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Night Safari: Tickets

Dare to embark on a wildlife adventure after dark? Opened in 1994 and situated next to Singapore Zoo, Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal park.

Occupying nearly 90 acres of rainforest, with over 2,500  animals for you to feast your eyes on, Night Safari offer to its visitors a peek  into the world of spectacular creatures of the night. As dusk falls, get ready to admire animals starting their nightly rituals.

The Night Safari is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. Embark on a nocturnal adventure and have fun with your family or friends.

Singapore is also home to three other Zoological parks, all managed by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore: Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

How much do Night Safari tickets cost?

There are different ways to purchase Night Safari tickets depending on if you want to visit the nocturnal attraction exclusively, or combine with other sights of Singapore Zoo.

Standard Night Safari ticket

The ticket includes admission to Night Safari along with Rainforest Lumina, a multisensory light experience.

  • Adult: S$ 69 (US$ 51)
  • Child (3-12): S$ 48 (US$ 36)

There are also tickets including Night Safari with other zoological parks (Singapore Zoo, River Safari, or Jurong Bird Park).

Multi-park tickets are valid for seven days from your initial visit, and permit one-time access to each park included in the ticket.

2-Park ticket - Night Safari + Singapore Zoo

The ticket permits entry to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari.

  • Adult: S$ 75 (US$ 56)
  • Child (3-12): S$ 53 (US$ 39)

2-Park ticket - Night Safari + River Safari

The pass permits entry to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.

  • Adult: S$ 75 (US $56)
  • Child (3-12): S$ 43 (US $32)

2-Park ticket - Night Safari + Jurong Bird Park

The ticket permits entry to the Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park.

  • Adult: S$ 75 (US$ 56)
  • Child (3-12): S$ 43 (US$ 32)

4-Park ticket - Singapore Zoo + River Safari + Night Safari + Jurong Bird Park

The package includes admission to the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari, and Jurong Bird Park.

  • Adult: S$ 85 (US $63)
  • Child (3-12): S$ 63 (US $47)

ParkHopper Plus 4-Park ticket

The  package includes tram rides at Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, and  Singapore Zoo. Other perks of the ParkHopper Plus Package include the  Wild Animal Carousel ride at Singapore Zoo, the Amazon River Quest and  Reservoir Cruise rides at River Safari and the admission to Rainforest  Lumina at Singapore Zoo.

  • Adult: S$ 105 (US$ 78)
  • Child (3-12): S$ 83 (US$ 62)

Who are eligible for discounts?

There are multiple ways to save on Night Safari tickets. Residents of Singapore receive a special discounted rate. If you are a tourist, you can save on tickets for children (ages 3-12). Seniors also receive a special discount on Night Safari general admission yet is limited to residents of Singapore.

You can also get a better value by combining multiple parks in one package. 2-Park Admission tickets save you up to 25% on retail prices. 4-Park Admission Tickets save you up to 50% on retail prices.

Lastly, booking online is cheaper than booking onsite. You will save up 30% if you book your Night Safari tickets online.

How do you book cheap Night Safari tickets online?

Night Safari tickets are available through the official website of the Singapore Zoo and online travel agencies such Musement, Getyourguide or Viator. We strongly suggest you to compare all the offers with our search engine so you can find the cheapest tickets available for your desired date. Online Night Safari tickets are usually 30% cheaper compared to tickets bought at the gate.

What will I see?

Night Safari is a popular place to visit in Singapore for families with kids. It is part of the Singapore Zoo, and represents the first nocturnal zoo in the world. Night Safari is home to over 2,500 animals with 100 different species. Nearly half of all the species at Night Safari are considered threatened.

Consequently, the zoo provides a safe refuge for nocturnal animals. Since its conception, the Singapore Zoo has focused on providing open and realistic habitats for the animals that live there. The same principles carry over to Night Safari where visitors tour an actual rainforest.

In addition to seeing the exhibits, visitors of Night Safari may also appreciate wildlife tours, activities, dining, and shopping. Night Safari also offers seasonal events so make sure you check out its current schedule when you plan to visit the park.

Are Night Safari tickets included in any attractions city passes?

Yes, absolutely.

The Singapore City Pass includes entry to the Night Safari as well as other attractions at the Singapore Zoo. Visitors have the option of selecting between 2, 3, or 5 day  passes. The Singapore City Pass currently features nearly 20 attractions to visit during your extended stay.

The Iventure Card also include the Night Safari. You may save up to 45% on Singapore's top attractions, tours, restaurants and other fun activities.

What is the best time to visit the Night Safari? How to avoid the crowd?

Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo gets pretty crowded primarily because it is not open that many hours of the day. The nocturnal park opens after 7pm and only remains open for a little over five hours. Furthermore the final entry is capped at 11:15pm.

Peak visitation occurs between 9 - 10 pm. You may beat some of the rush by arriving at Night Safari right when the gates open, or waiting for one of the final entries around 10 - 11 pm. You can avoid some of the crowds by visiting on weeknights.

What are the Night Safari opening hours?

The Night Safari is a nocturnal zoo, therefore it doesn’t open until the late evening unlike the other parks in the zoo. Night Safari is open every day of the year from 7:15 pm to 12am. The final entry of the night is offered at 11:15 pm.

Travel Tips

  • Book online: It is convenient (you skip the line at the entrance gate) and cheaper (you save up to 30%).
  • Plan your trip. Night Safari is a late-night exhibit. You should wear appropriate clothing based on the temperature and time of the day. Also make sure you bring rain gear since you are visiting a rainforest.
  • Lockers are available. Lockers start at S$ 5 for the first three hours for a small locker. Larger lockers start at S$ 10 for the first three hours. Every additional hour costs S$ 1 extra.  
  • Mobility access. Night Safari provides complimentary wheelchairs at the park entrance.