital of Austria for your day trip. Vienna is very close to Prague and is a cultural and architectural masterpiece in Europe. Visit the breathtaking baroque Sch√∂nbruun Palace, the spectacular¬†St Stephen’s Cathedral,¬†the State Opera, the building of Parliament and the History Museum. Be delighted by the numerous Austrian cafes and restaurants spreading across the streets. What are you waiting for?
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9 –¬†Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle day trips from Prague

Located¬†only 40 kilometres away from Prague, Karlstejn Castle is one of the best castles in¬†the Czech Republic. Built in 1348, the castle was the house of many Kings, and over time it has been through several reconstructions. The interior of Karlstejn Castle is only accessible¬†through guided tours, and it is an incredibly popular tourist hotspot. Despite this, it deserves a visit! Don’t be discouraged and book your trip. Moreover,¬†the¬†landscape and nature¬†surrounding¬†Karlstejn are stunning.
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10 –¬†Dresden

Dresden day trips from Prague

Opt to visit a city in a different country: hit the road to the near Dresden in Germany! This city was almost destroyed during the Second World War. Fortunately, many of the beautiful 18th-Century buildings have been rebuilt to their original designs. The must-see attraction is the Frauenkirche, an architectural gem. Visit also the Dresden Castle, the Hofkirche, the Semperoper, and the Zwinger.

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11 –¬†ńĆesk√Ĺ r√°j

ńĆesk√Ĺ r√°j day trips from PragueIn the North of the Czech Republic,¬†there lies a national park, known as ńĆesk√Ĺ R√°j, the “Bohemian Paradise”.¬†Experience the best of Czech Republic’s nature and scenery in a magical day trip in the UNESCO nature park. You will see dense forests, hiking trails, panoramic views and majestic rock formations.¬†The ńĆesk√Ĺ r√°j rock towns are fascinating, make sure not to miss them!
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12 –¬†WrocŇāaw

Wroclaw day trips from Prague

The colourful and pretty WrocŇāaw perfectly makes for a day trip from Prague. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and is also the largest one in the west of Poland. Admire Rynek, the medieval market square in the heart of WrocŇāaw. See the old town area, the Gothic architecture in¬†Ostr√≥w Tumski and go¬†dwarf hunting: the city¬†is home to more than 350 dwarf statues that are found in the most unusual places.
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13 – KonopiŇ°tńõ Castle

KonopiŇ°tńõ Castle day trips from Prague

Go and visit KonopiŇ°tńõ, an impressive castle set in the beautiful Czech countryside outside Prague. Dating from the 13th century, this castle is a fantastic window in time to the old regime of Bohemia. It is surrounded by a forest, that contributes to giving it this magical atmosphere.¬†KonopiŇ°tńõ is also known for its vast collection of Ferdinand of Austria‚Äôs hunting trophies, antique furniture and art objects, as well as its Rose Garden.
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14 –¬†Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne day trips from Prague

Marianske Lazne, also known as Marienbad, is a historic spa town, the second largest on in Czechia after Karlovy Vary. Here, you can relax and enjoy spa treatments or go for a walk by the beautiful colonnades admiring the fantastic architecture from the 19th century.
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15 –¬†Sazava River

Sazava River day trips from Prague
Credit to Getyourguide

For an exciting and adventurous day trip, Sazava River is for you! Leave the city behind and immerse yourself in nature. Discover the deep gorge in Sazava. It has dense forests and dramatic rocks but also little cabins that locals built in the late 20th century. Here you can relax or taking adventures. From biking, hiking or kayaking day trips to adrenaline alternatives such as canyoning or scuba diving.
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16 –¬†Hluboka Castle

Hluboka Castle day trips from Prague

Visit the Hluboka Castle, the most beautiful castle of the Czech Republic! Initially a Gothic castle, it experienced three reconstructions over time. The Windsor castle inspires the present look. The complex is enormous and also includes a chapel, a riding hall and a vast English-style park. It is undoubtedly worth visiting.
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17 –¬†Olomouc¬†

Olomouc day trips from Prague

Visit Olomouc is one of the best choices among the possible destination for a day trip from Prague. This charming city has historical importance, being once the centre of the Kingdom of Moravia. Its highlights are the Holy Trinity Column, that is a Unesco Heritage site, and the Astronomical Clock. Take your time to admire the beautiful Baroque architecture, the historical buildings and the stunning churches.
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18 – Velke Popovice

Velke Popovice day trips from Prague
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For an unconventional day out discovering the pleasures of the beer and its production, head to Velke Popovice. Visit the Kozel brewery and consider to take a tour. You will see the process of the beer making, and you will be informed of all ingredients used to make this excellent beer. An authentic Kozel degustation is required!
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19 –¬†Auschwitz

Auschwitz day trips from Prague

Taking a day trip from Prague to Auschwitz has a different meaning compared to the other destinations. However, Auschwitz has a substantial historical weight and visiting it could change your life. Located approximately 500 km east of Prague, Auschwitz Concentration Camp was responsible for the death of thousands of people. You can visit those horror places, the gas chambers and you can feel the cruelty lived in there.
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20 – Prague canyon

Prague canyon day trips from Prague

If you are not willing to visit a city or being surrounded by many people, preferring to fresh breath air and enjoy beautiful natural panoramas, go to the Canyon Divoka Sarka. For hiking and nature lovers, the Divoka Sarka Nature Reserve is perfect. In this spectacular landscape, you will enjoy magnificent vistas over rocky cliffs, while walking along pleasant footpaths, woods and pastures.
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21 –¬†Cesky Sternberk¬†

Cesky Sternberk day trips from Prague

Located about 45-60 minutes east of Prague, there is the¬†ńĆesk√Š҆ternberk Castle. This impressive castle looms over¬†the S√°zava River and is situated on a hill. It was founded in 1241 to be a fortress, and it has been held by the same family since its founding. The exterior has a late Gothic look, while the interiors were mainly redone in a baroque style. The only way to visit the interior, however, is through a tour. Consequently, make sure to book a trip to enjoy the stay fully.
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22 –¬†Pilsen

Pilsen day trips from Prague

Beer lovers will be pleased to hear that close to Prague there is Pilsen, the birthplace of Pilsner lager. Discover this Czech beer at its home and¬†stop by¬†PlzeŇąsk√Ĺ Prazdroj for a brewery tour on the history of beer production. After that, take a walk in the little old town. There is more than just beer in this place.
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23 –¬†ńĆesk√© Budńõjovice

Ceske Budejovice day trips from Prague

A right solution for a comfortable and beautiful day trip from Prague is to go to the southern Bohemian city of Ceske Budejovice. The historic central square is stunning,¬†lined with Renaissance and Baroque houses and dominated by the Black Tower. The best part is that you won’t find crowds of tourist there so that you can admire the city in a different and peaceful setting.
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24 –¬†Bastei¬†

Bastei Bridge day trips from Prague

Discover the beauty of the Bastei Bridge, a breathtaking rock formation located in Germany above the River Elbe. Created first a wooden bridge, then replaced with a medieval-looking stone bridge, it will let you experience incredible views on this stunning landscape. This magic place attracts many tourists every year, and it is not difficult to understand why. Bastei Bridge is one of the most impressive spot of the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park.
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25 – Aquapalace

Aquapalace day trips from Prague
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It’s summer, and all you want to do is to relax and escape from the hot wheater and the horde of tourists in Prague? Enjoy the rides and slides of Central Europe‚Äôs largest water park. Aquapalace park is located in¬†the city of ńĆestlic, close to Prague. Among the many slides, there is also the¬†Sauna World, where you can enjoy a wide variety of wellness services. You’ll be only spoilt for choice.
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26 –¬†Moninec

Moninec day trips from Prague

If you are looking for the perfect day trip from Prague in the winter period, go to Moninec! Escape from the chaos of the city and enjoy a day at the Monínec Ski Resort. The ski centre is very close to Prague, at about 85 km south of the Czech capital. Admire the scenery, grab your ski pass and experience the ski and snowboard activities.
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27 –¬†Koneprusy caves

Koneprusy caves day trips from Prague

Take a trip deep into the heart¬†at the Konńõprusy Caves,¬†in the Protected Area of ńĆesk√Ĺ Kras in Bohemia. Those caves are known to be the¬†most extended cave system in Bohemia! Discover these mystery caves¬†with marvellous dripstone decoration. Look at the¬†Roses of Konńõprusy,¬†featuring the archaeological discoveries from the cave complex. This is undoubtedly an unconventional and intriguing journey.
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28 –¬†Vysońćina

Vysońćina day trips from PragueThe¬†Vysońćina region, in the South of the Czech Republic, is a must-see place. Its rustic landscape is filled with rolling hills, incredible fields of grass and wheat and charming towns. Furthermore, Vysońćina is home to three UNESCO Heritage Sites. Do not miss the¬†Jewish Quarter in TŇôeb√≠ńć, the Baroque and Renaissance architecture characterising¬†Telńć, and¬†the star-shaped pilgrimage church in¬†Zdar.
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29 –¬†¬†South Moravia Wine Region

South Moravia Wine Region day trips from Prague

Take a break and spend a day in the countryside while having a great wine. Beer is not the only tasty beverage in the Czech Republic. The excellent Czech wine will delight you! The Wine region of Moravia, (often called the Moravian Tuscany), boasts a rich wine heritage. Go to explore the most beautiful chateaus in South Moravia, its extensive labyrinth of wine cellars and medieval corridors.
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30 – Tabor

Tabor day trips from Prague

Spend time in the medieval town of Tabor, walk the cobblestone streets and narrow alleys of this gem in the¬†Czech Republic. This small hilltop town has an ancient history and is easy to see in a day. Among the highlights, see ŇĹiŇĺka Square, the¬†Gothic Town Hall and the catacombs from the 16th century.
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31 –¬†Nizbor

Nizbor day trips from Prague
Credit to Getyourguide

Do you want to experience something unusual and particular? Consider taking a day trip to Nizbor. There, you can visit one of the most famous Czech glass factories and witness an age-old art of crystal glass forming. Learn about glass production in Bohemia, including the history and all the stages of this incredible art.
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32 –¬†Liberec

LIberec day trips from Prague

Liberec is considered a real gem in the¬†Czech Republic. Located on the Nei√üe River and surrounded by the Jizera Mountains, it is a famous skiing location. The highlight is¬†the impressive JeŇ°tńõd Tower on the top of the mountains, where you can eat with a view at the restaurant on the top. It also¬†boasts old squares full of colorful houses in the old town.
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